10 Best wire hangers of 2019

  • Thin, Light Weight Metal White Shirt Hangers
  • 14.5 Gauge
  • 18 Inch
  • Multi-pack of 36 for a neat, consistent look
  • Vinyl coated wire for clothing protection
  • Sturdy steel construction to prevent bending
  • PRODUCT - 16" Caped Clothing Hangers for Dry Cleaners or...
  • QUANTITY - 100 New
  • COLOR - Gold Hanger / White Paper
  • Light weight thin wire White Shirt Hangers
  • 14.5 Gauge, 18 Inch
  • 100 White Wire Shirt Hangers
  • 200 Light weight Shirt Hangers
  • 14.5 Gauge
  • 18 Inch
  • Made of Durable and Stainless steel, keep away from rust
  • Size 16.5 x 7.6 inches; Thickness Gage is 3.2mm
  • Pack of 50pcs in package
  • 100 Pack Strong Metal Wire Clothes Hangers for standard...
  • Silver Color - Elegant Exterior. Sturdy Structure for your...
  • Length: 16 inch. Thickness: 0.1 inch/12 Gauge, thicker than...
  • ✓Pack of 100 Consistent Looking Hangers: These wire...
  • ✓Quality Material for Clothing Safety and Protection:...
  • ✓Strong Material, Prevents Bending: These light weight...
  • PRODUCT - 16" Caped Clothing Hangers for Dry Cleaners or...
  • QUANTITY - 100 New
  • COLOR - Gold Hanger / White Paper
  • 🏡[PREMIUM QUALITY]-- Our high quality metal hangers...
  • 🏡[NEVER HURT YOUR HAND]-- The rough surface of some...
  • 🏡[STRONGER BEARING CAPACITY]-- The size of our...

Wire hanger guide

Tips for wire hangers

Clothing is one of the most important things in our everyday lives. This is also reflected in proverbs like „Clothes make people“. Therefore, it is important to keep the clothes properly when not being worn. This not only includes the question of where, but above all how. Each garment is traditionally ironed, folded and folded in its own way wardrobestored. While many garments can be neatly folded in drawers or placed on shelves in cupboards, this is not the best for certain clothes, and not even a totally inappropriate method of storage. So that appropriate clothing can be stored properly, there are hanger, This garment can hang neatly in line and the formation of unwanted wrinkles is prevented. But even if you pay attention to the hanger rarely, different models, or different materials are different well suited. Especially versatile and recommendable are hangers made of metal.

Why should it? wire hangers be?

While you used to get the clothes hanger into the shopping bag regularly when you bought your clothes at the store, this is rare nowadays and, thanks to the almost endless shopping on the internet, a real exception is that you get a free hanger. That’s why you have to buy at least occasionally even a few new ones. This raises the question: which model should it be? The simple hanger made of metal? The most affordable 100-pack plastic? The ecological version made of wood? To say it in advance: the statements are not quite right! The particularly ecological hanger made of wood is not quite as ecological as one would think. First, there are more and more people in the world who need more and more clothes and more and more hangers. However, the trees for the hangers do not grow quite so fast. In addition, no one likes a piece of wood in his favorite jacket. A good dose of varnish on the wood quickly fixes this problem – but if the paint is overly organic can be questioned! At least with plastic hangers it is clear that they are not very ecological. But plastic is durable and the hangers are robust and durable – you might think! That’s not true, though. The plastic itself lasts practically forever, but not the hanger. The fact is that very cheap hangers are made of very thin plastic. This breaks relatively easily if you are not careful, or bends under the weight of heavy garments such as a suit or a coat. If a piece of clothing hangs on such a hanger for an extended period of time, the fabric will irrevocably warp and the cloak piece will never be perfectly perfect again. The only sensible alternative is wire hangers ,

Wire hangers – what metal?

Wire hangers are made of different metals. They also have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when buying. Each metal has a different hardness and is therefore slightly flexible. For particularly heavy garments, or those who are not allowed to lose their fit, are particularly rigid wire hangers recommended. For this purpose, stainless steel in particular is a very good choice. In addition, the other properties of the metals are not completely irrelevant. Brass is more expensive due to the copper it contains, but has no other advantages. Galvanized iron wire is even rather critical to evaluate. The zinc coating is only a fraction of a millimeter thick and can easily be scratched by a belt buckle, zipper or metal button. As a result, the iron wire is free and can rust. The fact that rust from garments is hard to remove, need not be mentioned at this point. Finally stay wire hangers made of stainless steel or wire hangers left over with powder coating. Stainless steel is simple, sturdy, does not rust and can also carry heavy garments without bending under the load. One disadvantage of this material, however: it is, like any metal, very smooth and the clothes can slip. Remedy for this create powder-coated wire hangers. These are a little more flexible, since mostly simple iron is used, and they are a bit more sensitive, since it is also just a coated wire. The advantage, however, is that the coating is significantly thicker and therefore more robust than galvanizing and since the hangers are not completely smooth, no clothes slip.

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