10 Best Cachaça of 2019

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  • Cachaça with 3 international awards
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  • Produzida em alambique e envelhecida em toneis de carvalho...
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Cachaça Guide

Info too Cachaça

Cachaça is a brazilian brand made from pure sugar cane juice. High-quality Cachaça Fire is often distilled several times, filled with 38-48 vol.% Alcohol and then stored. Cachaça is one of the most sought-after distillates from Brazil and has meanwhile firmly established itself in German bar landscapes. One reason could be the fresh and fruity Armoma, which is reminiscent of sun-ripened papayas and bananas. The subtle notes of zest complete this distillate in a special way. Depending on the production process, region and distillery you can also recognize the fine or typically spicy character. Also this feature speaks for noble quality from Brazil.

Traditional manufacturing process

Depending on the region or distillery, the traditional production methods differ. Cachaça is still produced in ancient parts of Brazil in ancient copper bladders. In this variant, chemical aids or fermentation accelerators are dispensed with. In other regions industrial firing is used. For these reasons, both the course of the fermentation processes, as well as the Brennmehtode completely different. In industrially produced Cachaça The manufacturing process is shortened to act efficiently and thus accelerate the economic benefits. If you want to enjoy pure cachaça, store this noble drop between 14 and 16 ° Celsius. In modern or upscale cocktail bars Cachaça is also used for refining classic mixed drinks.

Tips and information

In Brazil, cachaça is often mixed with exotic fruit juices and made fresh. Under the category Cachaça, rum, Spirits or cocktails, this cane brand of different brands is offered for sale. Depending on personal budget ideas, bottle contents or manufacturers can be decided individually. Brands like Velho Barreiro, Magnifica, Ypioca, Nega Fulo, Guarani or Pite are just a few examples. The easy navigation and the moderate prices can help to make a purchase decision. Furthermore, the numerous customer reviews or the detailed product descriptions are helpful to prevent a bad buy.

The Nega Fulo Cachaça

The Nega Fulo Cachaça is one of the noble spirits from this category. This distillate is produced near Rio de Janeiro after a tradition of almost 20 years. The Nega Fulo Cachaça tastes best with crushed ice, limes and brown sugar. The essential oils of citrus fruit combine perfectly with the Nêga Fulô and ensure the development of all flavor components.

The Canario Cachaça

Canario Cachaça comes from Estado do Rio from the heart of Brazil. The fresh and subtle sugar cane note ensures the mild and pure taste. The best known mix with Canario Cachaça is certainly the Caipirinha. Cachaça with crushed ice, fresh limes and white cane sugar is the secret of this composition.

The Cachaça Velho Barreiro Tatuzinho

The Cachaça Velho Barreiro Tatuzinho impresses with its dominant flavors. The company Tatuzinho was founded in 1909 in Sao Paulos and is still known for its quality products. The flavor combination of sugar cane and fermented bananas makes this drop. The light finish with perfectly balanced notes stands for the finest quality. Whether pure or as a mix, the Cachaça Velho Barreiro Tatuzinho is always a good choice.

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