10 Best Blinds balcony of 2019

  • FABRIC: Natural Woven: 88% Jute + 12% Polyester Yarn +...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Adjustable Rail 44" to 80" wide,...
  • Modern upgrade to vertical blinds to add beauty and privacy...
  • Up to 80% UV block protection
  • Light filtering and helps improve energy efficiency
  • Aluminum head rail for added strength and durability
  • Ode Sounds & Visuals
  • MP3 Music
  • Balcony
  • MP3 Music
  • Jack L. Chalker
  • Phoenix Pick
  • Kindle Edition
  • Abraham
  • Publisher: Revell
  • Paperback: 316 pages
  • Ode Sounds & Visuals
  • MP3 Music
  • Balcony
  • MP3 Music
  • FABRIC: Natural Woven: 88% Jute + 12% Polyester Yarn +...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Adjustable Rail 44" to 80" wide,...
  • Modern upgrade to vertical blinds to add beauty and privacy...
  • Made of High quality 165gsm breathable mesh fabric. Fading,...
  • Filter the sun with light still come in and breeze to get...
  • Super easy installation and operation. Easy to pull up and...

Blinds Balcony Guide

A privacy locker is also called fan drawer, balcony fan screen or balcony fandesignated. He can not only be considered privacy, but also as sun protectionand windshieldbe used. This is a contemporary alternative to the conventional one parasol, It is possible to use it outdoors, such as on all balconies, terraces or gardens. Even on vacation he likes to be used on the beach.

Possible applications of a visual protection fan
A privacy fan can also spread like a normal hand fan and fold. Normally, the area of ​​this fan is smaller in contrast to the roof surface of umbrellas. In most cases, privacy screens with an edge length of 100, 120, 140 or 160 centimeters are offered. Often, this fan is mounted vertically for privacy and not only keeps the wind effectively away from the garden, balcony or terrace, but also from prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by. Thus, the privacy compartments are particularly well suited to protect privacy. If this compartment can be tilted or swiveled sideways, it can be used as a sunshade even at a certain installation height. Often, the shaded area is then more limited in contrast to the other sun protection options for outdoor such as awning, Parasol with umbrella standor also the screen. If the terrace or the balcony is not so big, the shadows cast by the privacy fan are usually sufficient.

Attachment of a privacy fan
Fastening a privacy fan can be done by a screw in the outer wall. Normally one receives from the manufacturer the necessary material for the mounting. If you want to leave the structure of the building better intact, it is possible to choose a screen without screws. This may be a model with fastening devices, for example, for the balcony railing or terminals. A privacy screen with ground spike is also intended for use on the balcony on the ground floor. This fan for privacy is often mounted on a telescopic support rod, which then expires at the bottom in a corresponding floor spike or instead can be screwed with it. With the spit, a simple anchoring of the blinds in the ground is possible. Thus, it is easily possible to use the subjects for privacy due to the flexible mounting option in the ground in other places such as the beach or in the garden.

Frame for blinds
Normally, the frames of the blinds are made of metal. It’s best to opt for a weatherproof version that includes an anodized aluminum or stainless steel frame.

Cover fabrics for privacy screens
In the case of the cover fabric of a visual protection fan, it is important to pay attention to a correspondingly high lightfastness. It is given in the values ​​of one, which is particularly low, to eight, which means excellent. This tells how well the respective fabric resists bleaching due to solar radiation. If you also want to use a blinds as a sunscreen, it is advised to opt for a fabric with a high UPF. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. A UPF of 50 already guarantees a particularly good protection against UV rays. The maximum value given by the manufacturer is 80. For the different standards used to determine the UPF, 801 is considered to be the most reliable and stringent. In principle, it is possible that cover fabrics for privacy screens can also be waterproof and thus provide protection against rain. Because of the normally vertical installation and limited area of ​​these subjects, however, this is the exception. For a combined rain and sun protection in the outdoor area, it is therefore better that you use a waterproof awning, a screen or a rainproof parasol.

Advantages of a privacy fan
– protects against the sun
– If possible also suitable as rain protection
– protects against prying eyes

Disadvantages of a privacy fan
– Assembly is to be practiced

Manufacturer of visual protection compartments
The following brands and manufacturers offer screens in different sizes and colors:
– Monzana
– Leco
– Deuba
– Iago
– Royal Gardineer
– My Garden
– Grasekamp
– Anself
– Matrasa
– Gardiy
– Noor
– Garden Pleasure
– Videx
– Dreams4Home

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