10 Best Stand mailbox of 2019

  • 1. Perfect size - 46" tall X 16.5" W, Item Weight: 21.3...
  • 2. Brand new and high quality color, classic and upscale...
  • 3. Locking access door with 2 keys keeps mail safe, Features...
  • Locking access door with 2 keys keeps mail safe, Features a...
  • Perfect size - 46" tall X 16.5" W , Large tall and heavy...
  • The easy assembly and installation will have your new...
  • Meredith Corporation
  • Print Magazine
  • English
  • USPS Approved Oasis 360 Locking Mailbox is 11.3 in. W x 11.5...
  • Accepts parcels 9.5 in. W x 12.6 in. L x 1.5 in. H to 9.5...
  • Dual door locking parcel mailbox, two doors for easy access
  • 1369310 Records DK
  • MP3 Music
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Stevie Henderson
  • Publisher: Lark Books(sterling Publ Co
  • Warner Vision (08/10/2004)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Meredith Corporation
  • Print Magazine
  • English
  • Designed for in-ground installation
  • Compatible with all Oasis« Mailboxes
  • 46.5" h x 12" d x 6" w, 29 lb.
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURED -Durable and sturdy black powder coated...
  • SPOTS - Easy to mount on any flat surface like post stand,...
  • Application - Display your favourite garden flag and banner...

Stand letterbox Guidebook

The mail has arrived! The Germans are still sending countless letters and smaller consignments every day, which usually end up in the recipient’s mailboxes the very next working day. A big and safer mailboxshould therefore be present in every household, so that the postman can deliver the items safely. A very popular option here is the so-called Stand mailbox , Although mailboxes are already installed in many doors and house installations, these usually only offer very little space. Accordingly, many people equip with such Stand mailbox after. With which advantages can such a special mailbox actually score, where are there weaknesses? Where can one Stand mailbox should be used at all and what should be respected both when setting up as well as during daily use? For all these questions you will receive helpful and comprehensive answers in the following guide.

Where can one Stand mailbox ever be used?
As the name already suggests, this special variant is a mailbox that is placed directly on the floor. An assembly on the door or on the wall is accordingly not necessary. However, due to this fact, the mailbox unfortunately can not be used anywhere. Because in order to be able to set this up safely, an appropriate space must be available on your own property. An assembly on the sidewalk in front of the house is therefore neither a good idea nor legal. Your own front yard is the perfect place to get one Stand mailbox to be able to use?

Where are the advantages?
The stand letterbox can score especially with a lot of space inside. Even several letters, brochures and magazines can be accommodated in this without any problems. Depending on the model, the postman even has the option of stowing smaller packages safely. At the same time these models are also completely closed and therefore offer a very good protection against external influences. Even in wind and rain, the letters and other shipments are protected accordingly very reliable.
Optically, the numerous models can score today. These are striking because of the much larger shape directly at first glance and therefore fall. Various colors, shapes and patterns can also be found on the market in a wide selection, so that there is certainly something to suit every taste. There are no limits to creativity here. Some companies also offer the customer the opportunity today to order a completely individual letterbox. This is then, depending on your needs, delivered in the desired color and size and happy with a pattern, a saying or simply the name of the household delivered.

What should be considered during use and purchase?
The material is a crucial factor in the purchase of the new mailbox. Especially with the cheap models, the manufacturers are trying to save a lot of money. However, there is a risk here that the appearance suffers significantly due to the permanent influence of wind and weather. Chipping paint up to annoying rust are here then the result, which can significantly disturb the overall visual impression. High-quality materials should therefore be a prerequisite for every new mailbox so that this scenario will not be expected even after a few months and years.
When delivering and installing the new box, you should also make sure that it is securely fastened. In fact, this is otherwise easily carried away by thieves. Even without content, this is already a big loss that should be avoided. A secure attachment to the ground is therefore mandatory.

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