10 Best stand awning of 2019

  • 1300 Series Design #3B
  • White Aluminum
  • Strut is 90 Degrees
  • SPACE SAVING SIZE: Free standing hammock is 144 inch long x...
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Outside hammock set is...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Backyard hammock comes with two metal hanging...
  • Made from heavy duty galvanized steel for extra strength....
  • Installation versatile-It can be mounted onto existing...
  • Package contents: 45-1/4'' section pole x2, concrete anchors...
  • Misc.
  • 2-person outdoor swing with awning
  • Steel frame construction for years of durability
  • Large, weather-resistant awning provides shade all day with...
  • Material: made from a durable fade resistant polyester that...
  • Alum. Pole and 8 steel ribs are bronze powder coated by...
  • Vented top: canopy is dual vented for proper air flow and...
  • SPACE SAVING SIZE: Free standing hammock is 144 inch long x...
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Outside hammock set is...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Backyard hammock comes with two metal hanging...
  • 1300 Series Design #3B
  • White Aluminum
  • Strut is 90 Degrees
  • More Shade: 15 feet diameter patio umbrella offers complete...
  • 100% Polyester Canopy: Fade resistant, water resistant and...
  • Stronger Design and Durable Frames: Rust-free powder coated...

Stand awning guide

Functions of a stand awning
As stand awning is called a freestanding mobile awning. It serves as a fixed awning on the house as a shade dispenser. However, the free-standing awning can also as privacyor used as protection against light rain. This protects you from the disturbing views of the neighbors. Stand awnings are available in many different sizes, finishes and colors. Often they are also tailor made. So everyone can find the right awning for themselves. The largest awnings offer up to 40 square meters of shade. As a rule, the awnings are operated either with a crank or with a motor. However, there are already models with a sun and wind guard. The awning reacts to the weather and automatically opens or closes when the weather gets better or worse. The awning has only supports on the sides and so the space under the awning is completely free and can be used without disturbing mullions. The fabric is extended by the articulated arms to either side or rolled back onto the spool. The fabric of the awning is usually made of polyester, which makes it particularly waterproof and robust. The positioning of the awnings is usually done with ground sockets, by doweling on the patio slabs or with mounting plates. This is usually dependent on the size of the awning. The larger the awning, the tighter it must of course be attached. So that the awnings are stable and windproof, the frame is usually made of metal. Since the angle of inclination of the awning can be easily adjusted, you can adjust it individually depending on the sunlight. Thus, the awning can stop in one place and only the angle of inclination must be aligned depending on the position of the sun. If you want, you will also get a lot of practical accessories for the awning. You can, for example, a remote ControlFor automatic opening and closing or integrated lighting, it’s extra lampsor save something like that. If you need a very large area, then there are sometimes also awnings with connection modules, with which one can connect the individual awnings and with which one then comes to a larger shadow area.

Creation of the awnings:
In the past, however, mainly traders in different markets use such awnings. Thus, they protected their goods such as fruits and vegetables from the sun or even from rain. The awnings became more and more popular because they are very flexible. More and more awning manufacturers began to make such awnings as the demand increased. Similarly, the awnings are a very cheap variant of a conservatory, which made them quite popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of a standing awning:

– The awning is larger and more stable than a parasol,
– It is flexible, as it is detached and can be placed anywhere (on the balcony, the terrace or the garden). One is not bound to the wall near the house as in a fixed awning.
– The quadrangular shape offers a larger shadow area than a screen.
– Protects against sun and rain and can even serve as a screen.
– Since the awnings have no central supports, the space can be used completely, without disturbing anything such as a umbrella stand,
– Are mostly custom-made or there are numerous sizes and designs, so everyone has the right one stand awning finds itself.
– Can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and the handling is very easy by a crank or quite comfortable with a motor drive.
– Due to the different angles of inclination you can adjust the awning ideally to any sunlight. You usually have to move a parasol so that you always have shade in the same place.
– Can be selected with practical accessories such as remote control or lighting.
– One stand awning is also cheap in price.
– Can cover very large areas, making them well used in the commercial sector, such as in the catering industry.

– It should be mined over the winter so that it is not damaged by the snow or the cold. A fixed awning can stay at the house over the winter without having to remove it.
– Since the awning to be removed over the winter, you need at the same time a place where it can be stowed.

What can a stand awning be used?
A stand awning is versatile. It can be used both in the private sector, as well as in the commercial sector. For example, many dealers in the market have such an awning to protect their goods from the sun or even from rain. It can be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled and you have a lot of space. Many catering establishments also use sun awnings on their terraces or in their garden sheds to protect their guests from the heat but also from rain. In the private sector, the awnings are simply used as shade dispensers, as rain or as privacy screens. They can be placed either on the balcony, on a terrace or freely in the garden. Furthermore, these awnings can also be used in playgrounds, for example, to provide shade for the children in the sandbox, as it is very important that small children are not exposed to the direct sun. Even in swimming pools, a standing awning serves the bathers as a welcome shade dispenser.

What should you consider when buying a stand awning?
When buying a stand awning, a few points should be considered, so that you can enjoy the summer and long enjoyment of such awning:
– The installation of the awning should be as simple as possible, so you can quickly build them up in the spring and quickly break down in winter.
– A hinged awning offers the advantage that it can be stowed away to save space over the winter.
– It should be weatherproof in any case, so that it is not damaged even in rain or storm.
– The cover should be robust, waterproof and, if possible, self-cleaning. This gives you more pleasure in the awning.
– The articulated arms and the frame should be made of a stable cast aluminum, so that the awning remains sturdy even on stormy days or so that it is not damaged.
– The fabric of the awning should be made of high quality fabric. It is best if the Soffbahnen are sewn and not glued, because bonds can be dissolved in the rain, causing the material to diverge.

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