10 Best rail system of 2019

  • Stainless steel 316, (grade of stainless steel is marine)...
  • This product is manufactured in south korea
  • This product meets customer requirement
  • Quick and easy installation in minutes
  • Heavy steel construction for extra durability
  • Works with standard stud spacing
  • Quick and easy installation in minutes
  • Heavy steel construction for extra durability
  • Works with standard stud spacing
  • Professional museum-quality art hanging system for your art...
  • Hang your pictures quickly and easily on every wall type
  • Once installed, organize and rearrange your pictures time...
  • Atlantis RailEasy Tensioners Set (10...

  • Pack contains 10 tensioners and mounting screws
  • Made of rust and corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel
  • Stainless steel 316, (grade of stainless steel is marine)...
  • This product is manufactured in south korea
  • This product meets customer requirement
  • No additional tools required (wrench provided)
  • Corrosion resistant load bar coating
  • Rectangular shape fits most rack accessories
  • ✪【Perfect Multi-slot M-LOK Rail Sections】GUNPOW 5-Slot...
  • ✪【Fits On All Standard Picatinny Accessories】Picatinny...
  • ✪【Aluminum, Solid & Durable】Precision Machined Out of...
  • Includes rails and crossbar kits with leveling screws and...
  • Size: 9-Ft rail mill guide system in combination with the...
  • Material: aircraft grade aluminum works with saw mill...
  • Connector kit: connect any combination of 9 Ft or 5 Ft guide...

Rail system guide

Perfect living: the rail system as a modern lighting device

On rail system is the ideal alternative to a classic ceiling lamp. You benefit from better room illumination and flexibility in installation. Learn about the benefits and how to choose the right model.

The characteristics of the rail systems

On rail system has several advantages: It always looks impressive and can be purchased in many different designs thanks to the large selection. In addition, rail systems offer a high degree of flexibility, not only in the variation of luminaires and lamps but also in the illumination and accentuation of the room. Especially in old buildings with few power connections and low number of socketsRail systems bring the necessary advantage that they can fill even large rooms with light. Thus, for example, both the dining area and the lounge area is optimally lit. Rail systems integrate several lights that can be relatively freely arranged within the rail system. That’s what it looks like rail system always good and brings light into the darkest corner. No matter how big or small each room is, one rail system fits in perfectly with any interior design style.

The advantages and disadvantages of rail systems

The most common light source for rail systems are halogen lamps. However, due to the large selection, it is up to the personal taste which illuminant is chosen. The individual lights are generally swiveling and allow, for example, the setting of furnishings. Hereby, favorite pictures can be skilfully illuminated and shine in the right light for all guests. Likewise, the manufacturers and designers have come up with breathtaking designs in the field of rail design. With this great range, the rail system reaches wherever it is needed. From round to square, there is everything for every individual taste. Installation is relatively easy, albeit more time consuming than attaching other lights. This is actually one of the disadvantages of the rail system. Since the rail system is usually installed only once and then usually used for several years, generally worth the extra effort.

Which points do I have to pay attention to when choosing the rail systems?

On rail systems are usually mounted several individual lights. It is illuminated a relatively large area. Power consumption is a key factor in choosing the right products. A positive example is the „Paulmann 952.71 busbar system“. The luminaires were assigned to energy class A +. By knowing the energy class, it is possible to make an estimate of the energy consumption, although of course this depends on the daily service life. The light output is given as 308 lumens. This value is important to judge how bright the lights are. The „LUMINATO / LED spotlight rail“ is characterized by energy efficiency class A. Although this property indicates higher energy consumption, it is still a very good result. The swiveling and swiveling spray heads make it possible to illuminate every corner of the room. They shine exactly the areas that you want to illuminate. The rail is also adjustable, which further increases the possibilities of variation. Another factor is the light color. In this case, it is warm white light. The color temperature is below 3,300 Kelvin, which means that the light is perceived by most people as cozy and comfortable. The rail system is thus ideally suited for the living space. When it comes to neutral white light, it creates an objective and cool atmosphere. However, the visibility of objects increases, because the light, in contrast to warm white light is not slightly yellowish. Neutral white light is especially suitable for offices and study. It helps to increase concentration and is an advantage when reading or writing.

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