10 Best pool heaters of 2019

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Swimming Pool heaters guide

The low water temperature is one of the classic problems of the pool owners. The pool heater offers a good solution, the poolpleasantly heated and longer usable. This guide informs about the possibilities of modern models and gives their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage pool heating
The pool heater helps to adjust the water temperature to your own wishes, so that even over the summer, the pleasant wet can be used. When choosing the appropriate pool heating size and location of the pool play a role. Small private outdoor swimming pools up to about 20 cubic meters can quite with an electric Heaterbe heated. For heating larger pools, various variants are available.

Swimming Pool heaters with heat pump
In terms of operating costs, the heat pumpan ideal way to keep the water in the pool comfortable. The best solution is an easy-to-install „air-to-water heat pump“. This can easily be placed on the floor and is connected via special inlet nozzles with the pool. In the air-water heat pump, the outside air is sucked in by the electrically operated heat pump and heated (converted). The heated air is passed on to the pool water. When buying, make sure that the heat pump is matched to the pool size. As a guide:
– Swimming Pool size from 60-80 m³: heat pump with 15-17 kW
– Swimming Pool size from 40-60 m³: heat pump with 11-14 kW
– Swimming Pool size from 30-40 m³: heat pump with 8-10 kW
The advantage is that this pool heater offers the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option and the pleasantly warm water is available all year round.
The disadvantage is the relatively high purchase price. pool heaters with heat pump should be of high quality. Long warranty service from the manufacturer is an indication of the longevity of the models.

Solar pool heaters
All solar pool heaters use the sunlight. This is captured by solar collectors, which serve as energy source for the pool. Solar pool heaters are environmentally friendly and offer a suitable solution for every pool size. You can choose from fixed and mobile versions. The mobile version makes it independent, requires no assembly work and can be easily stowed in winter. A fixed solar pool heater is more suitable for large pools that are used throughout the year. If the pool heating system is permanently installed, sufficient space must be available for the installation of the solar panels. The advantage is the longer life and the higher performance. Permanently installed variants are more expensive and require professional installation.
With solar pool heating, it is important to properly dimension the heater. The area of ​​the pool should be equal to the area of ​​the absorber to properly heat the pool. The assembly of the collectors can be on a roof or racerespectively. Alternatively, there are adjustable collectors to choose from. The disadvantage of the models is the higher purchase price, which is compensated by energy efficiency.

Swimming Pool heaters with electricity
The electric pool heater works with electricity. The heat is passed through a heating coil (usually stainless titanium) into the water and heats it with the electricity energy. Small pools or larger ones paddling poolcan be heated well with the electric pool heater. It takes a while for the electric pool heater to heat the water. Housing quality plays a major role in electric pool heating. The material is constantly in contact with water and must be rust-free. Models with thermostat are ideal and allow heating to desired temperature. Disadvantages are the high energy consumption and the operating costs, which is necessary to achieve a noticeable warming. The advantages are the low acquisition costs, the ease of installation, the small footprint and the independence of weather conditions. Disadvantages are the high operating costs.

Meaningful and needs-based luxury
Swimming Pool heaters differ according to the purchase price, the operating costs and the efficiency. Users must consider how often the pool is used and adjust the pool heating to the pool size. For larger pools, which are often used, makes a fixed pool heating sense that fulfills its purpose for years.

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