10 Best vernier caliper of 2019

  • Measures disc brakes and up to 12"/300mm on brake drums
  • For use with 6" and 8" calipers (NOT included)
  • 52-010-777 is the same as the 72-010-777
  • Mini double scale vernier caliper, centimetres and inches
  • Measuring range: 0-150mm (0-6 inch); Size: 21*7.8cm (8.26*3...
  • Color: black, white, blue, green
  • All-aluminum construction resists rust
  • Measures 0-24" and 0-610 mm
  • Vernier Caliper scale for ultra-precise measurements
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This plastic caliper is designed for easy use...
  • DUAL MEASUREMENT: Features imperial (inches) and metric...
  • DURABLE: The lightweight design does not sacrifice...
  • Made of medical grade stainless steel, non-toxic material,...
  • Measures the Golden Mean, also known as The Golden Ratio and...
  • Accurately position in eyebrow shaping, adjustable size...
  • Measures disc brakes and up to 12"/300mm on brake drums
  • For use with 6" and 8" calipers (NOT included)
  • 52-010-777 is the same as the 72-010-777
  • .001" Accuracy, Range of 0-6", Adjustable bezel with locking...
  • Two sets of jaws measure inside and outside dimensions and...
  • Rotating bezel makes it easy to reset zero or choose a...
  • Make great travel companions for those on the move
  • Whether you're working in the Field or in the shop, these...
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic body delivers both Metric and...
  • Brand: Elite Medical Instruments
  • Complete with plastic end cap.
  • Chrome-plated caliper measures ECG wave sections with radius...
  • Handy Pocket Caliper, ideal for mechanics, hobbyists to take...
  • Used for making both internal and external measurements
  • External measurements can be made from 0-4"; Internal...

Caliper Guidebook

As a vernier caliper is constructed
A vernier caliper , which is also called calipers or vernier calipers, is always the same in construction. In principle, one is vernier caliper together from a correspondingly fixed measuring leg. On this one side of the beak is attached for the external and internal measurement. And it consists of a measuring leg that can be moved. At him the respective counterpart can be found, according to the other side of the beak, with which one can make also outside and inside measurements. For the external measurement you can clamp an object between the two sides of the beak and thereby determine the outer size. If the workpiece contains an opening, such as a nut, the internal measurement of the beak can be placed in this opening, and thus the size measured. Using different scales you measure the size. In a manual vernier caliper The scale values ​​are often read in inches or millimeters. On the other hand, the size is indicated on the display with an electronic calliper.

Advantages of a vernier caliper
– It is fast and easy to use
– Measurement accuracy is quite high
– It is long lasting due to the high quality materials used
– Depending on the required measurement, two different types of calipers can be purchased
– Measuring small and round objects is possible

Disadvantages of a caliper
– Due to construction-related measurement tolerances, different results are obtained during re-measurements

The two types of calipers
In addition to a manual, there is also a digital caliper. Both will be briefly described below.

Manual or analog calliper
With a little practice, reading and handling a manual caliper is possible. If the milled scales are dirty or particularly small, reading becomes more difficult. A conversion or exchange of units takes place by mental arithmetic.

Digital caliper
In principle, a digital caliper works just like an analog caliper. Except that a digital calliper simplifies the reading and handling of the display. In addition, with this model, a simple switch back and forth by pressing a button between the units is possible.

What should you look for when buying a caliper?

Measuring range, accuracy and units of measure
The measuring range of the devices is often between zero and 150 millimeters, which corresponds to a measuring range of zero to six inches on an inch scale. Thus, you can use many models in their own premises, because of the measurement range, a fairly low measurement tolerance is present. The measuring tolerance is the measuring accuracy of measuring tools, which is construction-related. For daily use, lay and professional home improvement shops should acquire variants that have a measuring range of at least zero to 150 millimeters. With the units of measurement, it should be ensured that the future model contains scale units that are needed. Many calipers contain the units of measure inches and millimeters. Millimeters is the most basic unit, because it allows more precise dimensioning and reading, especially with analog calipers, as opposed to inches or centimeters.

Material, length and weight
How long your own caliper holds depends on which material it is made of. If it is to be as long-lasting as possible, it is recommended to order a digital or analog caliper made of stainless steel or steel because they are of high quality and rust-free. The durability of a digital caliper is also influenced by the life of the display. Due to the length of a caliper you can determine how easy the corresponding model is at a Workbenchor in one tool boxcan be accommodated. If there is not much space, it is better to opt for a smaller version. Here is a caliper meant that is at most 250 millimeters long. Also, the caliper should weigh no more than 250 grams and the beak should have a length of about 30 millimeters.

Locking screw and depth gauge as a measuring device
If a caliper includes a locking wheel or a set screw, you can set the beaks at a certain distance from each other in the corresponding model. This makes it possible to use the caliper as a measure holder, if, for example, a certain distance is to be marked. Many vernier calipers have the potential to be used as a depth gauge, such as for measuring tire treads. The highest possible depth, which is measurable, corresponds to the maximum possible length of the depth measure. The depth is understood as the particularly narrow and small extension, which one finds in the fixed arm at the end. These variants are often referred to as depth calipers.

Manufacturer of calipers
Here are the most popular brands of calipers:
– Wolfcraft
– Wiha
– Castle guard
– bird
– C.K. Tools
– fix point
– bird
– Mitutoyo
– Carolus
– Dema
– Sintron
– Draper
– Silverline
– Mahr
– Promat
– Futec
– Preiser
– Projahn
– Park Tool
– Exact
– Mannesmann
– Famex
– LUX Tools
– Gedore
– Horex
– KS Tool
– GoldTool

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