10 Best paddling pool of 2019

  • Great outdoor fun for ages 6 and up
  • Easy to setup
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • 58" x 13"
  • Constructed from durable vinyl
  • Kids can beat the heat in the Sunset Glow inflatable pool
  • Special Watermelon Pattern: Different from other kiddie...
  • Water Fun and Cool Summer: The inflatable pool is perfect...
  • Multiple Uses: The inflatable swimming pool for kids and...
  • 120" x 72" x 22" large family pool
  • 3 air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust...
  • 264 gallon capacity
  • Have fun splashing and playing in the Intex Mini Frame Pool.
  • Includes: Foam padded horizontal beams for comfort, drain...
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Keep cool with the movable Dino Arch water spray which...
  • An included soft slide with a landing pad will be a delight...
  • Water Capacity: 74 gallons (6in of wall height)
  • Great kiddie pool for those hot, summer days
  • Sturdy vinyl construction with 2 air chambers for added...
  • Easy set-up and tear down with a convenient drain plug
  • The dimensions are 103" x 69" x 22", 14 gallon vinyl pool
  • Capacity is 198 gallons. Also comes with a shelf box....
  • 2 air chambers each with double vavle intake and free-flow...
  • Special Watermelon Pattern: Different from other kiddie...
  • Water Fun and Cool Summer: The inflatable pool is perfect...
  • Multiple Uses: The inflatable swimming pool for kids and...
  • Great outdoor fun for ages 6 and up
  • Easy to setup
  • Rust-resistant frame

Paddling pool Guide

Even though the summer in Germany has been relatively modest so far this year and more is being made public with rain and cold temperatures instead of sunshine and warmth, there were, of course, very warm, if not hot, days. Cooling does not just bring you off in the shade or lukewarm showerWith the right equipment in the garden, the heat can be enjoyed much more. This is possible thanks to a high quality paddling pool , But what different types of paddling pool is there at all and what should be respected when buying necessarily?

What are the differences? paddling pool actually?
Paddling pool is not the same paddling pool This statement will surely confirm any person who has only looked at the different choices in a store. There are a wide variety of models available today that differ not only in size, but also in functionality, material and design. The particularly large product range starts with the small one paddling pool , which is especially suitable for small children and babies. These variants are usually a model of plastic or rubber, which by means of air pumpis built and with a diameter of less than one meter even in the dark on the balcony.
Significantly larger and also suitable for several people at the same time are here the much larger, then often rectangular constructed paddling pool. These offer a much larger surface area and are of course therefore more suitable only larger gardens.
The largest expansion stage of the paddling pool correspond here already more one poolas a simple play device for hot summer days. Here, depending on the size even one air mattressand more used, a common splashing with the family is no problem then. However, these models not only have a larger volume, but are often equipped with modern technology to significantly improve the experience of use. Here, for example, be a pump with it, which can maintain the quality of the water even with frequent use.

Which paddling pool is the right one?
Which paddling pool is ultimately the right one, of course, depends on several factors. Among other things, of course, the appropriate space for the pool must be present. If, for example, you only cry little garden or a small terrace available, separates a larger model with room for several people, of course, directly from. It is different if there is a large green area. Here, a very large paddling pool can be chosen to really use the existing capacities.
The material should also play a major role in the election. For example, if the paddling pool is to be placed on an uneven surface, even with stones or the like, a simple paddling pool made of thin rubber or plastic is not a good idea. Much more meaningful here are more robust models, for example made of aluminum or even specially reinforced plastic.

What should be considered when buying yet?
You should think carefully before purchasing what size in relation to the running costs makes sense. Because especially in summer and when the pool is used regularly, the water must be changed regularly in the summer. This is necessary because the water is not only relatively quickly polluted, but also germs and bacteria can accumulate here. A large paddling pool requires several hundred or even thousands of liters of water to fill it. If this water has to be taken from your own line, it will be very expensive. It is better in this case, if the water can be taken directly from the groundwater. Thus, a frequent water change is no problem and is not too expensive.
The right care for the paddling pool is of course very important. Should the water be changed, coarse impurities from the paddling pool should be removed directly.

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