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Tree bank advisor

Not only do the tree-banks look beautifully beautiful, as they nestle around a tree in half or round shape, they are also very practical, space-saving and provide a cozy place to stay.

The treebank – a brilliant idea from southern climes!

Especially in Mediterranean regions you can see these tree benches very often, because the people there are used to it and appreciate to be able to settle in the midday heat under a shady tree for a „chat“. And chat, as everybody knows, everyone enjoys sitting around the tree and talking around, sometimes swapping places, preferring another person to talk to, and the like.

The obvious advantages of tree banks

As mentioned above, another great asset is one treebank It is very space-saving and not at all expansive. All you need is a tree under the branches of which you can sit down to sit down and make your own treebank semicircular or round around its trunk and finished is a pretty and practical tree in the shade. The branches of the tree should not start too low or hang down so that you can comfortably walk under its treetop, stand and finally sit down. The tree thickness also plays a major role, because the thicker the perimeter of the tree, the bigger the course becomes treebank fail. Depending on personal taste or according to the individually given need, the seat of the treebank to be chosen. If you get very often and many guests, then you should choose narrower seats, so that there can sit at least six to seven people. If you do not often get a visit and only have to count on a few guests then you could choose a tree bench with a seat width of 90×40 cm per seat compartment. The extent of such a tree bank is a maximum of about 195 cm, so that a maximum of 6 to 7 people find a seat under the shady tree.

What materials are tree benches made of?

Most tree benches are made of varnished wood such as teak or eucalyptus, simply because it is the most comfortable material to sit in and fits best in the natural environment. But there are also rustproof steel tree benches, and they are also made of stainless steel and aluminum. By the way, tree-benches do not always have to be built in a round shape around the tree, there are also square and angular tree-banks, which are grouped around a tree. An accomplished handyman is of course able to manufacture a tree bank to his own taste and can of course use the material of his choice. Often you can also see a material mix of wood and metal in a tree bench.

Barrier-free tree-benches

Every tree bank that is located on the ground and runs as closed as possible around a tree is usually barrier-free and can therefore be used by people with disabilities or wheelchair users. Resourceful hobbyists, however, have already installed tree-benches at dizzy heights in the middle of the branches and provided them with access ladders or ramps, so a tree-bank would of course not be barrier-free.

Can you attach tree-benches elsewhere?

Of course you can attach a tree bench around a thick, high metal or wooden block or around a lamppost. The method of attachment is the same as in a tree, only other dimensions and fixings are to be considered. Sitting on a tree bench under full lantern lighting on a cozy summer evening until late at night, that’s something special!


However big and wide the tree-bench may ultimately be and made from which materials, it always presents a feast for the eyes. It is the eye-catcher of every garden and an inviting calm oasis from hectic everyday life. With a few soft pillowoccupied or too back cushions, which are attached to the seat back, these popular tree benches are even more cuddly and cozy.

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