10 Best plants lamp of 2019

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    • 🌱【Best Red & Blue Light Combination | 60 Full Spectrum LEDs】39 red LEDs combined with 21 blue ones provide the most common spectrum of light to fuel indoor plants growth. Whether in the indoor garden or commercial greenhouse, yoyomax grow lights keep plants healthy and thriving.
    • 🌱【3 Switch Modes | 6 Dimmable Options】yoyomax 3-head plant light, with 3 switch modes and 6 dimmable options, is ideal for all kinds of your indoor plants at all growing stages. You are able to turn on/off each arm individually and change the light intensity, depending on the growth stage.
    • 🌱【Auto On/Off | Circular-Memory Timer】3 time settings enables you to keep the light on for 3, 6 or 12 hours, ensuring that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting at different stage. Moreover, when kept plugged in, yoyomax grow lamp remembers the latest setting and will turn on at the same time next day.
    • 🌱【Flexible Goose-Neck | Sturdy Clamp】The 360-degree rotatable necks allow you to perfectly place the lights around a single plant or grow more plants at the same time. With anti-slip clamp, they are sturdy enough to hold their position for the best coverage around the plants.
    • 🌱【yoyomax Warranty】We take pride in delivering top quality products and offering our friendly 12 Months Warranty plus 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for any reason. You can contact our 24 hours available customer service through clicking "Sold by" on the product detail page or your Amazon order page and you will be directed to "Ask a question" to send us message.
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    • Full Spectrum - Full spectrum grow light is suitable for almost all types of indoor growing plants. A truly one of a kind indoor grow lamp emitting a full wavelength spectrum. It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm - just like natural sunlight. It has proven effective at promoting indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis.
    • Replaceable Bulbs - Our Revamped indoor grow light is designed with a standard E27 socket. At the end of its sturdy, flexible stand, this grow light hosts an LED lamp that you can easily replace - hooked by an E27 standard socket. Anyone can remove and replace the bulbs - no experience needed. Simply replace broken/faulty lamps instead of getting a new unit. You can also adjust how much light the left/right light bulbs emit.
    • Controllable Illumination Area - Each gooseneck adjustable stand houses multiple rows of replaceable LEDs, it's now easier than ever adjusting the angle (and the distance) at which the light hits your plants for optimum growth. The biggest advantage of this indoor LED grow light is that your plants will still get optimum lighting even at odd angles and low intensity.
    • Scientific Heat Dissipation Design - Ankace indoor LED grow light will neither hurt the eyes of people in the house or the plants it illuminates; It's backed by an aviation-grade heat sink powered by a temperature control unit. This improved heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the lamp to the atmosphere; giving it an enviable lifespan plus lower maintenance costs to the user.
    • Lifetime Warranty - Just like our other products, our indoor grow LEDs undergo strict high-temperature testing before being delivered. This lamp is FCC, CE, ROHS PSE certified. As a matter of fact, we're have so much confidence in our indoor grow lights that they all come with a lifetime warranty.
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    • 🌱►【Original Product, Relassy Brand】Best 45W Sunlike full spectrum grow light - With 88 high quality(50,000 hours lifetime), high par value(96 μmol/m2·s at 12in) and high efficiency(actual working power 20W+-5%) LED chips, the wave of the light from 380nm to 800nm. Similar to the natural sunlight, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages. Replaceable Grow Light Bulb: Suitable for E27 lamp head/Maximum Power 40W.
    • 🌱►【Larger Illumination Area】 With 120° beam angle and 18inch gooseneck, which enlarge the area of the effective lighting. Equipped with flexible Gooseneck and rotatable bulbs, that is much easier for you to adjust the angle and the distance between the light and plants. So our plant light can provide 360-degree illumination for your plants and promote their growth. Besides, you can select 3 different lighting mode with dual switch design.
    • 🌱►【Faster Plant Growth】 Can promote the growth of the leaves and rhizome, protein synthesis, blossom and bearing fruit. Why choose us but not the red and blue spectrum led grow light? Because we truly offer a sunlike full spectrum contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, delivers more highly-uniform light needed by plants than those single red and blue spectrum grow lights on the market, the most top lighting solution for commercial growers and home hobbyists.
    • 🌱►【High-Efficiency & Scientific Heat Dissipation Design】 The shell of bulbs was made of aeronautical aluminum which is one of the best thermal conductive material. And the fin-shaped heatsink design increases the heat dissipation area which can prolong the life of the grow lights for indoor plants. 88 LED chips with no luminous decay for 18 months assure.
    • 🌱►【Safe for Indoor Use】 Our led grow lights adopt the technology of overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage protection, also have been certified by FCC, CE, ROHS, and PSE. This indoor plant grow lights can be safely used for indoor plants, hydroponics, greenhouses, etc. What's more, this plant grow lights indoor also can be used as a desk light, table light or eye-caring lamp with the imitated natural light.
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    • 🌷Optimal Full Spectrum Sunlight More Effective:Upgraded full-spectrum 100pcs(0.2W/PC) LEDs contain the most necessary light that plants need for optimum growth by simulating the solar spectrum. All LEDs are full spectrum, that means your plants will received a more uniform light than those single red and blue spectrum. This light emits the wavelength 380-800nm,the main weavelength is 660nm,which will promote photosynthesis, accelerate sprouting, bloom, fruiting of your plants.
    • 🌱Popular and Upgrade Replaceable Bulbs:Compared with the most grow lamps in the market, this 50W sunlike grow lamp with the replaceable bulbs design, it is simple to remove or install the light bulbs.Can effectively avoid throw away the whole light and reduce the waste of the resources when the light bulb is broken. The Replaceable bulb is suitable for E26/E27 lamp head. 
    • 🌷Larger Illumination Area and Flexible Gooseneck: With 120 degree lighting angle and 16 inches gooseneck, which can enlarge the area of the effective lighting. Equipped with flexible & Sturdy Gooseneck rotatable bulbs, that is much easier for you to adjust the angle and the distance between the light and plants. So our full spectrum grow lamp can provide 360 degree illumination for your plants and promote their growth.
    • 🌱High-Efficiency & Scientific Heat Dissipation Design: The shell of the bulbs was made of aeronautical aluminum which is one of the best thermal conductive material. And the fin-shaped heatsink design increases the heat dissipation area which can extend the service life of the grow light. The dissipation temperature is less than 60 degree while it's working, if you feel it's a little hot when the light is working, this is normal and safe phenomenon.
    • 🌷Reliable Warranty and Professional Service: 12 months warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. BEST Service-Professional Customer Service Team,Growstar is not only the seller but also a professional LED grow light manufacturer with strong R&D team as support. If you have any question, please feel free contact us on Amazon or send us email, your question will be replied within 24hours.
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    • 🌻Upgraded Four Heads Plant Grow Light - We designed this Newest Grow Light with four goose necks not only solved the trouble of setup and inflexibility of traditional hanging grow light but also provides a much wider coverage area than clip grow light with two or three arms. The coverage area with one head is roughly 24-27 inches depending on the height you have the head aimed.
    • 🌻Natural Sun Light Required by Plants - Based on the type and output of light (PAR) needed to support photosynthesis, we manufactured this LED Grow Lights with 3 color modes(Red Light, Blue Light & Mixed Light) and 9 brightness settings ranging from 20% to 100%, which effectively supplemented the lack of natural sunlight and promoted the growth of plants at all stages.
    • 🌻Intelligent Timing Function & High Quality LED Circuits - This grow light with the circular-memory time function allows to automatically turn on/off every day according to your settings, which requires no manual operation and takes good care of your plants when you are on work or a vacation. The LED Bulbs made of aviation aluminum heat conductive material greatly extended the longevity more than 50,000 hours and provides steady current without flickering, melting or burning.
    • 🌻360-Degree Adjustable Goose Necks & Easy to Use - Powered by USB or AC Power Plug(USB power adapter included ), it's portable and convenient to use at home or in the office. The goose necks can be rotated 360 degrees so you can easily control the angle and the distance between the lamp and plants.
    • 🌻2 Years Warranty - This grow light applies perfectly to indoor potted plants, leaf cuttings, greenhouse vegetables etc. It comes with added bonus, 'a spade, rake and shovel'. We stand behind our Product Quality! if you have any issues with your purchase in 2 years , please email us to get a full refund or a replacement.
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    • 【Energy Saving and Efficient Cooling System】600W LED Grow Light's only consume 120-125W ,which is much more efficient than traditional HPS/MH light.Built in 2 quiet fans ensure high efficiency cooling effect and longlife.
    • 【Full Spectrum With Effective UV/IR】600W full spectrum grow lamp with correct and useful spectrum for plants' growing and blooming, include red, blue, white, UV/IR(UV and IR can not be seen by eyes,please do not think it is broken), perfectly meet the need of all kinds indoor plants in the growth cycle.
    • 【Daisy Chain Could Be Connected Together Less Than 10 PCS】The power cord can be used for power and daisy chain,which will help simplify the operation and management.You can link up to 10 PCS once,but please note the maximum current limit.
    • 【Worry-Free Warranty】We're so confident of our 600W led grow lights that we offer 90 days money back guarantee plus 3 years warranty. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with our best service within 24 hours!
    • 【Veg/Bloom Switch】Push the veg button only when the plants are in the vegetative stage,and push the Bloom button only during the blooming stage, we suggest to push both switches in the harvest stage. LED Grow Lights with only one Veg/Bloom Switch provide only one spectrum, which can not suit for all growth stage. The double switch 600w led grow light could be used to set different modes at different growing stage,which is perfect for seeding / young vegetative growth or flowering stage.
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    • ✔【Reflector and Triple-Chip LEDs】➠ Super-High PAR Value and Triple-Chip LEDs are the shining feature of this 1500W LED grow light, Mieemclux's upgraded Reflector can withstand 120° high temperature with 90° Emitting Angle. The reflector has a good focusing effect. So The Reflector-series 1500W exhibits Double PAR Value of grow lights without a reflector, making it a professional indoor grow light.
    • ✔【VEG & BLOOM Channel】➠ VEG Channel promotes plant germination with a Power consumption of 140W. BLOOM Channel promotes flowering and fruiting with a Power consumption of 125W. Using VEG+BLOOM together (recommended for maximum flowering potential) consumes a total of 260W,We recommended hanging height is 24"- 48" above the plant canopy. Core coverage area: 53" * 53" (4.5*4.5 ft). Maximum coverage area: 65" * 65" (5.5*5.5 ft).
    • ✔【Save 80% on Electricity Bill】➠ This light can replace a traditional 1500W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 260W total! This is possible due to the high efficiency of LEDs (very little heat generated during operation) and the ability to target specific light wavelengths that plants have been observed to rely on, thus avoiding the unnecessary production of light which plants use very little, such as green light.
    • ✔【36 month warranty】➠ All our products boast a 36 month warranty with friendly customer service and a 90-day money back guarantee, Any quality problem, we will handle return and replacement,We bear all the freight charges, After the warranty period has passed, we will continue to offer a Lifetime customer service consultation for our products.
    • ✔【Daisy Chain Design】➠ The 1500W LED grow light comes with a built in daisy chain design to connect multiple LED lights in series. The 1500W LED operating current is 2.30A when using 120V (input 85-265VAC). The daisy chained cord is universal and is the same as the US power cord (DTOL) which is included with the purchase of this light, To ensure safety, we therefore recommend that you connect no more than 3 lights together per chain. More lights can be implemented in other chains of up to three
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    • 【Optimal Full Spectrum】Led grow light Full spectrum design, it also has universal Blue, Red, IR, UV, White light. Blue and red led is essential light for all plant growth. Expensive IR UV led can promote plants to defense mechanisms, promoting plant healthy growth.
    • 【Wide Coverage】60PCS SMD led(total 600W) provides uniform illumination. It can replace traditional 600 watt HPS/MH while consumes only 105 watts. Ensures maximum yield with minimum power usage and heat. PAR 436umol/m2s at 24" height, perfect for 2x2ft growing area(Maximum coverage area at 3x4ft at 24" height).
    • 【Double Switch】This grow lamp has Veg and Bloom switch functions: VEG switch for seeding/germination and young vegetative growth. BLOOM switch for flowering and fruiting. You can also use both Veg&Bloom to get more Red/Blue heavy output and deliver maximum performance for flowering and fruiting.
    • 【3-year Warranty】Updated Package(June 1st,2019): 1x Grow light, 1x Thermometer Humidity Monitor, 2x Adjustable Rope, 1x Hanging Kit, 1x Power Cord, 1x User Manual. We offer a 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will provide you satisfied service.
    • 【Long Service Life】Service Life is more than 100000 hours: Based on LED reflector is not heat-resistant and prone to short circuit, we refuse reflectors and adopt 60PCS double chips SMD led; Each LED has diode to protect the dual chips, even if one chip is broken, the other leds will keep on working; Built-in aluminum substrate with multiple vents and a high speed big fan(rpm up to 2000), cool and quiet(only 35-40 decibel), efficient heat dissipation to maximum extend the light life.
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    • Best Sunlike Full Specturm: 45W grow light with 88 pcs led chips high quality(50,000 hours lifetime),the wave of the light from 380nm to 800nm. Suitable for both home & office. Great option for indoor garden enthusiasts for high quality and good harvest.
    • Timer & Auto On/off Function: Comes with 3 timer setting options which allows up to 3,6,or12 hours according to plant needs.Also has two-way memory timing function,set up once and it will turn on and off automatically EVERY DAY!
    • High-Efficiency: Make your plants grow faster and healthier,effectively promotes photosynthesis, increases growth rate,and satisfies plant germination, growth, flowering,and results entire process of light energy needs!
    • 5 Brightness & 3 Switch Modes: 5 adjustable brightness to suit varied stages of plant growth,and 3 Switch Modes A light on,B light on and Both light on.360-degree flexible gooseneck with clip that can easily adjust the angle and distance,which enlarge the illumination area and provided more efficient lighting for more plants.
    • Safty & Best Service: FCC, CE, ROHS PSE certified.We offer 30 days refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with item you received.24-hour professional service center,Promise 12 month warranty.
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    • ★ DIMMER & APP CONTROL - This plant light has 2 controlling way. Download the "Govee Home" app on Google play or iphone App Store, then connect the bluetooth on app. Then you can control it by app or dimmer. Simple operation, no gateway, smarter than traditional grow light. Just choose the most convenient way to control it in different situation.
    • ★ 6 LIGHTING MODES - MINGER plant light provide 6 spectral modes to promote plants' growth, which is achieved by adjusting the red and blue spectrum ratio. These ratios are recommended according to most plants' growing stage. You can choose "3:1","4:1","5:1","6:1","7:1"or "8:1" mode for your plants. And The brightness of this plant grow lamp can be adjusted via APP according to your own needs.
    • ★ TIME SETTING - This grow light has a timer function. You can set the time on app or dimmer to turn on/off the light automatically. Very convenient and smart. (NOTE: Please don't set it over 12 hours)
    • ★ HEAT DISSIPATING & 360°GOOSENECK - This dual head glow light is designed with 360 degree flexible gooseneck and heatdisspation, which can effectively make the light cover a larger area and provide energy for more plants and prevent the light from overheat at the same time.
    • ★ USB CONNECT & WARRANTY - This plant light has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect to your office or home. Suitable for indoor vegetables, flowers, succulents, bonsai and pot plants. Better care of all stages of plants' growing. We provide 1 YEAR Warranty.
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  • ✔【VEG & BLOOM Channel】➠ VEG Channel promotes plant...
  • ✔【Save 80% on Electricity Bill】➠ This light can...
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  • 🌷Optimal Full Spectrum Sunlight More...
  • 🌱Popular and Upgrade Replaceable Bulbs:Compared with...
  • 🌷Larger Illumination Area and Flexible Gooseneck:...
  • 🌻Upgraded Four Heads Plant Grow Light - We designed...
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  • 【Daisy Chain Could Be Connected Together Less Than 10...
  • ✔【Reflector and Triple-Chip LEDs】➠ Super-High PAR...
  • ✔【VEG & BLOOM Channel】➠ VEG Channel promotes plant...
  • ✔【Save 80% on Electricity Bill】➠ This light can...
  • 【Optimal Full Spectrum】Led grow light Full spectrum...
  • 【Wide Coverage】60PCS SMD led(total 600W) provides...
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  • Best Sunlike Full Specturm: 45W grow light with 88 pcs led...
  • Timer & Auto On/off Function: Comes with 3 timer setting...
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  • ★ DIMMER & APP CONTROL - This plant light has 2...
  • ★ 6 LIGHTING MODES - MINGER plant light provide 6 spectral...
  • ★ TIME SETTING - This grow light has a timer function. You...

Plant lamp guide

Plants want light. Some species need intense, lingering sunshine, others need the associated heat, while other plants require indirect light. One thing is common to them: in most German apartments, it is too dark for them. Few windows, north windows and narrow buildings in the cities take the light out of plants. In greenhouses, there are similar problems: The prevailing tropical climate with high humidity leaves the foils and windows misted, so that only little light comes through. Despite the glass walls, the plants are actually in the dark. In order to remedy this situation, lighting manufacturers have brought special plant lamps onto the market, which should give the different plant species the right light for a healthy, fast and generous growth. What kind of light that is, however, depends on the plant.

Urban Gardening meets high tech

Especially in the cities, people have a longing for green, for a bit of nature, and again and again for fresh, home-grown vegetables and salad. In the so-called Indoar farms, these people get their money. Vertical fields, laid out in several levels in a plant shelf, allow the cultivation of vegetables and salad for their own use on a small footprint. The right lighting for the individual control floors is provided by LED plant lamps, which provide a fairly good light output with extremely low power consumption. lampsof good quality are currently relatively expensive with currently about 150 euros per piece, also fans are needed to encourage leaf growth. For home use, this is not really financially interesting – but when it comes to salad and vegetables of good taste, in organic quality and always fresh to have available, this technique is the best that is currently available. Because in the interior there are no pests, indoor farms so come out without pesticides. With proper handling also fungal infections and weeds have no chance. In addition, the Japanese company Mirai, with its initial lettuce rehearsal farm in a decommissioned Sony factory, has shown that Indoar farm yields are 200% above yield from field crops, with sufficient lighting (using self-developed LED plant lamps) 30% less waste and the vegetables even more vitaminscontains (was tested vitamin CTomato content 50% higher than that of crops).

Plant lamps for ornamental plants

The plants lamp is not only used for growing food. Even orchid breeders and other hobby gardeners with ornamental plants appreciate the support of plant lamps. However, the currently available lamps are very different from each other:

– Energy-saving lamps. These lamps are energy efficient and durable.

– MH metal halide lamps. These lamps emit a bluish light, which supports plants in the growth phase. For the flowering phase, most plants need light with a higher proportion of yellow / red.

– Sodium vapor lamps, in contrast, are equally suitable for growth phases and flowering phases. However, these lamps are not so energy efficient. There are also sodium vapor lamps, which lack the blue in the light and are therefore suitable only for flowering phases.

– Fluorescent tubes are the classic among the plant lamps. They are easy to handle and relatively efficient.

– Osram plant lamps are available in very different designs. The lighting manufacturer has, among other things, special high-pressure lamps and gas pressure lamps for plant breeding in the program.

– LED plant lamps. These lamps are the latest generation. They are extremely energy efficient and emit much less heat with the same light output. LEDs can be made in any hue, making them suitable for both growth and flowering phases. In addition, LEDs are more durable than conventional plant lamps.

Light requirement of plants is different

How much light exactly a plant needs depends on the lighting conditions in their natural habitat. The light intensity varies as well as the exact light spectrum and of course the daily hours of sunshine. After all, they are given a flat rate of 12 to 16 hours – in German latitudes without artificial lighting simply not available. The exact light intensity and the mixture of blue-violet and yellow-red spectrum can be viewed online for the different plants. The plants lamp In any case, it should be tailored to the needs of the plant in order to be efficient. The need for artificial lighting, however, also depends on where in the room a plant stands. The further away it is from the window (ideally a south window), the more lighting is needed. Who holds several plants in a vessel, should absolutely make sure that the large plants do not take away the light from the smaller, because that can not plants lamp compensate.

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