10 Best pond fleece of 2019

  • Omni-wick side panels
  • Comfort stretch. Hybrid for stretch and breathability
  • Zippered hand pockets. Thumb holes
  • Waterproof breathable overlay
  • Water/wind resistant. Fleece lined
  • Chest pocket. Zippered hand pockets
  • Celebrate the Innocence of Childhood with KicKee Pants
  • Adorable,Comfy and Oh So Soft!
  • Machine Washable
  • Omni-wick side panels
  • Comfort stretch. Hybrid for stretch and breathability
  • Zippered hand pockets. Thumb holes
  • Lightweight fleece with stretch for added comfort
  • Zip secure Hidden side pocket
  • Drop tail hem
  • Omni-Wick EVAP advanced evaporation
  • Attached, adjustable storm hood
  • Underarm venting. Packable into hand pocket. Zip-closed...
  • Lined hood
  • Hand pockets
  • Woven overlay
  • Shipping Time:7-12 Working Days.
  • 15% Wool,85%cotton Fleece Cap
  • Hip-hop Beanie Hat
  • Celebrate the Innocence of Childhood with KicKee Pants
  • Adorable,Comfy and Oh So Soft!
  • Machine Washable
  • Celebrate the Innocence of Childhood with KicKee Pants
  • Adorable, Comfy and Oh So Soft!
  • Machine Washable

Teichvlies guide

The pond fleece , elementary for the new garden pond

Even when planning a new pond should pond fleece be scheduled. It would be a pity if the expensive pond linerdamaged by sharp stones or other objects in the ground. Especially roots can cause damage here, even if you believe today that all bumps in the soil are eliminated.
This becomes even clearer when you realize that a pond that has been landscaped should beautify your garden for at least ten years. Therefore, labor and materials must be carefully selected. For this reason, the not visible pond fleece an important task: the pond fleece is the basis for the permanently landscaped ornamental or swimming pond. It ensures that no water runs off and needs to be replaced.

Not only roots and stones are one risk…

… especially small animals in the ground. Just think of the damage that voles or moles can do with their sharp claws. Therefore, especially in large projects such as a swimming pond must be planned in detail. Even a high-quality and thick pond liner needs a protective layer over the years!

What must be in the selection of pond fleece get noticed?

You will find different colors among the offers, but you do not have to take this into consideration. The fleece is not visible anyway later. Far more important is the question of solidification or needling. The density of a pond fleece determines, among other things, the life and thus the overall quality of the pond. As long as the film is tight, the pond does not have to be renewed. The better the fleece, the more durable your pond. Here terms such as geotextile robustness class come into play. Among other things, it describes the assignment of the stamping force. In context, therefore, the weight of the pond fleece is less crucial.

The commercial widths are 1 meter, 2, 4 or even 5 meters. Always plan pond fleece generously, as stones and roots find their way through the ground over the years. If there are gaps in the lower layer of the pond, the tightness is seriously threatened. Therefore lay your fleece always overlapping.
To create a durable protective layer for a larger pond, for example, premium pond fleece from Primaflor is suitable. With the density of 300g / m² it makes an ideal base. Furthermore, this high-quality pond fleece does not rot, so that a long-term investment has stock. In such a pond fleece you can also forget about living animals such as voles. Thanks to its robust properties, this fleece protects the subfloor. Another point: This premium fleece takes the pressure on the pond liner by any foreign bodies in the ground.

Tips for laying pond fleece

– Have your pond liner cut to size to reduce the time and effort required to lay it.

– Good planning ensures success! After the excavation of the pond, lay out the pond fleece and foil in a timely manner, before the next rain destroys your work.

– Lay out the fleece overlapping, so there are no unwanted gaps later.

– Prevent slipping of the pond fleece by weighting the fleece at the upper edge with heavy stones or sand.

– Also observe the laying direction of the pond fleece and the pond liner to prevent slipping.

The perfect basis for your pond is always the pond fleece. Even after the removal of stones, over the years, new stones are constantly pressing through the ground. Among them may also be pointed stones, which are then the cause of holes in the pond liner. With a thick pond fleece your system is optimally protected.

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