10 Best rhododendron of 2019

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  • CANNOT Ship to AZ due to federal agricultural...
  • SHIPPING TIME- order now and your plants will be shipped out...
  • DELIVERY- your plants may arrive a little more dry than you...
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Rhododendron counselor

For many people it is the greatest pleasure to be able to spend their free time in their own garden. Here grow trees and bushes and the most beautiful flowers that make the garden area in a wonderful variety colorful and a joy for every viewer. One of the magical representatives of the garden world is the rhododendron which stands out above all by its lush bloom splendor. A magnificent shrub with many flowers that can boast flowers in a variety of shades. Derived from the family of heather plants is the rhododendron Today in many gardens to find, where many a gardener but also called Rosenbaum or Alpenrose. In good garden centers, the customer can wild species of the rhododendron buy, but there are also hybrids of the rhododendron on offer.

Of the rhododendron – an ornament for every garden

With names like Baden-Baden, Blue Tit Magor or Moerheim, the rhododendron charms the garden friend and creates blooming areas that stand out due to their intense colors. In general, the hobby gardener can set up a flowering period from April to June, where you can look forward to numerous flowers on the bush. The selection of the desired rhododendron species can be difficult, as there are 1000 species that may vary in care. Rhododendron shrubs are planted in special rhododendron earth, which can be ideal for the plants as an acidic and loose soil. As a special advantage for the gardener, there are rhododendron species that can withstand even a cold of -24 degrees in winter. Thus, the rhododendron can reach very different stature heights, with small species only reach 15 cm, but other species can easily reach a tree height of 20 meters.

The rhododendron – a plant with many differences

From the small mini shrub to the big tree everything is possible, the rhododendron is not a unit plant that can be measured with standard values. Only on the ground are all species dependent on the fact that they do not suffer from moisture accumulation. Although the rhododendron is today a popular garden plant, but especially in Europe, the bush is still found in nature. Even as a houseplant, the rhododendron can impress when it stands with lush flowering on the windowsill in the living room. Here he will not be like several meters in the garden, but even in a handy room size, the owner does not have to give up the desired flowers. In most cases, the rhododendron is evergreen and those who plant a shrub of this species in the garden, which can enjoy the splendor for many years. When the autumn comes, the otherwise green leaves change their color into a yellow orange. Bright red, lilac, pink or even blue, the rhododendron is available in a variety of colors to buy. Depending on the species, a suitable location must be sought, which can range from sunny to shady. With snowball or witch hazel, the rhododendron may be in a bed, but otherwise he would rather be a loner. There are even species that the gardener can use as a plant for the rock garden. Popular for its abundance of flowers, the rhododendron is often seen in the garden.

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