10 Best port wine of 2019

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  • Includes 4 Port Glasses
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  • CONSTRUCTION: Machine blown lead crystal
  • COMPATIBILITY: Designed for Port and Sherry
  • TASTE: Highlight rich fruit and sweetness
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Port wine guide

Port wine, also known as dessert and Fortifiedis known, was named after the Portuguese city of Porto. He is a true export hit, the term is protected in Europe. As port wine Only one wine can be called, which is made from the grapes of a particular valley: The Douro Valley, which lies in the north of Portugal. The international wine experts confirm again and again that the Douro area offers ideal conditions for the best wine qualities. The following guide explains how the wine is made and what differences there are between the varieties and what to look for when buying.

What is Port Wine?

Port wine is a red, rarely white liqueur wine. The sweet wine is one of the world’s most famous wines and is subject to a denomination of origin, which is protected by law. The reason for this is that the ever increasing demand for the port wine Over time, quality losses were incurred. Subsequently, a kind of regional quality seal was introduced, which has classified the grape varieties and vineyards and created a ranking of the corresponding value of the port wines. port wine is a trend drink with tradition. Port wines are made from red or white wines. They are the crowning glory of a fine dinner, but drunk solo, they are a special luxury in between. For port wines, the alcohol content is 19 to 22 percent.

As is port wine manufactured?

The grapes are pressed after the harvest, which usually takes place in September, and used for alcoholic fermentation. The winegrowers pay attention when macerating that many tannins and dyes are extracted. The fermentation process is stopped after just two or three days by adding high-percentage alcohol (at least 77%). The wine then contains residual sugar, which affects the taste. Of the port wine is bottled in specially made bottles that have a very dark glass. In these, they then mature. The already very strong wine is thus even more complex and creamy. When this happens depends on the port type. Depending on the vintage, quality and process, different degrees of maturity and quality levels result. The following port wine is recommended:

Bestseller # 1: Graham’s Tawny Port 10 years, lovely

The 10-year Port wine comes from Portugal from the port wine house Graham’s, which was founded in 1820 and is one of the most traditional port wine houses. Here, with great dedication and care, only the best grapes are processed. This results in the excellent port wines that are produced during production. Annual awards and top marks are the deserved reward. The high-quality port wine embodies a great passion, precision and excellence.

How is Port Wine drunk?

To properly enjoy a port, some things should be considered, for example:

* Serving temperature

The drinking temperature of the port wine, which plays a big role: For white port wines, the drinking temperature should always be colder compared to red or brown wines. A red full-bodied port, however, tastes best at room temperature, and the drinking temperature may be a bit lower on warm days.

* Sweetness

Depending on when the fermentation is stopped, more or less residual sugar remains in the wine, which determines the sweetness of the port wine. Only white wines are divided into different sweetnesses:

* Muito Doce: Very sweet
* Doce: Sweet
* Meio Seco: Semi-dry
* Seco: Dry
* Extra seco: Very dry

* Matching glasses

The perfect glasses have the shape of a tulip and are only half full so that the wine can „breathe“. In addition, it should be colorless glasses without ornaments, so that the color of the wine comes to its best advantage.


The port, the popular dessert wine from Portugal, is an ideal accompaniment to various cheeses and desserts. Even desserts and sauces can be tastily refined. The different varieties available as port are often very different in terms of taste, aroma and appearance.

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