10 Best tandem bed of 2019

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  • Carles Cano, Rosa A. Crespo, Enric Soler
  • Publisher: Tandem Ediciones Sl
  • Paperback: 22 pages

Tandem embellishment guide

The tandem bed – Usable by 2 persons if required

Under a tandem bed you understand one bedwhich offers sleeping space for at least two people if required. However, this is not a conventional double bed. Because with such a two beds are on one level. Also is one tandem bed no bunk bedsin the proper sense. Because with a bunk bed both sleeping places lie directly above each other at different heights. At a tandem bed on the other hand, the two sleeping areas are also at different heights, but laterally offset, ie directly next to each other. In addition, the difference in height between the two beds at one tandem bed significantly lower than a bunk bed. This is due to the design of the tandem board, which combines minimal space and maximum functionality. Because one can indeed, but does not have to be used by at least two people.

Structure and function of a tandem bed

A tandem bed can optionally be used as a place to sleep for one or more people. For this purpose, it is constructed quite similar to a single bedwhich is equipped with pedestal drawers. But instead of being equipped with drawers in the lower area, a tandem bed with a few can be used to take off a second bed. In the normal state, the second lying surface „hides“ almost invisibly and, above all, saves space under the first sleeping place. It will only be removed if necessary, for example if additional sleeping space is needed for visitors. Normally, the lower lying surface is fixed by means of stable pull-out rails on the head and foot part of the bed. These are similar to the rails of a drawer, but are much more resilient. In order to facilitate the extension of the lower sleeping space even more, rollers are usually attached to the underside, which also serve as supports for the frame. They are designed to roll smoothly on all types of flooring. Otherwise, the lower lying surface is in a tandem bed in most cases just as equipped as the upper – so with a rust and a mattress, If you buy grids and mattresses separately from your tandem bed, make sure that their height does not exceed the maximum height at which the bed pull-out can be closed without difficulty.

Materials for tandem embroidery

By far the largest number of tandem strings is made of wood or of solid wood-based materials such as medium-density fiberboard or high-quality coated chipboard. These provide the necessary stability to absorb the weight load caused by at least two people. Unlike the bed frame itself, the fittings for a high-quality tandem bed are usually made of metal. This applies to the pull-out rails and often also to the rollers under the pull-out. This is necessary to permanently ensure the stability of the entire construction and to ensure its optimal function even after many cycles of use. Less popular are tandem strings, which are made entirely of metal. Beds made of wood can be either natural, leached and oiled or provided with clear or colored paints. Wood materials are usually either painted or with a decorative filmlaminated, which mimics a wooden surface or e.g. creates modern high gloss or matt surfaces.

Available variations of the tandem set

Tandem strets, like other beds, are available in a variety of standard and custom lengths, with the often-used lengths of 200 and 220 cm dominating. Also in terms of breadth the trade offers the buyer a sufficient variance in the range of tandem betting. They are available in widths of 80, 90 or 100 cm, for example. The effective width in the extended state is then of course 160, 180 or 200 cm. It is imperative to pay attention to this when buying, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises when using both sleeping places later on.

Fields of application for a tandem bed

A tandem bed is a great alternative to an additional one guest bedIt does not require a separate room and only needs extra space if needed. If the visit leaves again, the bed can be restored to its original state and then takes up significantly less space. In addition, a tandem bed instead of a bunk bed can be used for siblings who share a room. While it occupies little space during the day and therefore leaves more room to play, it offers each of the siblings a full-fledged, ground-level sleeping space during the night. In shared flats, tandem strings are also popular for accommodating visitors.

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