10 Best Tattoo ink of 2019

  • Smooth: A homogenized carrier/pigment mixture that flows...
  • Vibrant: Highest possible pure pigment content ensures your...
  • Consistent: Receive the color and quality you expect, each...
  • Stencil Stuff Use for Stecil application Long Lasting...
  • MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. Buying a tattoo ink kit is a great way...
  • HIGH CONCENTRATE OF PIGMENT. With a formula containing a...
  • USED BY PROFFESIONALS. Millennium Mom's colors are used by...
  • Smooth: A homogenized carrier/pigment mixture that flows...
  • Vibrant: Highest possible pure pigment content ensures your...
  • Consistent: Receive the color and quality you expect, each...
  • Dynamic black ink 8oz bottle
  • One of the oldest and best black tattoo ink
  • Best for tribal and outlininig
  • Color: All purpose black
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Bloodline all purpose black is a thick black tattoo ink
  • Organic tattoo colors
  • Vegan tattoo friendly
  • Super bright tattoo ink
  • Material:Plastic;Quantity:200 Count.
  • Specification:#8 Small.
  • Size(Approx.):Inner Diameter 8mm,Height 11mm.
  • CUPS SIZES :Small-Inner Diameter(cm/inch)0.8cm/0.3inch,...
  • PACKAGES QUANTITY :100PCS #9mm Disposable tattoo ink cups,...
  • HIGH QUALITY:Made of plastic, it is waterproof, reusable...
  • 100% real natural & organic fruit based ink. A Premium...
  • Darker and more realistic stain - Looks just like a real...
  • Extra Long Lasting - Lasts 7-14 days (or more)

Tattoo Ink Guide

Tattoos are a kind of intense body art that has many lovers and continues to find. The respective motives are usually an individual decision. Basically, each tattoo is engraved with a selected color in the skin. The latter also applies to other types of tattooing such as ‚permanent make-up‘, which is especially popular with women of all ages. But how does it sit down Tattoo ink together? What should interested people consider when deciding to have a tattoo?

What are tattoo inks?

Tattoos are usually divided into two variants: permanent and those that degrade over time. The classic tattoos that last a lifetime, the Tattoo ink spent by needle to the second layer of skin. If permanent make-up is tattooed, that’s enough Tattoo ink only up to the first layer of skin. As a result, the latter fades within a maximum of five years.

For both tattoo variants, temporary or permanent, the tattoo experts use the same tattoo inks. These are usually composed of the following substances:
– distilled water
– As a carrier glycerol, with distilled water is currently becoming increasingly prevalent
– as well as alcohol
– finally color pigments, which are produced with the exception of white and black, mostly by synthetic means.

Tattoo inks are subject to strict rules

Tattoo inks must comply since 2009 in Germany the tattooing regulations. In this negative list is exactly listed which substances the pigments / tattoo inks may under no circumstances contain. However, some experts criticize that only a negative list is kept – therefore, a positive list has been required for quite some time. As a result, the different substances would have to be much more intensively scrutinized.

An excellent example of this are toxicological reactions that are caused in the human body by color pigments. Various tests have already shown that certain pigments of tattoo inks can promote cancer as well as allergies. Thus, a positive list containing all the test results would be a healthy step towards product safety.

Tattoos basically only by the professional tattoo artist

Generally, for all those who want to beautify their bodies with creative tattoos, should apply: Only professionals to their own skin! Professional tattoo artists or tattoo studios usually use only high-quality tattoo inks and products in order not to burden the body unnecessarily. If tattooists or studios use tattoo inks responsibly, this is particularly evident in the following features:
– The tattoo artists basically ask their customers about allergies or illnesses
– The tattoo professionals inform their customers in advance about the ingredients and properties of the used tattoo inks
– and the tattoo studio basically only uses colors and pigments that comply with the tattooing regulations and have therefore been listed in the ‚Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety‘.

How can you remove tattoo inks?

Of course, it can also happen that a tattoo after some time no more enthusiasm, so it should be removed. For example, permanent make-up often fades as a result of direct and long UV radiation, making it no longer attractive. Here, the removal of tattoos / permanent make-up offers by professional laser experts.

The desire to remove a tattoo quickly, can only be realized very rarely. Normally several sessions are necessary, whereby the exact number of treatments as well as the duration of a tattoo removal depends on various factors. These are for example:
– The used tattoo colors or the color combinations of the tattoo
– Depth and type of pigmentation
– Quality as well as size of the tattoo
– how does the body’s own immune system react?
– Regularity or consequence of the laser treatments
– Type as well as care of the required aftertreatment.

The removal of tattoo inks requires sufficient time

A maximum of about 120 square centimeters (m²) of skin should be treated per session. The body would be unnecessarily burdened with larger areas and the risk of infection would increase enormously. Usually, 8 to 12 laser treatments are needed to remove a professional tattoo. Laity tattoos usually require fewer sessions. The removal of a tattoo by laser is done according to the principle of selective photo-thermolysis: at each laser session, the color pigments are proportionally destroyed. The tattoo will get lighter after each session; it almost completely fades out. In order to clean up these shattered / destroyed color pigments, so to speak, the organism needs a lot of time.

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