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BBQ glove guide

For all Profgriller and Hobbygriller the high quality grill gloves are indispensable. The forearms and hands are shielded from sparks, which can be solved by a light wind from the embers. The protection against burns offers the oven-mitt but also when lighting the grill, in the handling of the tongsand when moving from the grill, Temperatures of up to 300 degrees may arise in the barbecue, and so should be professional glovesbe worn, which often have special coatings. Nobody should go to the grill oven clothor grab the normal gardening gloves. There is a wide selection of gloves and so there are different brands. Of the oven-mitt is very convenient and protects the hands from painful, bad burns. However, no one should be daring, in spite of the grilling gloves, as the hands are only protected during normal use of the grill.

What should be considered with the gloves?

There are different types of barbecue gloves. There is a stretchy fabric, the non-stretchy fabric and silicone. Everyone has to decide for themselves which kind is preferred. But especially the stretchy fabrics can be worn very pleasant and also the cleaning is easy. Another advantage of the stretchable models is that they adapt to all hand sizes. For some brands, it is not common that there are different sizes. If you have slightly larger hands you should use stretchy fabrics. If gloves are bought, then small but fine details make a lot of difference. For example, silicone nappies are very important, as they ensure that the items you are carrying do not just slip out of your hands. Unhappy accidents can happen if there are no silicone nubs on the gripping surface. With the BBQ gloves usually only hot items are worn and so falling down can often lead to serious injuries. Either there is the oven-mitt completely made of silicone or there are silicone pads for better wearing. Regarding the heat, the manufacturers specify a temperature where objects can be transported for a long time and without problems. The item can even have 100 degrees more if the heated items are only worn for ten to twenty seconds with the gloves. A purchase can generally be discouraged if the gloves can not withstand 200 degrees. Mostly the objects, which are touched with the gloves, are at about 150 to 250 degrees. Even if 200 degrees of heat protection is specified, it often happens that the heat is felt after a few seconds. If they are below 200 degrees, then it is often an inferior quality.

The areas of application of the grill gloves

Who one oven-mitt who does not have to worry about cooking or barbecuing his fingers or hands. The gloves are ideal for carrying hot items such as molds, grates or sheets. Not like with one dishcloththen the objects can only be touched for a few seconds. The objects can be easily carried with the dishcloth. The gloves are ideal for a cozy barbecue and it can then be spared some problems. With the gloves there are no burns, no matter if the hot barbecue tongs are used or the coal is laid down properly. The gloves are also very suitable for cooking, so that the heated pots are worn or so out of the oventhe sheets are brought. In a normal glove or kitchen towel, the heat penetrates after a short time and this is felt on the hand. With the right gloves heated objects can be worn without problems. The gloves are also ideal for a cozy campfire, so that the painful burns are avoided. With the gloves, for example, wooden blocks can be properly positioned here.

Discover matching grill gloves

Start the barbecue season, then the charcoal grill, of the electric grillor the gas Grillget really hot. The barbecue fans must always be very careful at this point. For this reason, the gloves are highly sought after, because optimal conditions are created so that no one is surprised by the heat and burns. Especially with the gas grill and wood grill enormous temperatures can affect the body. The gloves must not be missing in a barbecue pleasure. In which oven-mitt There are many cheap products, which are not necessarily safe and good. Often cheap products can not be removed because they melt. Of very cheap products can only be advised. Of course, the high quality is characterized by the manufacturer, but also by the fabrics. It must therefore be ensured that the grill gloves are thick. Flames should not attack the glove quickly. Cheap products often can only turn off low heat and cheap goods melt. Your own safety is important and therefore quality is respected. The correct price range can generally not be determined exactly, because on the market there are many grilling gloves. Frequently, gloves are found for as little as 15 euros because perfect quality features are offered. Not infrequently, however, can only create sums of twenty euros perfect conditions. There are therefore different price ranges, because the gloves are also made in different fabrics. Shopping can always be worthwhile and there is something for every budget.

Without grill gloves there are dangers

The grill glove can protect against burns of any kind. Without gloves, a hospital stay is often necessary. Each grill can be between 50 and 180 degrees and this depends on the device. The barbecue fans can burn fast with it. How hot the grill is at the end, can already be determined when the hands are held over the grill. The gloves are therefore a valuable asset to protect against burns. There are many danger spots and so the hot smoke, the embers and the heat from the grill. The gloves are a real accomplishment in another barbecue, which can protect your health. The cost of gloves is very different and every consumer has to check which price range is appropriate. The fact is that protection against severe burns and heat is important. For cheap gloves should be avoided, because they melt on the hand and they usually do not protect. Cheap gloves burn very quickly and for your own protection the gloves may be more expensive. In a barbecue, not only the direct contact is painful, but a great heat prevails also around the grill. Finally, it gets annoying when it has to be kicked back and forth from the grill because it’s getting warm on the arms. The gloves should be able to withstand 300 degrees, the glove should fit snugly and also be sensitive, so that the barbecue tongs can be kept neat. No grilled food should end up in the embers.

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