10 Best Greenhouse heating of 2019

  • Easily heats spaces up to 120 ft. ² ideal for greenhouse...
  • With digital summer/winter thermostat (110 V) UL - Approved...
  • Stainless Steel housing, Floor-Standing greenhouse heater...
  • MET safety certified;Comply with UL 499;CSA C22.2 No.64
  • Ensures the root area of seedlings remains between 70℉and...
  • Available in 4 sizes: Mini:3.5"x21", Watt: 7.3W ; Small:...
  • New Society Publishers
  • Lindsey Schiller
  • Publisher: New Society Publishers
  • 3000W comes with high and low
  • Keeping your tender plants warm and thrive in the best...
  • IPX4 structure and is protected against water splashing
  • Heavy Duty 240V Single Phase 3000/6000W Commercial Electric...
  • Hardwired; Power cord not included in the unit. Dimensions:...
  • UL/CUL Listed Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heater; Bracket...
  • WIDE AIR DISTRIBUTION: The ceiling heater is constructed in...
  • 3-SETTING THERMOSTAT CONTROL: Integrated thermostat control...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The industrial heater has a...
  • DURABILITY: Internal insulated wiring for enhanced safety....
  • PROFESSIONAL RELIABILITY: Warms 10-20°F above ambient room...
  • VARIETY OF USES: Perfect for seeding, germination,...
  • New Society Publishers
  • Lindsey Schiller
  • Publisher: New Society Publishers
  • U.S. Government
  • Publisher: Progressive Management
  • Ring-bound: 149 pages
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Steve Kornher
  • Publisher: Rodale Press

Greenhouse Heating Guide

Hobby gardeners use often Glasshouseto sow plants prematurely. In addition to the season you can grow many species of different plants. If it’s still too cold outside, not every plant can handle it. At low temperatures, it makes sense to place the plants in a greenhouse to provide adequate protection. The right choice of heating is very important here.

Benefits of a greenhouse heater

Many greenhouses will visually open up a garden. With the help of a high quality Greenhouse heating , the greenhouse can be heated to the right temperature. A heater should always be easy to adjust. When making a purchase should be taken to ensure that the right size is purchased. In addition, care must be taken that the heater has the right size. Many manufacturers of greenhouse heaters offer a variety of sizes. The heat demand of a greenhouse is calculated in watts. The following formula is used for this:

Outside surface in m² x k-value (passage of heat) x difference of temperature

The k-value is a measure of the heat transfer in the glazing of the greenhouse. It is given for greenhouse heating systems with the unit Wm²K. The lower the coefficient, the better the insulation. For the calculation, a list with the average values ​​is very helpful if the heat demand of the greenhouse can not be determined otherwise.

Double-wall sheets: 6 mm – 3.5 k value
Double-wall sheets: 8 mm – 3.3 k value
Double-wall sheets: 10 mm – 3.1 k value
Double-wall sheets: 16 mm – 2.7 k value
Blank glass: 3 mm – 6 k value
coated blank glass: 1.3 k value
double insulating glass: 1.9 k value

Different sizes of greenhouses

Each greenhouse has a variety of dimensions. The outer surfaces of the greenhouse are made up of different surfaces. This area is calculated in m². The area is calculated as follows:

Gable walls Area: 2 x width x side height
Giebespitzen area: width x (ridge height – side height)
Roof area: 2 x length x distance from the side height to the ridge
Side walls Area: 2 x length x side height

The difference of the temperatures are given in ° C and result from the temperature difference for inside and outside. The interior of a greenhouse should be kept at + 4 ° C in winter. If a low temperature of -10 ° C is expected, then there is a difference of 14 ° C. Anyone who decides on a greenhouse, must think early enough, with what energy the greenhouse heating systems are operated. Heaters for a greenhouse can be powered by propane gas, paraffin or paraffin. The appropriate type of heating should always be selected according to the size of the heating. For ongoing operation, the costs should be included. If electricity is selected as energy for a greenhouse heater, then you should always pay attention to the protection against moisture and water spray.

High quality greenhouse heaters

Whenever gardeners want to sow or grow plants outside of the season, they are well advised to buy a heatable greenhouse. Many varieties of vegetables or flowers need a long growing period. For example, they could already be planted in February so that they are ready in time in the spring. Hibernation in heated greenhouses is particularly useful for sensitive plants. The need for heat is different for each model, so they are calculated individually.

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