10 Best Moustache Waxes of 2019

  • Superior all-day hold for your 'stache or beard. "Wacky...
  • Blends best with brown to black facial hair. Due to the...
  • There are no dyes or fragrances in our waxes. Both color and...
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  • SMELLS GREAT- Comes in two of our most popular scents,...
  • LONG LASTING HOLD- Strong hold without being sticky or...
  • Excellent for training new facial hair
  • Keeps bushy eyebrows in place
  • Greaseless, pleasantly scented
  • Excellent for training new facial hair
  • Keeps bushy eyebrows in place
  • Greaseless, pleasantly scented
  • STRONG HOLD/EXTRA STRENGTH: Our firm hold is strong enough...
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Safe, natural, nothing hidden, no...
  • BEST GIFT FOR YOUR MOUSTACHE: "Without a doubt the Primary...
  • Provides excellent all-day hold for your 'stache or beard in...
  • Our Dark wax blends well with brownish and reddish colored...
  • There are no dyes or fragrances in our waxes. Both color and...
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Mustache Waft Guide

Not only since the beard is back in, the masters of creation need a care product that makes the facial hair beautifully supple and malleable. Already at the beginning of the 19th century, when the beard came into fashion for the first time, men were looking for a way to be able to get the gorgeous beard hair in shape.
At that time, Hungarian barbers had come up with the idea of ​​producing a particularly strong pomade-like substance that could beautifully shape the beard. thanks beeswaxand Vaseline makes the still popular Hungarian beard wax the facial hair so soft that the beard can be optimally modeled.
The Bavarians have been able to do what the Hungarians could for a long time, so the German product did not wait long. However, Bavarian products are as then made of gum arabic and beeswax. In contrast to the Hungarian vaseline, the gum arabic, which is also used as a thickening agent in food, makes the hair wich relatively hard. The beard can therefore be formed only partially condition with Bavarian hair wank and must be processed relatively quickly, namely, before it gets hard.

Which ingredients are used to make beard wax, also known as beard wax?
Today’s beard wax contains beeswax and vegetable oil, such as shea butter or coconut oil. Important in these ingredients are the saturated fats that will turn rancid pomadeprevent. In some cases, gum arabic or tallow are still used to achieve a certain degree of hardness.
For a fragrant product you use essential oils, which are added to the mixture.

What to look for when buying beard wax!

The consistency
Beard wax is available in different consistencies. Before buying, make sure that you buy the right product for your own wishes. Some products are resistant to bombs while others are only partially shaping.
For men who want to do without animal ingredients, there are now some vegan beard wax products.
As before, Hungarian beard wisk is softer and makes the beard better to work, the well-known Bavarian beard wicks harder faster and makes the beard hair really tight.

The smell
Bear in mind before buying the beard wipe that you, as the wearer, literally have the fragrance of your grooming product under your nose all day long. That’s why you should also select the product for the smell before buying. There are both odorless products, as well as those that smell good by the addition of essential oils.

Is it possible to make beard wax yourself?

For many men, it is important to make your own beard wax yourself. It is not difficult to mix your own product together, after all, at the time the beards could not buy their products online, but they mixed the care product themselves. The advantage is that you can use exactly the ingredients that are important to you and create a very personal beard care product for your very special needs.

Basic substances for the very personal beard wax are definitely beeswax and Vaseline. While petrolatum can be freely sold in the pharmacy, you must buy the beeswax online from a beekeeper, craft shop or natural store, if necessary.
Put one half of beeswax and one half of petrolatum in a pot and carefully heat the mixture. With about 5 grams of both ingredients you already get a good amount of beard waft.
Mix the heated mixture until well assembled.
Depending on your taste, you can add essential oils to the mixture. Who also hopes for a really stable result, should add to his homemade beard wax the natural product lanolin, which can influence the consistency of the product and thus also the malleability of the beard.

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