10 Best Silt of 2019

  • Equipped for wet conditions, the vegan OluKai® Nohea Moku...
  • Stretch bootie construction for barefoot wear and medial...
  • Uppers of premium canvas and mesh for breathable,...
  • Jody S. Rake
  • Publisher: Capstone Press
  • Library Binding: 24 pages
  • Aurora Levins Morales
  • Publisher: Palabrera Press
  • Paperback: 94 pages
  • Equipped for wet conditions, the vegan OluKai® Nohea Moku...
  • Stretch bootie construction for barefoot wear and medial...
  • Uppers of premium canvas and mesh for breathable,...
  • Sand and silt bag replacement
  • Fits Zodiac Polaris pool cleaner model 280
  • This part weighs 0.50 pounds
  • Aurora Levins Morales
  • Publisher: Palabrera Press
  • Paperback: 94 pages
  • Use as a visual barrier or safety fence
  • Made in the USA with 100% selected materials
  • 5 plus years of use
  • Fits and replace Polaris 280/480 sand and silt bag K14
  • Great bag for holding fine particles of sand and silt.
  • Lager in capacity than Polaris OEM bag K14
  • Robert Macfarlane
  • Penguin
  • Kindle Edition
  • Longest lasting plastic rims in the industry
  • Specially treated aluminum alloy frame is strong and...
  • Backing panel to protect softer net from abrasion

Mud Sucker Guide

Sludge sucker for pond cleaning
Every owner of a pond knows the problem: in spring there is a thick layer of leaves, dead plant remains and excrements of fish and other pond inhabitants at the bottom of the garden pond. Such deposits are dangerous for the pond and especially for the animals living there. They deprive the water of the oxygen, at warmer temperatures phosphates are dissolved, which in turn favors the growth of algae. In no time, the pond can „tip over“. The water gets dark, it starts to smell, fish die. If you want to keep your pond in an ecological balance, but do not want to drain it completely, you can use it regularly Silt ,
Such a suction device is usually easy to use and, depending on how powerful it is, the pond bottom can actually be cleaned very quickly without dirty manual labor. To keep the water permanently clean, it should be vacuumed at least every eight to ten weeks, more often if necessary. This way, the pond water stays clear and the animals are permanently healthy.
Just a few years ago, the pond cleaning was very tedious. Equipped with high rubber boots or in deep waters even with one fishing trousers, had to laboriously, dirty hand work with scrapers, brushes, finest nets, etc., the dirt removed from the pond. Make it easier in the meantime Silt this unpleasant work.

Buy mud sucker
When purchasing a pond siphon various criteria must be considered. pondsless than 1000 liters capacity can be satisfactorily cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner. The water, incl. The dirt, is sucked up and directed into a collecting container, which must be emptied as soon as it is full. For larger ponds, more efficient vacuum cleaners, if possible with a 2-chamber system, are the right solution. Automatic emptying reduces working hours considerably. The Pontec Silt For example, it is a powerful special vacuum cleaner with fully automatic activation and emptying through built-in time control. He owns a 30 l tank and various accessories. Especially with accessories, make sure that different nozzles and sufficiently long suction and drain hoses are available. The suction pipes should reach the bottom of your pond and the drain hose should be at least two to three meters long, so that you can drain the dirty water into a bed or into a deeper container.
Sludge sucker is available in most garden centers or on the Internet. Common brands include Pontec pond vacuum, Oasis PondoVac or the Heissner professional pond sludge sucker. The devices are available in different variants and price ranges. Simple devices are already available under one hundred euros. For high-quality equipment, such as the devices with 2-chamber system, dirt filters and simultaneous water purification, prices around 300 euros and more are not uncommon. However, the high quality of the expensive suckers pays off. They clean thoroughly, quickly and reliably. You save time and water (on devices with water return). Some Silt can also be used as a wet / dry vacuum cleaner in the home.
Sludge sucker consume, depending on the wattage, a lot of electricity, similar to a vacuum cleaner, However, since the device is rarely and briefly in use, the power consumption will not increase your electricity bill.

The 2-chamber system
On Silt with a 2-chamber system, the pond water sucks into a container inside the device. Once it is full, the device empties automatically. The suction process is not interrupted, because now fills the second chamber. Very high quality equipment passes the polluted water through a filter that collects all coarse particles. The purified water can be routed directly back into the pond via a hose. This eliminates the subsequent filling of the pond with fresh water. After finishing work, clean the filter under running water, accumulating dirt, such as leaves and algae, can be composted or in a suitable waste containerbe disposed of.

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