10 Best shower curtain rod of 2019

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  • EASY TO INSTALL: Just extend to wall and twist to tighten;...
  • FITS ANY STANDARD SHOWER: Rod easily adjusts to fit spaces...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of steel, the rod can hold up to...
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  • BEST BENEFITS: You will get from BEOKREU tension rod: 100%...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Tension rods can bear 20pounds,It is your...
  • FAST & SUCH EASY INSTALLATION- Simple to extend,Pull and...
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  • Bearing weight: one rod can bear 1.1 - 2.2 pounds, 3 rods...
  • Adjustable length: Content of crude iron with a spring, you...
  • Corrosion and rust resistant: made of durable stainless...

Shower curtain rod Guide

A shower curtain rod serves to hold a shower curtain. But what exactly does it have with the shower curtainon itself and which rods are best in this regard recommended?

General about the shower curtain

The shower curtain is the most widely used worldwide shower enclosurethat exists. This is due to the simple nature and installation. So they are available in different motives, qualities, colors and prices and thus offer themselves as an extensive design possibility. Especially for hotels, the shower curtain is beneficial and practical in terms of replacement and cost savings alone. In the private household she scores in ease of care and handling.
Shower curtains use different materials. For example, plastic shower curtains use fabrics such as vinyl, EVA (PEVA) or PVC. The quality and characteristics of the shower curtain during showering, decide on the services and therefore on the price. This shows a good plastic shower curtain when it smells pleasant, washing machine is suitable and after multiple use still looks good. In addition, he should not stick to the body.

Shower curtains, which are made of textile, are made of a special fabric, which are suitable for the appropriate use. In this regard, polyester fibers and Trevira CS are used. More rare, but also a used material for the production of shower curtains, is PET, cotton or linen. In industrial dipping baths, the impregnation is usually carried out, which is also responsible for the durability and protection. Eyelets, made of plastic or metal, must be used for textile products in comparison to plastic shower curtains. Additional processing with zinc or lead prevents the curtain from drawing or sticking to the body.

General about the shower curtain rod

The shower curtain is usually with the help of loops, rings or large eyelets on the shower curtain rod appropriate. The shower curtain rod is mounted to the desired height, taking care that the curtain hangs properly so that it can hang dry and free after showering. Otherwise, mold or mildew will form.

Mostly the shower curtain rod Made of chrome-plated, nickel-plated metal, aluminum or stainless steel and made into an oval, round tube. In general shower curtain rods are to get next to a straight line in other forms, such as L, U or circular shape.

For mounting there are different variants, such as the ceiling hangers that stabilize the discharging constructions. The most common variant is the „wall to wall“, which here variable telescopic rods and cable systemsprove itself. There are also custom-made shower curtain rods, which go to a structural specifications.

For shower curtains are usually suitable for flexible handling round shower curtain rods, as the curtain easily slides over the rod. In addition, the shower curtain rod must be stable enough to carry the curtain without problems, even if it is wet.

suggested products

With regard to shower curtain rods, the following products can be recommended:
– Shower curtain rod by InterDesign Forma: Made of brushed stainless steel. Can span from 1.27 to 2.21 m. Resilient. Constant Tension technology (coated and non-slip foot) protects walls from possible damage and prevents slipping. Easy locking without Tool, simple and quick installation guaranteed.
– Aluminum angle bar (by KSHandel24): is chrome plated. Made of aluminum. Barrier-free and handicapped accessible. Four different attachments possible. Easy handling when pushing through the curtain.
– Wenko telescopic shower bar: Made of aluminum, painted white. Extends from a length of 70 to 115 cm. The diameter of the shower curtain rod is 20mm. Easy installation possible without drilling.

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