10 Best Stainless Steel Mailbox of 2019

  • Size: 11.25" W x 14.5" H x 4.5" D
  • Hardware included
  • Wall mounted only
  • Wall mounted stainless steel mailbox with hinged lid
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Inspired by the way postal mail is delivered, POSTINO takes...
  • Stainless Steel: the material of mailboxes is stainless...
  • Large Capacity: the size of mailbox is 5 x 15 4/5 x 12 2/5,...
  • Sturdy Lock: decaller mailbox has sturdy key lock with 2 key...
  • Mailbox is 14.7 in. W x 7.1 in. H x 4.2 in. D
  • Roof lifts opens for easy access mail retrieval
  • Stainless steel construction ideal for corrosion resistance...
  • PRACTICAL MAGNETIC LID: Provides easy access to the mailbox...
  • MODERN & STYLISH LOOK: This stainless steel mailbox features...
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: These mailboxes can be easily...
  • Brand New And High Quality
  • Wall Mount Mailbox With Newspaper Roll
  • Simple And Sleek Design
  • Size: 11.25" W x 14.5" H x 4.5" D
  • Hardware included
  • Wall mounted only
  • Feature a satin finish
  • Available in horizontal and vertical styles
  • Mailboxes can be surface mounted
  • Beautiful Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Modern Design
  • Locking Wall Mount mail box
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Feature a satin finish
  • Available in horizontal and vertical styles
  • Mailboxes can be surface mounted

Stainless steel mailbox guide

As stainless and durable alternatives to accepting mail, some manufacturers produce stainless steel mailboxes. Such variants of the letterbox, which can look back on a history rich in tradition in Germany, are used because the constructions are exposed to the weather. They are often characterized by a timeless design, which impresses with a certain elegance. At this point, the classic stainless steel mailboxes are reminiscent of buildings erected about 190 years ago to receive mail. Today’s consumers can choose from different variants of the stainless steel letterbox, which we present in this overview.

Types in the overview

Letterbox producers produce different models made of stainless steel. So there are models, which are mostly on two metallic feet. There are versions that are embedded in an exterior wall. There are also created versions that can be fixed with dowels and screws to a house wall. These models are available as a single mailbox. Often, however, the manufacturers also produce multi-part systems, resulting in a whole mailbox system made of stainless steel. The metal is not only among experts as an ideal material to create high-quality mailboxes. Finally, it protects far better against adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow.

The letter reception experts point out that it is usually not worth buying cheap models made of inferior materials such as plastic or wood. After all, these materials are not as resistant to moisture, so after a while, a new model must be purchased. Therefore, the purchase of a stainless steel mailbox, which is slightly more expensive at first, is considered an alternative. Because no quick exchange is required, the purchase can also be financially rewarding. So is invested in a permanent protection. This can pay off because other mailboxes made of wood, sheet metal or aluminum do not permanently protect against rain and snow.

Renowned manufacturers at a glance

The timeless design of many mailboxes made of stainless steel, the products look visually appealing. Some are decorated with colors or motifs, creating a unique design. One example is the popular products of the Saxon producer Mantibur, which offers some mailboxes with beautiful floral or aesthetic coral designs. Other manufacturers offer more timeless designs that launches with a slot for that nameplateand a spacer for attachment to walls. Such models, which usually have a DIN A4 letter slot, are created by manufacturers who also produce their stainless steel mailboxes in Germany.

The family-owned company Max Knoblauch, which comes from Saxony, also produces mailboxes made of fine steel. Some variants score with an integrated newspaper section. So is the rounded one Stainless Steel Mailbox Santa Fe by Max Garlic is equipped with a separate compartment for the newspapers. Other models of the manufacturer are only partially visible, because they are integrated into the house wall. Further products of the producers are attached to fences. They usually have a volume of 10 to 25 liters. Similar designs are also offered by radius. This producer sometimes equips his stainless steel boxes with a bull’s-eye, allowing a view of the interior. Other designs from other manufacturers meanwhile contain Plexiglas components that serve the same purpose.

Advantageous mailboxes made of fine steel

Producers like Burg Wächter from North Rhine-Westphalia also produce high-quality products. Often, these variants inspire by the material that was processed during production. After all, not only this manufacturer uses a natural stainless steel, by a sealingwith transparent protective coating, which can be found, for example, on the Bavaria letterboxes of the manufacturer, further protection against moisture is created. Such products are not only beautiful. The material provides protection against the weather conditions, so that a certain longevity is offered. These are then stylish products for receiving a post, which are characterized by their design.

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