10 Best ISDN telephone of 2019

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  • with Low Profile for 2U computer
  • 1 Port ISDN PRI Card (T1 E1 card)
  • with PCI Express (PCI-E) interface,competible with te110p...
  • Supports with Asterisk, FreePBX, Issabel and IPPBX/IVR...
  • Nobuo Inoue
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : Denpa Shinbunsha, 2003.
  • ISDN T1 Card,ISDN E1 Card with 1 Port
  • Supports Issabel Freepbx,Asterisk,AsteriskNow...
  • The Voice Card is with Low Profile for 2U server
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  • Walter Goralski
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Kindle Edition

ISDN telephone guide

With regard to a telephone connection, the choice is between analog and digital. An ISDN connection is ideal for people who occasionally surf the Internet. With ISDN technology, telephony and the Internet are combined in just one connection. The traditional analog connection had the disadvantage that users were no longer reachable when they surfed the Internet. ISDN, however, offers the advantage that simultaneous telephoning and surfing is possible. This is especially important in households where several people live. In the following guide everything worth knowing about ISDN telephone explained.

What advantages does an ISDN connection have?

An ISDN connection (Integrated Services Digital Network) or a ISDN telephone has several advantages over the analogue connection: Several ports can be transmitted simultaneously via one connection, so that simultaneous Internet telephony, faxing and surfing are possible. With a ISDN telephone , which was officially introduced in Germany in 1989 by the German Federal Post Office, it is also possible to use several phone numbers, one example, private and the other professional. Also regarding the quality of the ISDN connection convinced, because a noise and other disturbances are avoided. The telephone number is displayed on the display of the ISDN telephones. So it is already visible before the call acceptance, who calls.

Equipment of an ISDN telephone

On ISDN telephone is available in modern variants, which offer a lot of comfort. The models usually have clear LCD displays showing the caller’s name or number. In addition, the phones still delight with other useful features, such as date, time, calendar and Answering machine, The latter ensures that no call is missed because the caller can leave a message or ask for a callback. There are also models with which it is possible to send and receive SMS.

Other useful additional functions with one ISDN telephone

The ISDN connection offers further advantages compared to the analogue connection. If a call comes in during a telephone call, the caller has only heard one busy signal. With the ISDN telephone, it is possible to accept the call despite the existing call. The current call can be held and the new caller accepted. As required, it is possible to switch back to the held call or to switch back and forth between the two calls. This is called „stealing“. In addition, the call waiting feature indicates the other call. This is done by an acoustic signal. Furthermore, it is possible to create a three-way conference with an ISDN telephone, that is, to talk to two people by including the third person in the current conversation.

Very popular is the following phone:

Cordless ISDN telephone / Swissvoice Eurit 459 TAM / with answering machine / graphic backlit color display (DECT, FullECO)

The cordless ISDN telephone (DECT) has FullECO technology and an integrated answering machine. Other advantages include the graphic backlit color display and the hands-free function on the handset. The phonebook allows up to 200 entries.


These were the interesting information about the ISDN telephone. The data transfers such as phoning, faxing and surfing can all take place at the same time. Especially in multi-person households, this is a very big advantage over analog systems. The voice quality is very good at the ISDN connection. The call quality is consistently trouble-free. There are very modern ISDN phones that allow a high level of comfort. But even the cheap versions offer a good basic equipment, such as the display of the phone numbers, the possibility of handsfree, speed-dial button and an integrated phone book. Whether the phone should be wired or cordless, everyone has to decide for themselves. This depends on your own taste and preferences. If you like to sit down to make a phone call or walk around the flat, you should choose the cordless version.

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