10 Best Gardener’s shed of 2019

Garden cabinet guide

If you own a garden, you need some equipment and utensils to keep the outdoor area in good condition. But where to go with the tools, if you just do not need them? It’s best to lie down Gardener’s shed to. This guide presents the typical questions that arise before buying such furniture and provides valuable tips in the answers.

In advance: Garden cabinets in short portrait

Garden cabinets are convincing due to their enormous practicability. They are usually compact and set up quickly and without major difficulties. In addition, there are already versions at very reasonable prices. But now to the questions – and answers.

When is one Gardener’s shed the optimal solution?

Basically, a suitable Gardener’s shed for every garden owner. Especially people who have little space within their green oasis, but still want to store and store everything on the spot, should resort to matching models.

Which is the right model?

Which model suits best depends on several factors, in particular the individual requirements regarding design and quality as well as the available budget. One distinguishes garden cabinets mainly in relation to the material: wood, metal and plastic.

a) Wooden Garden Cabinets: The advantages of a wooden garden cabinet are obvious. First, the naturalness of the material to mention. Wood acts as THE classic that blends in perfectly with the green environment. In this sense fulfilled one Gardener’s shed made of wood the highest design standards. In addition to the look but also convinces the functionality. Because with good care, a wooden cabinet is extremely durable. However, the fact that wood has to be intensively cared for also constitutes a disadvantage. In order to maintain the good condition as long as possible, several measures are necessary – such as the application of wood protection, painting and possibly also the adjustment of the screws. In addition, wood can darken and is not allowed everywhere because of fire (such as on a campsite).

b) Garden cabinets made of metal: Metal cabinets inspire through their longevity. Metal is an extremely robust and stable material. This property also allows very heavy objects in the closetto stow. In addition, metal versions are easy to clean, for example with a garden hoseor a steam jet. Disadvantages are the relatively high purchase price, which the purchase of a metal cabinet entails, and the comparatively high weight, which makes the transport and possible rearrangement more complex.

c) Garden cabinets made of plastic: Last but not least, there are plastic garden cabinets. These are characterized by several practical advantages. So they can be cleaned easily (again with the garden hose or a steam jet). The installation and transportation are also easy. A major advantage over wooden versions is that plastic models can stand on damp surfaces without being damaged. And: Plastic cabinets are the least expensive variants. Noteworthy are the lower stability and the less high-quality appearance – in each case compared with wood and metal cabinets.

What is the price? Gardener’s shed and where can you buy it?

Plastic cabinets are already available from about 50 euros to buy. There are hardly any limits to the top. For a rustic wooden cabinet you usually put down 100 euros or more. Excellently crafted designer cabinets can even cost several thousand euros.

Regarding the place of purchase: Garden cabinets can be found mainly in construction and garden centers, but also in numerous online shops. The selection is huge in any case!

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