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House waterworks guide

Many people today feel the need to be self-sufficient in some areas of life. On the one hand, there is an ecological idea behind it. On the other hand, the present is characterized by many uncertainties and a certain independence gives the feeling of security. On Water works can be an excellent investment to make yourself a little independent in terms of water supply. Even if only part of the water is saved with such a device, it lowers Water works the water costs, but also the electricity costs considerably. On Water works works best in conjunction with one Fountain, but can also be used for the effective utilization of rainwater. With a Water works you transport the water from the extraction point to where it is needed. Especially when watering beds, lawns and gardens or greenhouses nowadays a lot of drinking water is wasted. There are many other areas for the application of a domestic waterworks, whether for the operation of the Washing machineor for toilet flushing. But not every device is suitable for different and complex requirements.

Own water supply as an alternative

The self-water supply using a domestic waterworks is a great alternative to save costs and resources. A water reservoir can be a source, a well or a cistern for collecting rainwater. The water is either pumped in several stages via pumps or via a pressure vessel, which is also coupled to a pump. This can be a so-called hydrophore or a membrane pressure vessel. In the latter case, a built-in pressure control is required. In terms of self-water supply, a distinction is also made between service water and between drinking water. For drinking water are much stricter guidelines and accordingly more complex is also a required Water works and the plant altogether. An expert must check and dismantle such an installation. A domestic waterworks may also be suitable for feeding groundwater or rainwater into the existing pipeline network of the house. Domestic water works are available in very different sizes and designs. They can be mobile or permanently installed.

Several outlets are possible

Special domestic waterworks can also tap several tapping points at the same time. The pressure is then equalized via a large boiler and it can be realized in this way a water supply over several floors with constant pressure. In the case of self-supply with drinking water, the corresponding system must be regularly monitored. However, DIN standards and safety regulations also apply to self-supply of service water. Most domestic waterworks include a corresponding pressure vessel. This prevents the pump from starting immediately when removing the smallest amounts of water. Instead, the pressure vessel is continuously filled with water via the pump. In the pressure vessel is a gas which compresses the filled water to a certain point. When this point is reached, the pump automatically shuts off. when the water is being drawn, the gas expands. When the pressure reaches a certain value, the pump is reactivated. The pressure vessel is a so-called buffer storage, which always ensures a sufficient water supply.

For whom is a domestic waterworks suitable?

If you own a well, a domestic waterworks makes perfect sense. In rainy areas, where with high probability always enough water can be caught by a cistern, a domestic waterworks also makes sense. It is also possible to use springs or small brooks to supply themselves with water. Houses that are located far away from the public supply network are dependent on a domestic waterworks. The purchase of a domestic water plant depends entirely on the spatial and natural conditions. In any case, a specialist should be consulted. In a comparison of the wellbau guide, the domestic waterworks JP 5 24 of the manufacturer Grunfos was tested as a powerful all-rounder. The waterworks HWW 5500/20 M from Metabo proved to be an amazing quantity and thus ideally suited for garden irrigation. As an uncomplicated and reasonably priced device, the house water plant 4000/5 eco cut off from Gardena. The house waterworks BG-WW 636 from Einhell proved to be even cheaper and more functional.

Purpose clarify exactly

The requirements for a domestic waterworks can be very different. It is a crucial difference, whether in the own domestic water system the pressure should be increased, whether it is to irrigationshould serve the garden or whether washing machine and Toiletto be fed with water. When installed in a residential building, the volume of the pump is also a factor to consider. Professional advice is therefore essential.

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