10 Best mantelpiece of 2019

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  • Annabel Pitcher
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Deep Thick Shaggy Warm Area Rug, perfect as a Living Room...
  • 4cm Deep Thick Twist Heatset Shag Pile made from...
  • This item is a non-shed and anti-fade design, available in a...
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  • Variety Use: Decorating for Halloween party supplies, such...
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Fireplace border guide

An open one fireplacewith a roaring fire in it gives a pleasant cozy atmosphere. To enjoy the unique charisma of an open fireplace, you no longer have to live in a manorial mansion or even a castle. Even in normal houses and many apartments can be found today open fireplaces. With a resentful mantelpiece they achieve the same effect as the expansive and lavishly decorated counterparts from past centuries. Who owns an open fireplace and owns it with a beautifully designed mantelpiece Today, there is a choice between a multitude of prefabricated fireplace surrounds made of different materials. In particular, the processed materials, in addition to the nature of the design, essentially determine the price of one mantelpiece , The materials used for making a mantelpiece Mainly marble and natural stone as well as wood and wood-based materials such as MDF are used.

Fireplace surrounds made of marble, granite or other natural stones

Fireplace surrounds made of marble or natural stone are available in different design variants for the very individual design of the Fireplaceavailable. Modern yet timelessly elegant fireplace surrounds made of straight, smooth marble or sandstone slabs fit into a modern interior design style.
For lovers of classic shapes, fireplace mantels made of marble are offered, reminiscent of their elaborate ornaments to the lush fireplaces of castles and palaces.
These fireplace surrounds are still made today by the finest handwork by stonemasons. Depending on the skill and skill of the stonemason, such delicately decorated individual pieces stand up, which of course also have their price. Also popular are fireplace surrounds made of another natural stone such as sandstone or granite. Sandstone and granite are also suitable for the production of high quality fireplace surrounds. Fireplace surrounds made of natural stone are usually slightly cheaper, depending on the degree of decoration, than the borders of marble. The installation of these high-quality fireplace surrounds should be done by a professional gentleman. Depending on the size of the border, the items are very heavy due to the material, so special lifting equipment is required for installation.

Fireplace surrounds made of wood and wood-based materials

Whom one mantelpiece made of natural stone is too expensive, for the trade offers a wide range with fireplace surrounds made of wood or wood-based materials ready. The wooden fireplace surrounds are much cheaper but no less handsome than their massive counterparts. Many of these fireplace surrounds are at first glance indistinguishable from a border of stone or marble. Wooden fireplace borders are available in many different colors. From warm wood tones to bright white to white borders with an artificial patina, fireplace surrounds can be found to match any interior design style. Whether straightforward or playful, almost everything is possible in the design as well.
The fireplace surrounds made of wood are not only the price an advantage. With a little skill, the border can be easily mounted by yourself. The items are lightweight and special Toolor aids are not required for installation.

Maintain fireplace surrounds

Both the fireplace surrounds made of natural stone and marble, as well as the wooden borders are very easy to maintain. As a rule, a damp cloth is enough to wipe off dust and dirt. In order to avoid unsightly scratches on the surface, you should use with chimney borders made of polished marble or granite and painted wood surfaces for cleaning no abrasive cleaning agent.

Of course, the dimensions must be right for the new fireplace surround to match the fireplace. For new fireplaces, which are already provided with a border, it should usually cause no problems to find a new border with the appropriate dimensions. With open fireplaces in older buildings, the search for a suitable border, however, can take longer or be completely futile. This is because in the past the fireplaces were always custom made. Maybe only a custom made by a skilled carpenter or carpenter helps, so that an old fireplace can shine in new splendor.

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