10 Best lip gloss of 2019

  • Laura Geller New York
  • Health and Beauty
  • High shine, ultra-pigmented formula
  • Moisturizes lips with shea butter
  • Light vanilla scent
  • NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Gloss
  • Angel Food Cake
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • Deeply hydrates lips
  • Replenishes and binds moisture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • The SHANY 'Wanted Ones' is a 12 piece set of full sized lip...
  • Each lip gloss comes in a clear tube to accurately see the...
  • Colors include: nudes, pinks, reds, and oranges with...
  • · Hydrating lip gloss· Helps soothe lips and leaves a...
  • Laura Geller New York
  • Health and Beauty
  • 2pack
  • All that She Wants' is a 12 piece mini lip gloss set -...
  • Each shade is complimentary to most skin tones - includes...
  • Hard plastic casing and strategically cut indentions help...
  • LIP GLOSS PARTY: With this total flavor and shimmer combo,...
  • LIP GLOSS: For a touch of color that's more subtle than...
  • SHINE & POP: With conditioning formulas to smooth and...

Lip gloss guide

General information about lip gloss

Lip gloss is one of the most popular makeup utensils for all women. It can be shiny or dull, colorless or tinted or intensely colored. By lip gloss The lips get a radiant and youthful look, are nourished and kept elastic in the skin structure. lip gloss Compared to classic lipstick, it is a popular cosmetic detail among young girls and enjoys great popularity in the leisure time, at school or in the business. at lip gloss It is a liquid to viscous substance with color pigments and often with a scent. It can be worn neatly or combined with a lipstick and used for the intensifying shine effect. lip gloss makes the lips appear fuller and more voluminous, creating a welcoming kiss after application.

Function of lip gloss

Originally lipgloss was developed as an alternative to lipstick and enthusiastic women who desired lip care without strong colors and a type change. Today Lipgloss has proven itself especially in the area of ​​nude makeup and is available in delicate rosé or red and orange tones. Glossy particles provide a visual filling of the lips and make the mouth look bigger, inviting and voluminous. Through moisturizing and care pigments, Lipgloss ensures smooth, soft lips and prevents dehydration and the associated cracking of sensitive skin. Lipgloss is therefore a care product whose optical effect is not to be underestimated either and makes it an important part of daily makeup.

Advantages and disadvantages of lip gloss

Lipgloss nourishes and beautifies the lips visually. It can smell aromatic, can provide a fresh look through color pigments and favor enchanting kiss lips without an extensive make-up. The nourishing effect is a distinct advantage and has made lip gloss an essential accessory in virtually every women’s handbag. Today, the recipe is long-lasting and designed so that it is not removed while drinking and leaves unsightly marks on the rim of the glass. However, not every lip gloss holds the „long-lasting“ promise and then comes a disadvantage to the fore. Too liquid or poorly drying and too thick applied lip gloss can lead to unsightly blurring or smear when enjoying coffee, cold drinks or even kissing. Also a damage of the clothes is not excluded. Non-durable lip gloss sticks when you dress or undress on the collar and leads to unsightly grease stains or color spots on textiles.

Helpful tips for buying

A high-quality lip gloss keeps its promise and ensures full sensual lips. It is durable, easy to apply and leaves no visible traces. The situation is different with lip gloss, which does not convince by quality but only by its favorable price. This also maintains, but proves to be less durable and achieved optically only in the rarest of cases, the desired effect. When buying one should therefore not only pay attention to the advertising of the manufacturer. Reviews of other buyers are helpful and provide an insight into how good and attractive, how nourishing and high quality a lip gloss really is. It’s worth it if you take a little deeper into your pocket for your lip gloss and prefer a branded product to a No Name offer at a reduced price. An insight into the ingredients should also precede the decision for a brand in lip gloss.

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