10 Best Socket AM3 motherboard of 2019

  • Socket 1151/Support 8th Gen Intel Core Processors
  • Dual Channel DDR4, 4DIMMs
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.1) Type C and Type A
  • Socket AM3+
  • Chipset: North Bridge AMD 970 & South Bridge AMD SB950
  • Memory: 4x DDR3-2000(OC)/1866/1600/1333/1066 DIMM Slots,...
  • Supports Socket AM3+ processors
  • supports Socket AM3 processors - AMD Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2...
  • Supports 8-Core CPU
  • Supports Socket AM3+ processors
  • supports Socket AM3 processors - AMD Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2...
  • Supports 8-Core CPU
  • Socket FM2+ to support AMD A-Series/Athlon processors (with...
  • AMD A68H chipset
  • Micro-ATX
  • Supports AMD Ryzen & 7th Generation A-series/Athlon...
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 2 DIMMs
  • Ultra-Fast PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 with PCIe NVMe & SATA mode...
  • Supports AMD AM3+ FX/AM3 Phenom II, Athlon II series...
  • 4+1 Phase Power Design for AMD 125W CPU support
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR3, 2 DIMMs
  • Package Includes: 1 x CPU fan mounting bracket
  • Material: ABS plastic; Size: Approx.11x8x2.2cm; Color: Black
  • This CPU Fan mounting bracket is designed to replace...
  • Socket 1151/Support 8th Gen Intel Core Processors
  • Dual Channel DDR4, 4DIMMs
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.1) Type C and Type A
  • CPU (Included): Intel J3455 Processor (up to 2.3 GHz,...
  • Memory: 2x DDR3/DDR3L-1866/ 1600/ 1333 SODIMM Slots, Dual...
  • Slots: 1x PCI-Express 2.0 x16 Slot (runs at x2)

Socket AM3 motherboard guidebook

The term „motherboard“ is English and means „motherboard“ in the German language. Among connoisseurs of individual building blocks for computers falls again and again the English synonym „motherboard“. It is the „heart“ of a computer. There is a socket for the CPU on the board and expansion slots are installed. AM3 is a specific name for a CPU socket. Socket AM3 motherboards are available in computer stores or on online trading platforms.

What is a CPU?

It is important to know the meaning of a CPU to understand the term „socket AM3“. A CPU is a processor that processes data and transports it to other machine / digital elements to initiate control. The CPU receives an input via an input medium such as the keyboard, This is processed and the CPU ensures that the input is executed.

An AM3 CPU designates a series from the manufacturer AMD, beside Intel one of the world-wide largest manufacturers of CPUs. The socket AM3 can be used not only on boards of a certain manufacturer, but may be installed by all manufacturers. For example, the manufacturer uses Asus Socket AM3 on his motherboard, The extension of AM3 is the AM3 + generation.

Elements for a motherboard

The socket AM3 is for AMD CPUs of certain series. A CPU is far from everything that fits on a board. For example, RAM slots and slots for graphics and sound cards are attached to it. This means that on the board individual elements for the PCbe exchanged at any time. Corresponds to the existing one graphic cardno longer the claims of the graphics shown, so this can be replaced by a high-quality graphics card. For this, the existing graphics card is released from its slot and the new one placed there. Important to note that this is compatible with the motherboard.

For external devices to be connected to a PC, connectors such as the USB connector, HDMI or TOSLINK connectors are used. Among other things, users can connect the keyboard and the plug of the wireless mouse to a USB plug.

Such a motherboard is in every computer. Newer compact models such as Apple’s MAC, but can not change the motherboard to, as the protective cover of the computer is completely closed. So to be able to equip a motherboard independently, users have to buy a tower. There are already prefabricated towers with all the elements that a computer needs. However, these can be opened easily and exchange individual elements. Those who want to determine individual elements themselves, buys a shell tower, which is empty. This will become one Socket AM3 motherboard built-in and all other elements that meet their own requirements to produce an individual computer.

Socket AM3 motherboards for gamers

AMD-based systems are especially popular with gamers. These indicate the reliability of the components and the good price / performance ratio. Intel produces quite high-quality CPUs, but these are often well above the price level of AMD. The motherboard of Asus M5A99X Evo offers a good mix. The motherboard is equipped with an AMD high-end chipset and offers sufficient slots for graphics cards, a high LAN network adapter of up to 1,000 MBit / s, eight USB 2.0 plugs and at least two 3.0 USB plugs. The latter is very important for fast and smooth data transfers to / from external media. An even better performance is obtained by users using a socket AM3 + mainboard on which all components of the predecessor can be installed.

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