10 Best Thermo composter of 2019

  • Terra Cotta Composter Worm Compost Bin Made from Food Grade...
  • Odorless operation with Thermo Siphon Airflow design
  • Recycles kitchen waste and junk mail into compost
  • Universal - Fits virtually all composters with an open...
  • Protects against larger animals (rodents) from entering the...
  • Made from High Quality Polypropylene
  • Ultra herm insulation in body to keep beverage cold
  • Impact resistant plastic bottom
  • Reinforced handles for long product life
  • Enables microorganisms to gain access to the composter
  • Protects against rodents entering the composter
  • Easily snaps into place
  • The Worm Factory 360 has a standard 4-Tray size which is...
  • The redesigned lid converts to a handy stand for trays while...
  • Includes digital instruction manual with step-by-step...
  • Ultra herm insulation in body to keep beverage cold
  • Impact resistant plastic bottom
  • Reinforced handles for long product life
  • Easy to use
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Good for 3-6 months
  • Keeps kitchen pails and buckets clean, reduces the ick...
  • Includes 50 bags that are star sealed at the bottom for...
  • Ensure good ventilation and all the moisture in the waste to...
  • (1) - Worm Compost pH + Moisture Meter
  • (1) - Worm Compost Thermometer
  • (1) - Worm Compost Turning Claw
  • Terra Cotta Composter Worm Compost Bin Made from Food Grade...
  • Odorless operation with Thermo Siphon Airflow design
  • Recycles kitchen waste and junk mail into compost

Thermo composter guide

Information about thermo composters

Recycling is an important topic these days, which is important in many areas of life. There are many ways to support recycling, but you can do it yourself. This is possible very well at home, especially in the biological field. More specifically, composting of organic waste. Organic waste accumulates daily, usually in the household waste, from where they come into the incinerator and are burned. As an alternative, there is the bio bin, in which organic waste can be collected separately, and transported away for composting. From the collected waste is from appropriate companies compostor they are used for energy production and so, in processed form, resold. Instead of just throwing away these precious resources, you can use them as a second alternative by adding them to a compost heap. Since a compost heap does not fit in every garden, there is the possibility of its own organic waste, ecologically and economically useful in one Thermo composter to recycle itself.

How does composting work?

Composting is, simply put, nothing more than the erosion of organic waste by a variety of soil organisms. Whether fruit peels, tree leaves or grass clippings – all this waste is still nutritious and for many creatures their staple food. This is especially known from earthworms, which however do not play the biggest role in compost. More important are on the one hand woodlice and centipedes, which also get along with relatively dry organic waste, on the other hand fungi and bacteria, which decompose already largely processed materials on. Since these creatures can not control their own body temperature, they are dependent on the outside temperature. If they get too cold, their metabolism goes down, causing them to slow down and eat less – composting falter. Although these creatures can not control their body temperature, they do produce heat by chemical means, which enables them to influence their ambient temperatures and thus indirectly warm themselves up. A good compost heap can reach temperatures of almost 70 ° C! Biologists and chemists are familiar with the term RGT rule (reaction-temperature-temperature-regulation) that biochemical processes are faster, the warmer it is. At this point, the Thermo composter at. While the creatures in the compost produce heat, is the Thermo composter to keep this heat in the compost. This is done by building a shellmade of rotting resistant plastic and insulating core materials. In this way, high temperatures are achieved even on a small scale, and the waste is recycled faster.

What happens with one Thermo composter at?

Since compost is a habitat for many creatures, it is important to create good living conditions for them. The air supply is important. Although biowaste can be decomposed even without oxygen supply, but only ineffective, instead of real rotting. Thermo composter Therefore, despite the great importance of insulation, have enough air slots for adequate oxygen supply. Here, the layering of the compost, consisting of layers of moist material in alternation with dry and dimensionally stable brushwood, is also important. As the waste is poured in at the top, there is the oldest compost below, which is considered nutrient-rich potting soilcan be removed. Therefore, the thermo-composter in the lower area must have enough flaps, or fully openable side walls, which allow easy removal. Here, however, must be paid to stability. Commercial thermo-compressors have a volume of 200 to 600 liters, which weighs several 100 kg of pressure on the walls, especially at high levels. To cheap models are made of comparatively thin material. As a result, both the insulation is worse, and the stability. An ineffective composting and at worst a shortened life of the composter are the consequences. To choose the right size, it depends on the space in the garden. The composter must be on earthstand so that the composting creatures can penetrate from the ground into the thermocomposter. On paved or heavily compacted roads, this is hardly possible and full sun locations are unfavorable. So if you only have a suitable place for a small thermo-composter, you should only choose a small model instead of placing a too big model in an unfavorable location. Nevertheless, the bigger the better. Recommended models are, for example, Graf Komposter (280 L), Neudorff Thermo-Composter DuoTherm (530 L), Garantia Composter Eco-King (600 L) or Graf Composter Thermo-King (600 L).

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