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  • Keesha Ewers
  • Publisher: Samadhi Press
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  • Large Capacity: The size of the fishing tackle bag is 45 x...
  • Side Pockets: Fishing rods can be placed in side pockets....
  • Kipjo Ewers
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  • Keesha Ewers
  • Publisher: Samadhi Press
  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • Kipjo Ewers
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
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  • Donizetti: Lucrezia Borgia
  • Decca

Water jug ​​guide

On ewer is a container for drinking with a long history. Even though today it is no longer used in local latitudes to supply water from the Fountainto transport it to the house, it is available in almost every household. What is a water jug? What does it cost? Interesting and creative things about the water jug:

What is a water jug?
It is a bulbous vessel with a spout for pouring. Today, water jugs are mainly made of glass. Originally, the carafes were made of clay. Pottery jars are already being used by Egyptians, Chinese and other early civilizations to draw drinkable water and carry it to the living area. At the time most of these were water jars of completely different dimensions.
Because the way from the water source was often long, larger quantities were taken. Today’s one or two liter containers are adapted to modern life.

How much is a water jug?
In cheap stores there are water jugs already for less than five euros. However, these are simple versions. Hand-blown water jugs cost a lot more. They look decorative, but are sometimes so thin that they would break directly when dropped. The cheap models, however, are industrially manufactured and relatively thick-walled. They survive the one or the other crash mostly unscathed. For the garden, these products are therefore more suitable.

Ceramics, clay and porcelain
Antique shops and flea markets are good addresses for those looking for a real gem of ewer want to buy. There are elaborately decorated specimens made of ceramic, porcelain and clay.

Info: Shards of broken water jugs can be admired in museums. On Egyptian artifacts sometimes even hieroglyphs can be recognized.

Somewhat older service besides a coffee pot often also have a matching one ewer made of porcelain.

Modern water jugs:
In addition to the simple glass water jug, there are models of dishwasher-safe melamine, plastic and some that have an inlet that holds cooling ice. The heat conductivity of glass causes drinks to heat up quickly when the outside temperature is high. With clay vessels, the interior stays cool for longer.

Tip: The lower the average of the opening, the lower the surface and the longer the drink stays cool.

Colorful melamine sets with ewer and glasses are especially popular in summer and in children. They do not break, are easy to clean and each child gets its own color.

Caution: be careful with plastic water jugs. They may contain softeners that could be dissolved by the liquid and taken up with drinking. Especially when the jugwarms up, the harmful particles dissolve.

Nalgene water jugs are free of these pollutants and can safely be used for warmer drinks. (Depending on the product description and manufacturer recommendation)

Tip: Who a ewer with Inlet buys has two options. Either there are inlets, which are filled with water for freezing and the melt water is kept separate, that is, it is not permeable. Or there are inlets that resemble a tea strainer. In these it is worthwhile to freeze fruits. Thawing gives the water an interesting taste. The sieve can also be used in this way without freezing it beforehand.

Own ice tea and co
As tempting as the possibility seems to be to brew tea directly in the water jug ​​and let it cool down, it is so dangerous. The glass can jump and plastic particles can come loose. Better only one teapotuse and later decant.
A water pitcher is great as a vase for flowers or as a seasonal decoration filled with Christmas baubles, sand or nuggets.
Especially creative is a water jug ​​as Lanternput into action: Wrap a stable cord around the handle and hang it up. With a tealightor a battery operated LED chain light.

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