10 Best crank screen of 2019

  • Ventline Vent dome Replacement Operator with crank handle...
  • Alliance Entertainment
  • DVD
  • Set a max volume
  • Lock with a pin number
  • Starts on boot
  • Andersen Casement/Awning T-Handle
  • Metal - Stone Color
  • Set a max volume
  • Lock with a pin number
  • Starts on boot
  • Heng's Roof Vent Screen Frame
  • 14" x 14" size
  • Fits select Heng's vent models
  • IHP
  • MP3 Music
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • Comedy Central (09/28/2004)
  • DVD, Unrated (Not Rated)
  • Used on most older Andersen casement operators with a 3/8...
  • Features a 3-1/8 in. reach
  • Diecast construction with stone finish
  • ❤Package includes:1 x Charger
  • ❤Size: 6x4.5x3cm(2.36x1.77x1.18in)
  • ❤Features: Manual design allows everyone to use it...

Crank screen guide

On parasolUsing a crank is child’s play and gives the surroundings a charming flair. It is recommended for the seating area on the balcony, the terrace and in the garden. Most manufacturers equip their products with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The higher this value, the better the UV protection.

Specific properties of one crank screen

The choice of different umbrellas is extensive. On crank screen is equipped with a crank and a cable. This ensures that no physical forces must be used to open or close the parasol. Crank screens are available in different designs and sizes.

Structure and functioning of one crank screen

Parasols with crank consist of three different elements. It is a housing attached to the stick, the crank handle and a cable pull. The task of the cable is to translate the rotations of the crank. The models of different manufacturers differ among others by the positioning of the cable. This can be mounted both inside or outside. Both variants have advantages. An internal cable is better protected against wear and weather. An external cable pull looks decorative and gives the parasol its special charm. The bigger and heavier the crank screen is, the more noticeable are the advantages in terms of saving power by the crank operation noticeable.

Crankshafts – different equipment and designs

The range of different designs and features is characterized by diversity. Who is one? crank screen To buy, has the choice between: Gastro umbrellas, garden or terrace umbrellas and balcony screens.

Gastro umbrellas are especially heavy and big. They have been specially designed for use in beer gardens, beach and street cafes and restaurants. Of course, these can also be used on the private garden plot as a shade dispenser.

Terraces respectively Patio umbrellawith crank handle are made as medium and large models. This variant has an average diameter between three and four meters. With these crank screens you can shade several tables and garden chairs.

Balcony screens have been designed especially for the limited space available. At a balcony screenThe handle serves as a decorative accessory rather than to save power, as the mini umbrellas generally open and close easily.

Possible equipment of crank screens

Who wants to buy a parasol, has the choice between different equipment. The numerous manufacturers equip their products with protective covers, additional sidewalls, valances and / or water-repellent shield covers. Brand manufacturer Homdox, for example, produces a high-quality crank screen with integrated tilt-turn mechanism, round folding sunshade with additional UV protection. Model „250×200 red“ crankcase by Derby offers a water-repellent, washable, removable cover and also a high UV protection factor LSF 80 Plus.

Criteria that must be considered when buying from a crankcase

If you have decided to buy, you must consider the following criteria when selecting:

Advantages and disadvantages of crank screens

– available space to set up
– Type of attachment (base plate, wall bracket)
– desired additional equipment

Wall brackets are always recommended when the railing of the balcony or terrace is too strong to attach a crank screen. The bracket is included with most models and can be securely mounted on the wall with screws. When using an umbrella with a base plate, it is imperative to make sure that it is very heavy. This is the only way to ensure that the parasol can not fall over due to a gust of wind or accidental jostling. An alternative to the bottom plate are ground sockets. They will be in the earthConcrete and ensure a secure footing. The disadvantage is that they can not be subsequently implemented.


– offer sun, rain and wind protection
– energy-saving installation, clamping and closing
– decorative look


– Risk of finger injuries from bruising

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