10 Best snow scoop of 2019

  • Aluminumized metal construction
  • Removable slanted drain deck
  • 36" drain tube and scoop
  • Aluminum blade is rust proof
  • Thick aluminum alloy for maximum strength
  • Large poly D-grip for leverage and control
  • Aluminum blade is rust proof
  • Thick aluminum alloy for maximum strength
  • Large poly D-grip for leverage and control
  • For heavy snowfalls, no tool is faster or easier to use than...
  • The deep blade moves large quantities of snow in only a few...
  • It's the ideal tool for large areas of snow removal.
  • Aluminum blade is 14-inches wide and 10-inches deep for...
  • D-Grip helps secure grip and adds leverage while scooping...
  • 27-inch hardwood handle helps provide stability with each...
  • The Ultimate Shovel. Super Tuff is ideal for the Gardener,...
  • Poly-D grip Handle has been developed with a texture that...
  • The shaft is crafted for superior durability & longevity...
  • Durable, impact-resistant blade
  • Comfortable, ergonomic D-ring handle grips
  • Spring-assist handle acts as a fulcrum – changes mechanics...
  • Reinforced cutting edge
  • Galvenized steel construction with reinforced sides
  • Rounded bottom for effortless snow removal
  • Aluminumized metal construction
  • Removable slanted drain deck
  • 36" drain tube and scoop
  • Harris Farms Poly Barn Shovel
  • Designed to be Virtually Indestructible
  • Non-Corrosive and will not Scratch Metal or Paint

Snow trough guide

Snow tub, what is that?

A snow scoop is, so to speak, the big brother of the classic snow shovel. You could also say the very little sister of electronic snowblower, So a handy in between for the elimination of winter snow splendor, which is moved away solely by the use of thrust. It is not, however, like the snow shovel, suitable for lifting. The snow scoop is symbolically seen an oversized and extra deep snow shovel with a very high loading volume. To better push it is equipped with a large U-shaped bracket. The snow scoop does not have an automatic drive. Often the snow scoop in offers or tests as well snow shovelor Schneemax. In the models, which are to be had with wheels or wheels, you can also hear the nice term Rollmuli.

What differences are there?

In contrast to the snow shovel, whose snow blade has a maximum width of 50 cm, the blade width is at one snow scoop usually at about 70-80 cm. Snow pans are available with either a plastic or metal tub, each tapering straight or tapering towards the stirrup. In the plastic version, you should make sure that the leading edge of the sheet is reinforced by an additional metal edge.

The U-shaped bracket also offers plastic or aluminum versions. In the usually about 150 cm long ironing, two versions differ. There are snow troughs with a fixed U-bracket or with a gradually adjustable bracket. The adjustable version can be adapted to the respective body size of the snow remover. As a rule, they can be adjusted stepwise in two to three steps. Also available are ergonomically shaped U-shaped brackets, which are bent down at the handle end. The grip area itself is also provided for tighter grasping in many cases with finger indentations.

Many models also offer the convenience that by simply operating a lever, the content at the target can be quickly tipped aside. In the offers with wheels or wheels, it should be kept in mind that these can quickly become an undesirable disadvantage with deep snow, as they do not glide as desired when the snow is too high, but rather slow down the thrust.

When is it worth buying a snow tub?

A big advantage certainly brings the possibility to be able to tackle with both hands in parallel and push so the pan with thrust in front of him. Since a stable snow bowl is priced higher than the classic shovel, you should think about the surfaces to be cleared, the ground and possibly possible amounts of snow before buying. For large areas such as driveways or terraces, the snow trough offers a good alternative to the shovel in any case. But only if the snow can be pushed directly to the destination and does not have to be lifted.

Important questions before purchasing are: How big is my area to be cleared? Do I have to lift the snow off or can I just dump it at the finish? Will I be hampered by stairs or steps when pushing away the snow? Do I often expect deep snow in my area or is the snowfall rather flat? Maybe several people of different body size clear snow?

Only if all conditions are met, it is really possible effortlessly and without much effort to free surfaces from the winter splendor. Otherwise, the new purchase could otherwise quickly become the unloved cornerstones.

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