10 Best Hose of 2019

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  • Guaranteed Not to Kink or Tangle
  • Heavy Gauge Power Coil
  • Industrial Strength Lead-Free Aluminum Couplings Leak &...
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  • Lawn & Patio
  • Gilmour
  • Lawn & Patio
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  • Joyday
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Hose box guide

At home it’s the most beautiful …

Most people on our planet aspire to have their own home in their lives, to shape it to their individual taste. Often it should also be a house with a garden, which is then lovingly created and planted. However, even the most motivated hobby gardeners soon realize that every green space requires a lot of work, so that everything grows and looks good. In the warm summer months then also belongs to the casting, which can also be very time consuming. At least for a larger area, it is worth this irrigationby garden hoseHowever, this must first be ready for use. And it is at this point that some garden owners take comfort for convenience watering Canbecause the heavy and coiled hose is somewhere in the basement or in the garage. For such people could thus one Hose a nice birthday present or a sensible investment.

Even a garden hose needs a „home“

An outdoor one water hoselooks unclean and also reduces the life of the tube significantly, because even a good material quality is hard and brittle with permanent UV irradiation. Even with this problem creates a Hose Remedy, because rolled up is almost the entire garden hose within this housing. But that’s just one of the advantages of this practical solution, because one can position properly Hose save a lot of valuable working time. The basic idea is that the water hose for regular gardening near the faucet is permanently installed and thus always ready for use. A short piece of hose connects the Hose with the water connection either permanent or can be installed if necessary in each case with few handles. After opening the tap you pull the rolled-up tube out of the box with little effort and you can start garden irrigation. The water hose is functional at each unrolled position and the entire length should of course be sized so that you can supply even the most remote garden areas. Many hose box models are pivotally mounted on the wall, which facilitates rolling in different directions again. The highlight of a Hose However, the automatic winding, which works like the cable compartment of the vacuum cleaner. The integrated torsion spring creates a permanent and light tension on the hose, which is locked by a rapid train interruption, the role. When rolling up, you can simply slide the water hose slowly and evenly through your hands, thus automatically disappearing into its box. In addition, the following tip: The rolling should always be done with open water connection and closed spray nozzle. As a result, the cross section of the hose is maintained and kinks are avoided. After the complete rolling up of the water tapclosed and the spray nozzle briefly opened, so that in the hose system no unnecessary overpressure caused by solar heating. A compromise solution can be a transportable hose box, which offers the hose equal protection, but you will be able to use the retractor for physical reasons only with fixed installed models well => Actio = Reactio!

Recommended accommodations for the garden hose:

a) Gardena 8023-20 Comfort wall hose box 25 roll-up automatic. This quality product offers a hose length of 25 meters with a standard diameter of ½ „(= 13 mm) .The box can be swiveled by 180 °, has an accessory storage and can be easily removed and stowed at the beginning of winter.

b) Gardena 8025-20 Comfort wall hose box 35 roll-up automatic Li. This larger version with a hose length of 35 meters and a motorized rewind offers even more comfort. The drive is carried out by 5 supplied batteries.

c) Hozelock Hose Storage Auto Reel. This gives you a cheap and smaller hose box, but also in good quality. It can be swiveled through 180 ° and the necessary accessories are already included. A good solution for the small garden or the balcony.

d) G.F. 80005606 Mini tube box complete set. This simple and portable hose box with hand cranking is a practical solution for special tasks. If, for example, there is no faucet in the open air, you can connect the 10-meter-long hose to any faucet inside the house using an adapter. Also to supply the conservatory or to change the water in the fish tankthis mini box is well suited.

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