10 Best Grill cover of 2019

  • Fits Genesis II 3 burner & Genesis 300 Series grills and...
  • Premium heavy duty polyester fabric that is water & UV...
  • Velcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, & keep it in...
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  • Simple Houseware
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  • Blackstone
  • Char-Broil
  • Lawn & Patio
  • Char-Broil
  • Lawn & Patio
  • Homitt
  • Fits Genesis II 3 burner & Genesis 300 Series grills and...
  • Premium heavy duty polyester fabric that is water & UV...
  • Velcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, & keep it in...

Grill cover Guide

You can say, grilling is the favorite pastime of many Germans. As soon as the barbecue season starts, the barbecues are proudly brought out or new models are bought. They are, so to speak, the „jewel“ of every garden and a balcony. There are just as many different types of grills, and there are many grill covers.
Actually, you could say, „Show me your grill and I’ll tell you who you are“. But in the end, it does not matter what kind of grill you own, you have to take care of all of them and that starts with a suitable, stable one Grill cover ,
It is the „A“ and „O“ for a long life of a grill. The grill covers provide protection in wind and weather. Often „spend the night“ barbecues in the garden, or they spend the whole summer outdoors. But what happens when they are exposed to the wet and cold? The quality and beauty suffer – and that does not have to be.

Different types of barbecues and their covers.
The „Germans favorite child“ is not only his car, no, it follows immediately the barbecue. Barbecues in the open, what could be better, invite friends and neighbors and spend cozy hours together at the barbecue.
The interesting thing is that there are these „little all-rounders“ in a variety of equipment, sizes and shapes.
Starting with the „good old“ charcoal grillover the modern gas grill or electric grill, There is nothing that does not exist and of course something for every budget.
If someone is having a barbecue charcoaltoo cumbersome, then it does a gas or electric grill. With them you can work cleaner. When buying a barbecue should be thought of where it comes to use. On a balcony only an electric grill can be used. If you are a proud homeowner or garden owner, then it may be any barbecue. Charcoal or glass grill, here are the tastes apart, but it is firm, a gas grill is quick to use and it can be grilled spontaneously.

Grill covers
Even when buying a barbecue, you should always choose the appropriate one Grill cover to plan with. Of course, there is a suitable for every grill Grill cover , That’s the only way they can protect your grill from wind and weather. This will give you many years of enjoyment. Buy a barbeque from Tenneker, then it should by Tenneker one Grill cover be. Corresponding to the manufacturer there are grill covers from WEBER, RÖSLE, LANDMANN, TEFAL or HANSEATIC. Certainly not all are enumerated at this point.
A real WEBER grill with appropriate Grill cover is something unique and makes for a great barbecue experience.

Grill covers for gas grills
A protective cover always protects the grill from dirt, rain and strong sun exposure. The basic color is black and the material consists of polyester and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Depending on the type of gas grill, the dimensions and weight of the protective cover are different.
With a Tenneker® gas GrillTG-2 is the shell56 cm long, 127 cm wide and cm high. Corresponding to the other sizes (TG 3, TG 4 and TG 5) always fitting that the entire grill is protected.
Accordingly, all other protective covers must be purchased according to the manufacturer and type of grill.
A RÖSLER grill cover, for example, is also available in black. It is a waterproof one coverjust right for the kettle grill, It can be fixed with a Velcro fastener on the frame of the grill. So she also withstands rain and wind.

Prices for barbecue covers
As different as the manufacturer / Arte of the grill are, so different are the prices. But also here quality should prevail. What is the use of a grill cover which is worn out after one year? As the saying goes, „those who buy cheaply buy twice“.
A premium WEBER cover is made of a very durable and durable material and has its price of about 90EUR. But this is the exception. The penny pinchers among you will also find the cheaper options. The internet is a great help, but please remember, it always has to be a suitable shell for a particular grill. The grill cover should also be tight and not fly with every little breeze.
When buying a protective cover, you should also pay attention to the perfect workmanship and quality of the seams. This is especially important because she does not process these seams well, of course, they also break quickly. Then everything would be too late and you can mentally already on the purchase of a new protective cover.

Conclusion: Grillzeit- most beautiful time
Summer time is called grill time. Good time, we are allowed to sit with friends and neighbors in the garden, enjoy nature and barbecue.
Barbecuing in „God’s free nature“, what could be better? It does not matter what grill you own. Many people swear by charcoal grills, but why not simplify this work? There are modern gas or electric barbecues. But these too must be cherished and maintained. The care begins with the right and appropriate cover. Most grill covers are made of plastic and defy all weather conditions. So it does not matter to the grill if he simply stops outside during the barbecue season. Grill covers protect against rain, dust and sun.
You get these in many sizes and designs, depending on which grill you need to „protect“. In any case, grill covers are waterproof and you get the cheaper option already from 12EUR, the more expensive but can cost even 90EUR. However, at this point you can only point out that you should not save here, your grill should be worth it. Let’s take a look at the prices of a barbecue, then you do not want to buy a new one every year, just because the grill cover has failed.
As already mentioned, you can make the right grill cover when buying a barbecue. Specialist consultants will then be of assistance to you. An alternative to the purchase of a protective cover offers the Internet. Many portals offer covers here, which are very easy to order and are often delivered very quickly.

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