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Whether alone, as a couple or as a circle of friends: at one bar everyone likes to use. But depending on personal preferences and occasion are the most different models on the market. Whether classic counter, Bar table, mobile cart or mini bar: The choice is overwhelming. But which home bar type is suitable for which occasion? We give you a small overview.

Well camouflaged: the minibar

If you come home in the evening after a hard day’s work, you might be looking forward to a good sip of whiskey, sherry or liqueur, So the connoisseur reaches for his well-stocked minibar. The advantage: At first glance, it does not reveal that the minibar contains alcohol. When closed, it looks like a normal sideboard, a cupboard or a globe,

Granted, almost everyone in film and television knows the trick with the unfoldable globe. And the rustic design of the Globusbar does not go with every style of furnishing. Nevertheless many minibar owners appreciate the discretion. After all, you do not want to be the best droplet for every guest. A well camouflaged bar Also increases the wow effect, which you can surprise your guests in a comfortable group.

Also very discreet and attractive at the same time is the minibar in one chestor wooden box, which can be used as a coffee or side table at the same time. Nobody gets so fast inside her rum, Whiskey or liqueur. The greater the joy, if the chest is opened surprisingly and a really good droplet comes to light!

For socials: the classic counter

If you want to entertain your guests properly, the will for one bar decide in counter mode. Of course it fits perfect in a party cellar, but also a big kitchen or the living room often offer a good place. Whether as a bar table with stools or as a bar counter – one Bar counteris fast becoming the focus of every celebration. Here guests come together happily to enjoy a good drink.

If you choose a counter, do not just pay attention to the size of the table top. In addition to the storage area for the drinks, open compartments should provide enough space to keep bottles and glasses handy. There are functional models made of wood, but also very stylish designs with glass plates and aluminum. The following applies: The bar should fit the rest of your interior – or stand out as a one-off and eye-catcher! Dare to break the style – a well-placed bar can be an optical hit.

The mobile home bar: the bar cart

If you take your drinks more often at different places, you will be satisfied with a mobile home bar. Most models have two floors, where glasses, bottles and accessories can easily be accommodated. Servinghave additional bottle holders on the lower level, which makes the transport safe and uncomplicated.

When choosing a barrow, make sure that the size of the floor rolls fits your floor covering. who deep-pile carpetingin the living room, none may choose too small rolls. These can not roll well on uneven ground. For such carpets rather classic trolley wheels are recommended, which have a diameter of about 15 cm.

For connoisseurs: the cocktail bar

If you want to surprise your guests with fruity cocktails, you should opt for a large bar with a bar. The preparation of cocktails requires numerous ingredients that must find their place on the shelves. To others, mixing cocktails needs a lot of space. Therefore, you should place emphasis on a very spacious storage area at your home bar. Cocktails are also served in extremely large glasses. For these, the bar should have high shelves.

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