10 Best sweeper of 2019

  • Fuller Brush
  • Kitchen
  • Bissell
  • Kitchen
  • BISSELL Homecare, Inc.
  • Kitchen
  • Fuller Brush
  • Kitchen
  • BISSELL Homecare, Inc.
  • Kitchen
  • Great for Bare Floors & Carpet.
  • Picks up Lint, Crumbs and Dirt on Forward and Reverse...
  • Convenient to Use - No Cord to Plug in, or Dust Pan to deal...
  • Does not require expensive, messy bags
  • Low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap
  • Its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to...
  • QUICK CLEANUP: Convenient to use, the Alpine Industries...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: This carpet sweeper is constructed...
  • MULTI-FLOOR CAPABILITIES: Quickly and easily collecting dirt...
  • There is no dust pan to deal with
  • Features a handle that lies flat for easy cleaning...
  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • Leave no mess behind with up to 100 minutes of sweeping...
  • So lightweight, sleek and maneuverable, you can easily clean...
  • Head swivels smoothly to Steer effortlessly around, under...

Sweeper Counselor

The purchase of a sweeper want to be well thought out. After all, there are different types of sweeper , which come up partly also with substantial cost differences. Anyone buying a sweeper does not immediately jump on the first best offer, but compares carefully, which will be with the appropriate sweeper to experience a real workload.

The different types of sweepers

The creativity of the manufacturers are almost unlimited when it comes to sweeping machines. Sweepers are available for almost every application. Basically, three types of sweepers are distinguished:

– hand sweepers
– Self-propelled sweepers
– Filter sweeping machines

In addition, models are offered that can be operated with pure muscle power or electric. Of course, there are also sweepers that are powered by an engine and accordingly require gasoline or diesel. For self-propelled devices, the difference is mainly in size. Filter sweepers, on the other hand, are able to absorb even fine dust. Of course, with regard to the environmental aspects, such a special function is an essential aid.

Important functions of a sweeper

In contrast to the old days, when streets and sidewalks still with the classic broomThe modern sweepers come with many features that make life easier. Of course, a sweeper, although of a certain size, must still be user-friendly and incredibly manoeuvrable to clean even hard-to-reach places. When selecting a sweeper, individual needs and requirements play a decisive role in the areas to be cleaned. An overwhelmed sweeper will sooner or later defend itself with high maintenance, energy and operating costs. Accordingly, always choose a sweeper that has the right functions. Above all maneuverability, particulate removal, speed, efficiency, rotational and suction power, sweeping width, dirt capacity and comfort in the removal of dirt should be taken into account when purchasing a sweeper. The more services a sweeper can provide, the greater the benefits and the cost and time savings.

Advantages of the modern sweeper

Sweepers do several operations in one go, so a great deal of time is saved. By means of rotational movements or suction, a sweeper not only picks up the dirt, but also sorts it according to hardness, size and consistency. The effort and the risk of injury are compared to the old-fashioned sweeping method with street broom and dustpanalso extremely low. At the same time eliminates the tedious cleaning of the implement after each sweeping and maintenance is relatively low. Basically, high-quality sweepers are also characterized by their longevity. A robust sweeper that has the necessary power can be used even on coarsely porous soils. The many advantages speak clearly for the purchase of a sweeper, which, however, should be tailored in size and performance to the personal needs of the user.

Sweeper for home use

For the consumer, who has to cope with a normal cleaning on his own property, the sweeper S 650 from Kärcher is a very good alternative. Two side brushes sweep up to 1,800 square meters of surface per hour. Particularly practical is the self-standing hopper, which has a handle and folding push bar. Walkways, driveways, road sections and yard are cleaned in no time with this device. For smaller households, this sweeper is particularly well, because it can be stored in a few simple steps and takes up little space. With a capacity of 16 liters and easy handling of the hopper, the device is particularly user-friendly.

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