10 Best lawn grass seeds of 2019

  • Has an invisible waxy coating which wards off disease and...
  • Possesses species diversity, contains Black Beauty Tall...
  • Grows well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial...
  • 3-In-1 solution for thin lawns, including seed, fertilizer...
  • Seed to fill gaps in your current lawn
  • Fertilizer for thicker, greener turf
  • Grows anywhere! Guaranteed (Subject to proper care)
  • New and improved formula reduces seed wash away
  • For sunny, densely shaded, or high traffic areas
  • Grows well in full sun and partial shade
  • Improved disease resistance and drought tolerance
  • Grows well in clay or sandy soils
  • Designed for full sun and partial shade, and high drought...
  • 4 in 1 WaterSmart PLUS Coating absorbs more water than...
  • Includes Scotts best seed, helps protect seedlings against...
  •  Covers up to 2800 square feet
  • Possesses species diversity, contains Black Beauty Tall...
  • Grows well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial...
  • This 3 pound bag covers 1, 000 Square feet
  • Contains improved drought-tolerant seed varieties with good...
  • Save up to 30% more water Year after year versus ordinary...
  • 7 pound bag
  • 3,500 square foot coverage
  • 100% superior grass seed
  • If all danger of frost is past and your soil temperature has...
  • Zenith makes a very dense, dark green, handsome lawn that's...
  • Shade tolerant; widely adaptable to full sun or light shade.
  • Improved easy to spread formula
  • Starts to grow in as few as 7 days
  • Absorbs 3x its weight in water to keep the seeds moist

Lawn Seed Guide

Under reconstruction measures in the garden or the hard, long and cold winter often suffers race, He often looks quite battered and not pretty at all because of such influences, and is not green, but mostly gray or brown. Thanks to the appropriate seeds, it is possible that lawns in the spring completely or in some places can sow new sows. Apart from the right time, namely the spring, when the soil temperature is at least 8 to 10 ° C, other factors are crucial so that the reseeding or the creation of a new lawn succeed. Crucial is the right choice of seed. But you can do a lot wrong here. If you are not careful here, the lawn may not turn green at all this year. As for the selection lawn grass seeds However, it is so difficult that every seed manufacturer can distribute this product under any name and with different names. Because legal standards exist for seeds, which brings a lawn back to green and spreading, not. That is, terms such as „extra-firm“ or „hard-wearing“ or „easy-care“ tell the consumer very little about the quality of this seed. Because these terms do not say the least about the compositions of the respective seed mixtures. This means that all kinds of grass can be contained in a seed mixture. This also means those that are not suitable for the respective purpose of use. But especially in the favorable seed mixtures are often grass types, which have nothing to do in a beautiful suburban lawn or lawn for a children’s playground.

Do not resort to foods!

Especially there, but where to go lawn grass seeds most often looking for, in a hardware store, because the otherwise everything else for the garden offers, there are many special offers for the sowing of lawn, which is however not suitable for a new plant or a repair of an already existing lawn area. After all, DIY stores rely on cheap products, but they often do lawn grass seeds which is suitable for forage meadows in agriculture. The lawn that grows from this seed grows fast, but it settle on it wild herbs or dandelion, which you do not want to have in a beautiful garden anyway. The care of such a lawn is then time-consuming again and requires, if necessary, for optimal garden appearance and the use of chemical agents, especially against the dandelion. Because cutting out every single plant would take too much time. Lastly, gaps in the lawn would also be gaping at these points, which in turn must be closed. And then you use cheap seeds again, the whole thing starts from scratch. And who wants to have wild herbs, such as sharpening in his garden. Therefore: Keep your fingers away from cheap lawn seeds from the hardware store. Good seed mixtures, from which a beautiful and flat lawn in the garden can conjure, are just a bit more expensive. Because unlike feeds, harvesting seeds that grow evenly and without weeds is more time consuming. In addition, the yields in the production are slightly lower than the feeds. These quality mixtures can be found in the hardware store! On the packaging stands with these the name RSM (Rule seed mixture).

Differences in the quality mixes

But also in the quality mixtures in lawn grass seeds are there any differences. It is the lawn grass seeds , which carries the designation RSM, has been independently tested in a laboratory. In this way it is ensured that, in addition to the information provided by the manufacturer, the lawn seeds contained in the mixture are actually suitable for use in the home garden, which should look well-groomed. However, a distinction is made between a total of 21 different seed mixtures, which were once developed for tenders and public works projects. Due to the large and varied selection you should know exactly what kind of lawn in the garden is desired before buying. The RSM 2.1 standard here is the ornamental lawn, which is also specified as an ordinary utility lawn and is suitable for sunny areas. If the garden in which the grass seed is to be sown is more in the shade or there are many trees in the garden, a shade grass mixture should be used. This type of seed mixture is grass that thrives well even with little sunlight. Even if you only have a few regular shady areas in the garden, you should resort to this type of seed mixture. If the family has many children who want to play in the garden, the RSM 2.3 should be used game lawnbe chosen with this large selection. If a garden is to become a showpiece of jewelery, decorative lawns should be chosen. More and more homeowners have such – also English lawn – called front garden or backyard. This type of lawn is treated by its owners like a raw egg. That means he is cherished and maintained and trimmed regularly. Many even use scissors on the grass to keep it at a uniform height. The installation of garden furniture is usually taboo on this kind of lawn. Even for the greening of a flat roof there is special grass seed, which should be used in this case.

Ask the specialist or study packaging

Since there are only a few standards for lawn seeds and the names of the manufacturers are quite arbitrary and thus misleading or incomprehensible to the consumer, it is best to ask the experts in the specialist market for advice. Of course, you can also easily acquire a little knowledge about lawns and their sowing yourself, and then compare this with the purchase by reading the description on the packaging. Often it is the case in a hardware store that just no employee is available for information. But you should know before buying a particular lawn seeds that high quality seed mixtures are characterized by a slow growth and a dense growth. It is possible to look for the same on the packaging before buying. It is also important to pay attention to details, such as that the seed resulting from the lawn later should have a high tread resistance and a good formation of foothills. In addition, good seed mixtures for a garden lawn contain at most only 3 or 4 grasses. Special attention should be paid to the seed mixtures that seeds such as the German ryegrass (also called Lolium perenne) are included, which is very resilient or meadow panicle (also called Poa pratensis), which has a dense growth. And also red fescue (the technical term for this is Festuca rubra (which tolerates a deep cut) are well suited for a garden lawn, as well as ostrichgrass (also called Agrostis), which tolerates wetness.The different seed mixtures contain different levels Share of these or other types of seeds. Ultimately, the purpose determines the proportionate content of these seeds.


If you are looking for lawn seeds for seedling or new seedlings of a lawn, you should be well advised or even if he knows what kind of lawn he would like to have later and how the conditions in his garden, even on the Finding the right seed mixture. It is important that one does not use a cheap mixture of feed seeds for the domestic garden. Because this transforms the garden lawn in an agricultural area.

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