10 Best ants defense of 2019

  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • William Mitchell
  • Publisher: Fire Ant Books
  • Rebecca E. Hirsch
  • Lerner Publications TM
  • Kindle Edition
  • Prime Video
  • English
  • Up to 12 month protection (against ants, roaches and spiders...
  • Kills all common listed household bugs (refer to product...
  • Non staining, odor free and dries fast
  • Kills ants; roaches; spiders; scorpions and stink bugs
  • Kills by contact
  • Eliminates 99.9% of household germs that insects may leave...
  • Tons of potato salad stealing bugs.
  • Gross bug flattening squish and splat sounds.
  • 15 different bugs of various speed, and strength.
  • Prime Video
  • English
  • Non-staining
  • Controls up to 12 months (Ants, roaches and spiders indoors...
  • Creates a bug barrier
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • William Mitchell
  • Publisher: Fire Ant Books
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Ant Defense Counselor

Defend ants with ultrasound and pressure waves
Although ants are useful animals, they can become a real plague. If you want to avoid the use of poison, has the ability to fend off the little crawlers using ultrasound and pressure waves. Two examples of such products are Gardigo’s ant defend plug and the Unitec Mouse and ants defense , Within a certain area of ​​activity, which can vary in size depending on the device, the ants stay away, because the sound is very unpleasant for them. The small devices are simply plugged into the socket and do their work inconspicuously. Another product example is the „Mice Ant Defense Duo Ultrasound & Pressure Waves“. It also promotes an environmentally friendly expulsion, because the sounds and pressure waves are inaudible for us humans as well as for bigger animals like dogs or cats and therefore harmless. The ultrasound tones are in a frequency range between 25,000 and 65,000 hertz. Not only ants can be used with this device, but also silverfish, mice and rats. For outdoor use, ie garden or terrace, special equipment is available. An example is the solar ant defenses of Gardigo. It simply becomes in the ground, in a flower pot, in the sandbox or in the raceplugged. The principle of operation is the same as indoor appliances, but no power connection is required as there is a solar panel. Alternatively, the trade also offers battery-powered versions: including the X4-Life AV1005 ant dealer.

The classic in ant defenses: bait boxes
Bait boxes are used very often in the fight against ants. They contain special attractants, which are very attractive for the animals. The operation is simple: The cans, such as Nexa Lotte Ant bait or Aeroxon ants bait boxes, only need to be placed on the tracks of the animals. Thanks to the strong attraction, the ants crawl through small openings into the interior of the can, where they absorb the active ingredient and then bring it into their nest. There he is then fed to the brood and to the queen. The result: The complete ant colony is still dying in the nest.

Most doses of this type must be designed to be inaccessible to pets and to be protected only from weather conditions. For us humans the bait is odorless.
Meanwhile, there is also a transparent ant-bait gel (for example, finicon® avant-garde), which is slightly liquid and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
To the classics in the ants defense also belongs to ant spray. Appropriate means (among other things of the mark Raid) are used on balcony and terrace against ants, Silberfischchen, cockroaches and spiders. The animals are eliminated within seconds, new insects stay away for a maximum of four weeks.
Without poison, natural litter powder is lost. So among other things the CleanPrince vermin powder: It is odorless and also completely harmless for children and pets. Nevertheless, it is deadly against ants: The protective wax layer of the insects is physically destroyed, because the fine crystalline structure of the powder quasi rubs the layer. After about two days the ants dry up. Such remedies are considered to be very successful, since resistance to resistance can be ruled out by the physical mode of action.

The advantages and disadvantages of ant funds
Of course, all those products that work with ultrasound or pressure waves are particularly environmentally friendly. However, they are not always effective: users repeatedly report that power, solar or battery powered devices have little or no effect. On the other hand, bait cans offer a high level of reliability, but it should be remembered that this is poison that kills the actually useful animals. Anyone who has pets, must be careful anyway, that dog or cat have no contact with the lure. Natural scattering agents that are based on a physical mode of action are poison-free, but ultimately kill the ants as well.

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