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Flagpole guide

On flagpole is needed to hoist a flag. Flagpoles are displayed in public in front of a wide range of company buildings, state institutions or in gardens and on land owned by private individuals. Not only national flags are being pulled up, but also advertising flags to draw attention to his company.

Flagpole for companies as an advertising medium

On flagpole is used by companies as an advertising medium by hoisting a banner with an advertising print on it. The flag fluttering in the wind can be printed with the company logo, a slogan or slogan to appeal to customers. This is a high recognition value and the flag is visible from afar thanks to the high flagpole.

Legally, there are some criteria to consider when setting up a flagpole. Becomes a flagpole For example, attached to the building with a flagpole mount, an official permit is actually required because it is a change that may only be granted by the building authority. The short audition is enough for this, as a rule, if there are no safety concerns, approval will be given swiftly. Detached flagpoles require a permit, depending on the state, if provided by the city council. The actual regulation must always be inquired locally at the responsible building authority. This must be done before setting up, otherwise the city can refuse the permit.

If several flagpoles are installed, they must be placed at a certain distance from each other. Purpose of the provision: This prevents the flagpoles from falling on one another when the flagpole is broken by a storm or something similar, thus causing further damage to the environment. It is valid, twice the length of one flagpole to guarantee as distance. For the setting of a foundation no approval is necessary, if this happens on the premises and not on public ground. As a rule, a foundation made of concrete is poured for it, the ground socket is embedded in it, in the afterwards the flagpole is plugged.

Flagpole on the private property

Private individuals may place a flagpole on their private property. Only in some cases, when the flagpole is secured to the building, an official permit must be issued. Whether further regulations are to be met, erectors of flagpoles must first inquire at the local authority. The information is issued by the building authority. Home users must also set a foundation for securing a flagpole so that it does not tip over during the first gust of wind. In addition, local regulations on the distances between the neighboring properties and the public land must be observed. In addition, the flags hoisted on them must not bother the direct neighbors. The flags should have an average size, where against the motive on the respective flag is not important, unless it violates applicable law.

Neighbors have complained in the past because another neighbor has hoisted a flag from a particular football club. Tastes are different. Just because someone does not like a club does not mean that someone else can ban the hoisting of a football flag.

Flagpoles on sale

One of the suppliers of flagpoles is FLAGMASTER®. The flagpole made of aluminum with a length of 6.50 meters is suitable for flags of a size 150 cm by 90 cm. The flagpole consists of four individual pieces, which are inserted into each other. On top comes a cap on it and the cord for hoisting a flag is made of nylon, which is robust and weather-resistant. There is also the ground socket in which the mast is mounted.

GAH-Alberts offers steel flagpoles. The mast consists of four steel tubes with a total length of 615 cm and a circumference of 42 mm. There is the pull rope and rope fittings and the corresponding ground socket.

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