10 Best polishing block of 2019

  • Size: 3-1/2-Inch x 2-Inch
  • For Hand polishing of granite, marble and other type stones
  • Foam backed
  • 4-sided: file nail, remove ridges, smooth nail, and shine...
  • Small and convenient, suitable for home, more easy to carry
  • High Quality Sanding Block File For Nail Art
  • 4-sided: file nail, remove ridges, smooth nail, and shine...
  • Small and convenient, suitable for home, more easy to carry
  • High Quality Sanding Block File For Nail Art
  • ★Smooth and Shine Natural Nails - BlinkingNails polishing...
  • ★One of the use - To make your natural nails "polished"...
  • ★Two of the use - The nail polishing block can not only...
  • This Nail Buffer Block is Light weight and convienient.
  • The Perfect Manicure Tool For Use On Hand & Feet Just File,...
  • Double polished surface, including 1000grit green polished...
  • ✿ Grit: 1000/4000

  • ✿ Used to polish metals, jewelry, nails,...
  • ✿ Size: 8.7cm* 4cm*1.3cm/3.43" *1.57" *0.51"
  • Bundle Of 3 Aviva Beauty Nail Buffers
  • Professional Salon Quality 4 Sided Nail Buffer Block
  • Just File, Smooth, Shine Using Aviva Beauty's Nail Buffer
  • The easy way to make your frets shine
  • Erase fine file marks and scratches
  • The grits are color-coded for convenience
  • 3-Pack - 1 Fine, 1 Med and 1 Coarse
  • You can "carve" the block into any shape to clean up concave...
  • Use these blocks like an eraser
  • Supplement to the machine polishing. The back of the curved...
  • Easy to use, fast, fast polishing. Quality and stability,...
  • Adhesive on the back of the foam matrix with diamond resin...

Polishing pad guide

For many people, the walk is one nail studioalready completely normal. However, each treatment is also associated with high costs. Just a desire for a shiny and clean fingernail design can be easily fulfilled at home. Particularly suitable for this purpose are the practically shaped polishing blocks. The following lines show once the most important aspects around the topic „polishing blocks“ on.

What will become one polishing block actually needed?

Most polishing pads are available with four different surfaces. Thus, targeted fine to medium strong pronounced bumps can be repaired on the respective nail edges. In addition, with a polishing block the natural nail is easier to matt and slightly roughened. This is usually done so that a modelage or a beautiful nail polish lasts longer on the natural nail. However, if you just want to treat the natural nail, this can be done very quickly with one polishing block be made. After the actual manicure the polishing block to be used for gloss polishing.

Use with artificial nails

Especially in a professional nail salon you meet one polishing block at the actual filing. Because here the block is used, very carefully the artificial nailsin shape and then nachschleleifen something. Usually a special high-gloss polishing block is used for particularly high-quality acrylic or gel nails. Because this gives the nails a very beautiful shine. But even with the normal four-sided polishing block efficient work is possible. Because the four sides each serve different needs. In addition, polishing with a four-sided and fine-grained polishing pad is gentle in any case and also does not strain the nails when used properly.

What are the properties of the four sides of a polishing pad?

For each polishing block you will get an instruction manual when buying. Thus, mistakes in polishing can be avoided. Often, the four surfaces are already provided with numbers, so you know which side to start with. If no numbers are present, a subdivision is achieved using different colors. So if you follow the order, there is nothing in the way of perfect nails. In general, however, generally one of the four sides has a slightly coarser structure in order to be able to file the nails in shape as well. The second side serves a special layer to correct bumps, such as discoloration or streaks. Often, the second surface is still divided in order to serve a coarse and fine surface. Here it is important to start first with the coarser surface and then with the finer one. In addition, one should always treat his nails in the growth direction of his nail to prevent cracks or injuries. With the third surface, the special matt polishing effect can be achieved. Because this site cleans the nail and polishes it reliably. Finally, the last page helps to the desired perfect shine. Often, the sanding surface of the last page is specially coated to really create an incomparable high gloss.

What should you look for when buying a polishing pad?

So that really the perfect shine on your own nails can be conjured, must be considered when buying a lot. On the one hand, you should decide whether you prefer to buy the polishing pad directly from a retailer or possibly online. Often, especially with an online purchase attractive special offers are possible. If you have decided on the purchase method, you should of course pay attention to the respective quality, size, shape and processing of the models. Because if a polishing pad is not made with a high quality material, it can quickly cause injury during treatment. Polishing blocks, such as the NAILFUN Professional Polishing Block Buffer, can be used efficiently with their high quality abrasive materials. In addition, such professional models are already very cheap available. So if you want to achieve a gently achieved shine, you should rather put on such professional polishing pads.

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