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In every household, a variety of things must be kept neat. Without practical systems for the storage The chaos quickly spreads and you are constantly on the lookout. Storage space for storage offer drawers, boxes, chests, shelves, underbed shelves, roll containerand much more. Which products for the storage depends on the objects, the size of the room and your own taste.

Order throughout the house with storage systems

In small apartments there is often a lack of storage space. When purchasing the device, it should therefore immediately be considered how to integrate storage spaces and order systems. The space on cabinets offers itself as well as the space under the bedand shelves for open shelves. Cabinets of any width can be e.g. expand with matching cabinet sales. Behind closed doors you have extra space for laundry, dishesor file folders. In many beautiful wood decors or in white, there are cabinet sets, for example, from the brand Rauch Pack’s. Cabinet and shelf attachments can be found in children’s rooms, living rooms, guest rooms and bedrooms. The Equipped kitchenis often not enough to blanket, Also here cabinet sets are the great solution to the manifold storage , In the bedroom often the bed can accommodate separate bed frames, Very nice wooden bed boxes in many sizes, with smooth-running roles offer u.a. the brands Tica and Home affair. In the open shelfWith folding boxes or wooden boxes, you can create storage space for electronic accessories and more storage space. Möbelando offers lightweight drawer shelves for shelves in many colors. The practical cabinet and shelf inserts are ideal for the home office or children’s room. Very practical for home, home office and office are expandable shelving systems such as from Würfli. You can build shelves of any size from open cubes, cubes with doors or drawers, as well as corner shelves that make it easy to keep order storage to accomplish.

Flexible furniture with storage space for storage

Chests for storage of pillow. table linenand more can be combined with seating. How to create a kitchen bench chestThere is plenty of space under the seat for all sorts of things. You will find upholstered stools, which also act as small chests. Similar seating is also available for the hallway, balcony and terrace. In the stacking box under the coffee tableor side table newspapers and catalogs can be kept well. Also under a decorative stool or Flower-tablecan find a nice stacking box. In the bathroom you can storage space with a shelters for WC or Washing machinecreate. For small bathroom utensils there are practical small shelves above the bathtub or for any niche. For the mansard, there are favorable offers for custom-made furniture for the pitched roofs. In this way, no centimeter of space is given away on the wall. A lot of space is created by order systems in the basement. Here shelves for tools and any things just build up to the ceiling. Drawer boxes can be labeled at the front. You’ll soon find what you’re looking for. For lower shelf compartments, lightweight plastic stacking boxes are recommended, which are also easy to clean.

Order in the nursery

It’s hard to believe what’s going on in children’s rooms, from toys to school supplies. There are great storage ideas from Labebe on the mobile bookshelfto the seat. Stable, colorful and easy to care for are the great rolling boxes by Funny. Little boys will love the foldable game chest with upholstered seat with the red fire engine. It offers storage space for various toys or picture books. From Homfa there is a colorful Kids shelfwhich is also good for school supplies. The differently sized boxes are visible and there is room for books at the top. Such and similar helpful guardians of the nursery can be found in a large selection online.

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