10 Best Swimming Pool repair kit of 2019

  • Stops leaks and repairs concrete under water.
  • Hand Moldable Epoxy
  • White
  • Underwater or dry patching
  • Fast-drying adhesive
  • High-strength hold
  • Vinyl liner patch kit for patching small vinyl liner pool...
  • Can also be used for inflatable vinyl floats, rafts, toys,...
  • Includes: 1 oz tube adhesive, 2 sheets of 3.5" x 7" clear...
  • Vinyl liner patch kit for patching small vinyl liner pool...
  • Can also be used for inflatable vinyl floats, rafts, toys,...
  • Includes: 1 oz tube adhesive, 2 sheets of 3.5" x 7" clear...
  • 6 patches per package
  • Repair kit to patch holes in your inflatable items
  • Item number 59631
  • Works underwater
  • Includes 2 oz. can of No.100 vinyl adhesive
  • Must have repair kit for above ground pool owners
  • Vinyl repair Swinpool
  • Vinyl patches for repairing pools
  • Includes two 23-inch-by-5-inch blue vinyl patches
  • Repairs can be done under water
  • Transparent pressure-sensitive patches prepared with...
  • Adheres to wet or dry vinyl surfaces
  • Patches underwater
  • Made with industrial-strength adhesive
  • Provides easy and quick repairs - simply peel and patch!
  • Fast curing, watertight and durable

Swimming Pool repair kit guide

Do not throw away damaged pools but fix them with one Swimming Pool repair kit

Inflatable pools and paddling poolenjoy more and more popularity. While these pools were usually quite small a few years ago, today pools with several meters in diameter and a capacity of many thousands of liters of water are not uncommon. They consist for example of PVC or several layers of textile fabric. Unfortunately, such are inflatable poolsunlike their metal counterparts, they are always vulnerable to damage such as holes and cracks. But such a damaged one poolyou do not necessarily have to dispose of it. Because with the right one Swimming Pool repair kit Smaller holes and cracks can be professionally sealed and the paddling pool can be fully used again as before.

What makes such a pool repair kit?

Usually one is one Swimming Pool repair kit contain everything you need for the repair of a defective or defective pool or paddling pool. In addition to the patch, which closes holes or cracks over a large area, this also includes suitable adhesives to secure the patch. Not infrequently, cleaning agents are included to thoroughly clean the damaged area prior to repair for best adhesion to the adhesive and patches. Depending on which type of pool or material the Swimming Pool repair kit is provided, may also be included with sandpaper to roughen the area around the leak. This also serves the better adhesion of the patch.

As a Swimming Pool repair kit is used

To repair a crack or hole in a pool or paddling pool, you first have to locate the damage. Especially when the pool is very large the leak is very small, this can sometimes be quite difficult. If the pool is still filled with water, for example, you can see where water is leaking and then look for the exact location of the hole. Smaller pools can be inflated and then dipped piece by piece under water to locate the leak by blistering. Larger inflated pools can be spread with a water and soap solution. In this method foam bubbles form around the hole or crack. Once the damage has been located in one of these ways, you can begin to fix it using the pool repair set. For this purpose, first all air should be left out of the pool. Then you have to clean the affected area very thoroughly and, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, possibly roughen. Now you take the glue out of the pool repairevenly around the hole or crack. Then you press a suitable patch firmly on the area coated with adhesive. Now patience is needed. Before you use the pool again, you should wait 24 to 48 hours, so that the glue can dry completely. After that, the pelvis can usually be inflated again as usual and filled with water.

Recommended pool repair kits

When choosing a pool repair kit, you should pay particular attention to high quality, so you do not work in vain for free and the applied patches also holds securely. In the trade numerous sets are offered. Recommended is for example the pool repair set by BLUE Magic. But also the sets of Intex, one of the best-known pool manufacturers, are of high quality and leak-proof.

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