10 Best soil activator of 2019

  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen without the need for a legume...
  • Solubilizes phosphorous, silicate, and zinc.
  • Produces enzymes that release nutrients from organic matter.
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  • Helps Return Nutrients To Soil
  • Safe, Natural Way To Help Return To The Soil Valuable...
  • Improves Growth Of Micro-organisms
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  • EASY-TO-USE ALTERNATIVE: Tired of mechanical aeration? So...
  • INCREASES WATER UPTAKE & DRAINAGE: Saving you time and money...
  • DEEP SOIL CONDITIONER: Our safe, hyper-concentrated...
  • Foliar Fertilizer
  • Organic Concentrate
  • Quart Hose Hook Up
  • Humic Fulvic Acid Blend: Concentrated Liquid Organic Carbon...
  • Natural Soil Treatment: Conditions Stressed Soil, Increases...
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity: Promotes the Release of...
  • Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.
  • It is eight times more effective at retaining calcium and...
  • Loosens clay soils and helps improve water and air...
  • Ast coated prill helps eliminates Dust
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen without the need for a legume...
  • Solubilizes phosphorous, silicate, and zinc.
  • Produces enzymes that release nutrients from organic matter.

Soil activator advisor

What’s this?

Of the soil activator is used to upgrade the soil. Often it happens in new gardens or compaction in the garden, that the soil develops into a problem zone, but this can happen even in soils that have a low pH. To fix the problem, the soil activator used to provide a regeneration, or improved conditions thereof.
In some cases, the lawn can also be polluted with moss and / or root fungus (dense network of many fine roots), the cause being a lack of nutrients or acidification of the soil. Preventing regeneration can be due to a variety of factors, such as waterlogging, shadows, light, or construction. By scarifying the grass, superficial inconveniences such as moss are eliminated, but the actual cause is not combated. For this reason, the use of a Bodenaktivators in such cases is already mandatory to the raceto return to a healthy state.

Composition and application

Of the soil activator has a very effective composition, which is composed of different ingredients. These consist of organic substances, microorganisms and minerals that regenerate soil fertility and restore the soil structure to a healthy level. Most soil activators also have lime, which ensures that the pH in the soil returns to an optimal result.

If the ground is very well maintained, it still can not be damaged once a year soil activator to use to prevent such problem cases. Spring is best suited for this, before the season of planting begins.

In new plants or soils that have already become very problematic, it is advisable to soil activator distributed several times and used in smaller doses. As a result, the soil recovers gently and yet faster. For vegetables, it is useful if the activator is used before planting, also in spring.

The soil activator should always be applied to the entire lawn or garden area, so that all plants can be associated. This ensures optimal plant health and prevents diseases and pests.

Recommended product

A few years ago, the soil activator was still relatively unknown, but thanks to shopping channels is gaining a lot of attention and popularity. Such as the Keyzers soil activator, which is also ideal as a precious fertilizerFor planter, Flowerbeds and window boxes,
A leader best recommended among the ground activators is Oscorna. It is the Oscorna soil activator to a German brand product. The soils become fertile and humus forms. There is an optimal binding and release of nutrients. In addition, a lime effect is provided and the soil is loosened up. In itself, the ground activator of Oscorna is only to be evaluated positively, as this starts in various points and can fix many problems or significantly mitigates.
However, it should be noted that a soil activator is not usually fertilizer, as is the case with the keyzers. It is intended only to support the soil, which strengthens the plants themselves, as these nutrients from the earthpull.

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