10 Best apothecary chest of 2019

  • Faded goldenrod floral motif
  • Three drawers
  • Apothecary style
  • Includes Labels for additional organization for your...
  • Stores 456 CD's, 192 DVD's and 96 VHS Tapes
  • Retro style
  • Measures 18.5" high x 3.25 " wide x 3" deep
  • Wood constructions with a distressed paint finish and 8...
  • Perfect for the tabletop or can be hung using the...
  • Reclaimed vintage inspired design
  • Classic profile updated with bold drawer fronts
  • Antique Walnut finish with colorful accents
  • Apothecary inspired Styling
  • Four drawers
  • Drawers: 1825 L x 975 W x 35 H
  • Measures 18.5" high x 3.25 " wide x 3" deep
  • Wood constructions with a distressed paint finish and 8...
  • Perfect for the tabletop or can be hung using the...
  • Decorative wood apothecary drawers desk organizer with 9...
  • Includes 9 drawers each with an inner area of 3.25 inches by...
  • Display dimensions are 12 inches wide by 7.5 inches high by...
  • WOODEN STORAGE ORGANIZER: Made of pine wood, this storage...
  • SMALL SPACE ESSENTIAL: When you are short of space this...
  • MULTI-USE FOR ALL THE FAMILY: This wooden box can be...
  • Free Shipping on all orders!
  • Hand painted ceramic drawers with built in drawer pulls
  • Cabinet made from sustainable Mango wood
  • Three drawer
  • Unique Whimsical Piece
  • Ample and easy storage

Pharmacist’s chest of guidebooks

If you are looking for the right storage space for a room, maybe you will commodeto consider as ideal. Here, the use of drawers and compartments can bring a lot of space for all sorts of things in life. A very special dresser is the apothecary chest which does not contain any compartments but which has a large number of small drawers. Whether living room, kitchen, children’s room or bathroom, one apothecary chest can be a useful addition to the previously available parking space in all areas. Now it’s time to open the different drawers and you can use all the things that have found a clean and safe place in the well-arranged chest of drawers.

The apothecary chest – useful for the little things of life

Everybody can store the big things in the household wonderfully in cupboards, but also chests of drawers with compartments, but in every household many small things can be found which are especially worthwhile if they have a fixed place and an order. Here, the sewing kit can be stowed and the drugs of the family have a permanent place. In the kitchen, all spices and finished herbs can find a suitable storage space. And stands the apothecary chest in the bedroom, the socks and underwear finally have an area where they are even sorted according to colors or styles sorted. Especially small things can be lost quickly, land in some corners or in one closetdisappear so that they are found again at the earliest during a move. The apothecary chest Creates order and prevents all the little everyday things that every person always needs and from which one should always have a small supply, make for great disorder and long searches. But the chemist’s chest is not only a useful piece of furniture, with this furniture you can create in each room a nice highlight that every viewer will praise because of the great materials.

The pharmacist chest – best materials and a wide selection

With the typical chemist’s chest, a large variety of different models can be used as storage space. Many a popular furniture retailer today has the well-known furniture in a wide variety of sizes and formats in the range, so that people who like to keep order in the apartment can reach this goal very quickly. For people with a hobby room, the dresser can finally order in this room, if screws, nuts and various accessories for the beautiful pastime can be kept here. Through the use of materials such as high-quality wood species, the dresser can guarantee a long service life even with constant use and pulling out the drawers. This is due to the fact that the chemist’s chest is indeed a piece of furniture that was designed for heavy use. The drawers are all provided with a practical handle so that a sought-after item can always be found quickly. Practical and chic, the dresser can bring a lot of storage space and best order in every apartment because so many small things can be stowed in all drawers here.

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