10 Best Hose Trolley of 2019

  • Holds up to 300' of hose
  • Hose not included
  • Sturdy and topple-resistant yet lightweight and maneuverable
  • Innovative stability system and compact design
  • 8 Jet ergonomic spray pistol nozzle
  • 4 soft touch Quick Connectors/fittings included
  • Innovative stability system and compact design
  • 8 Jet ergonomic spray pistol nozzle
  • 4 soft touch Quick Connectors/fittings included
  • Innovative stability system and compact design
  • 8 Jet ergonomic spray pistol nozzle
  • 4 soft touch Quick Connectors/fittings included
  • 【Efficiency Garden Tool】Hand-operated handles and moving...
  • 【Easy to assemble】This garden hose reel is an excellent...
  • 【Hand Crank】Equipped with Hand crank which make it easy...
  • Hideaway hose reel
  • Features the Max-Flo outlet pipe and kink-free center spool
  • Holds 100 feet of hose; supply hose included
  • Compact, lightweight design moves hoses easily
  • DURABLE: Sturdy resin design ensures this garden hose reel...
  • HOSE GUIDE: Slide-Trak Hose Guide makes winding and...
  • TIGHT SEAL: Patented Easylink System ensures water-tight...
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE - Extreme all-weather flexibility makes...
  • EXTRMELY DURABLE - Durable and abrasion-resistant outer...
  • WON'T KINK UNDER PRESSURE - Flexible hybrid polymer material...
  • Made of premium material,moisture proof ,anti-rust, durable...
  • Easy to move around your yard with two wheels and neatly...
  • Slide Track makes the winding and unwinding easy and smooth.

Hose trolley advice

Of the Hose Trolley is a very handy helper, because he transports and preserves the garden hoseon. It is particularly advantageous for larger properties, as it does not have to be carried and rolled out by itself. The hose can be on the Hose Trolley rolled up, so he does not over the raceor beds. The selection is large and meets every demand.

What is a hose car?

Especially during long periods of drought, the plants and the lawn must be watered regularly. Of the Hose Trolley is a very practical remedy for this. First and foremost, it offers the benefits of significantly reducing physical exertion, achieving more pleasant handling and organizing. Hanging garden hoses or tripping hazards are a thing of the past. The working conditions are also significantly improved. The tube is simply unrolled for use and when not in use on the retractorstowed. Thanks to the hose reel, the hose no longer knots and is not kinked. The water flows freely and undisturbed and the hose lasts much longer. Different sizes and different variants are offered, for example wall models, one Hoseor a Hose Trolley in the form of a frame that has wheels. Some models are available as a complete set with a hose, connectors and various accessories, for example the following product:

Gardena 2692-20 Hose Car Set:

* complete with 20 meter hose 1/2
* including connecting parts and syringe
* Connection of the hose at Hose Trolley
* Adapter for water tapin 3/4 „and 1/2“
* 2 adapters each in 3/4 „and 1/2“

The hose trolley can be stored in a space-saving way thanks to the height-adjustable push-fork and the hinged stirrup. In addition, the angled hose connection prevents kinking of the hose.

Model without hose: Jago garden hose cart hose cart hose reel

* reliable helper in the irrigationof the garden
* ideal for a medium and larger garden
* comfortable operation thanks to the free-running hand crank
* Pour without twisting the hose
* ensures order
* saves space
* Hose capacity 50 or 60 meters

Buy hose carts – what to look for?

* Size

When buying the hose cart should be paid attention to the size.

* Links

When connecting to the faucet, make sure that the fittings are tight to allow for economical and effective garden irrigation and to prevent water from running off.

* Hose length

This factor is certainly the most important purchase criterion, because if the garden hose does not fit on the hose cart, everything brings nothing. With a 1/2 inch hose, it is usually 60 meters that fit on the device. But there are also hose car drums that can hold up to 100 meters of hose, for example the Gardena models. When 3/4 inch hose fit about 30 meters on the car. If the load on a small rack is too high, it will lead to instability of the structure.

* Stability

The stability is one of the most important points, because the hose car should not overturn even when unrolling the hose. Therefore, the model should be chosen rather larger, since it is then in use much more stable than a small device.

* With or without hose

The hose trolley is available in different sizes and designs so that the right model can be chosen according to your needs. Some units are offered as a complete system with hose and connectors, while other models are available without a hose. Complete sets are suitable for beginners.

Conclusion – meaningful and practical use of a hose cart

The hose trolley is a very practical tool for garden irrigation. It ensures that the hose rolls up perfectly and can be stored there. Furthermore, it can also be unrolled and transported quickly and easily. The hose is thereby also protected from damage.

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