10 Best Bread Mix of 2019

  • Just add water (and butter with some breads)
  • 4 yeast packets included
  • Each mix makes one large loaf
  • Sample Pack Includes: San Francisco Sourdough, Black...
  • SAF yeast packets are enclosed. You provide only water and...
  • Each mix makes one large loaf. No preservatives
  • Case of Four, 19 oz. bags (4.75 lbs. total)
  • Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve
  • Whole grain ingredients
  • Just add water (and butter with some breads)
  • 4 yeast packets included
  • Each mix makes one large loaf
  • DELICIOUS BREAD EVERY TIME - Proper bread, without the fuss!...
  • IMPRESSIVELY EASY TO MAKE - Simply mix with beer or soda and...
  • JUST ADD BEER OR SODA - Just add a 12oz serving of any...
  • Case of Four, 19 oz. bags (4.75 lbs. total)
  • Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve
  • Whole grain ingredients
  • Just add water (and butter with some breads)
  • 4 yeast packets included
  • Each mix makes one large loaf
  • Low fat Food
  • 0 Trans Fats
  • No Preservatives
  • White bread mix for quick, homemade favorites
  • A complete, no-knead mix
  • Top with fresh jam or butter after baking
  • One 64oz box containing a 4 Pack
  • Made with quality ingredients
  • A delicious homemade snack for you and your family anytime

Bread Mix Guidebook

More and more people are baking their own bread. Not only because it’s fun: For hours, the delicious smell of baking filled the whole apartment. Bread mixes conjure crispy breads with a nice crust and good taste – cheap, and with comparatively little effort.

For every taste

Meanwhile, the practical baking mixes have become established: they can be found in the supermarket as well as in the organic store or in the health food store. Common varieties are all types of white, gray or wholemeal bread. Classics such as sunflower seed bread or ciabatta are also part of the standard range. But some manufacturers offer more. There are German mills that sell their own baking mix, as well as clever suppliers, where you can put together a very individual baking mix according to your wishes – but not quite cheap.

What is inside?

Roughly simplified, bread mixes consist mainly of flour and a raising agent. In many cases this is yeast, but it can also be dried sourdough. Of course, some salt is also in there. Further additives, for example ascorbic acid – it serves as a preservative. Allergy sufferers should pay attention to gluten-free, this is noted on the package. All other ingredients depend on the variety: grainsare in the first place, but also spicy herbs are popular. If you want to know exactly, you will find it on the internet. For as a food, bread mixes are tested at regular intervals by large foundations.


In the normal oventhe procedure is simple, but a bit time consuming: The mixture is kneaded with a little lukewarm water according to instructions. Then she goes for the first time in a warm place, preferably in a bowl, covered with a cloth. Then it is kneaded again, and the bread comes in the prepared form. It goes on for the second time, and when the scope has almost doubled, it can be in the preheated stove,

Tips for normal bread baking work here, too, of course. For a better crust provides for example, put in the oven bowl with a little water. One should only stick to the walking times: if you go too long, the bread tastes like yeast.

The baking time is generally about three quarters of an hour – more or less, depending on the stove. It only helps: try it out. All in all, with a little practice, you can expect two hours from opening the bag to the finished bread – which, of course, then has to cool down. On Bread Makermakes things easier enormously, as it takes over all the work steps from kneading to walking and baking. So you can better use the time until the finished bread.


The ingredients can be added as desired – but always pay attention to the proportions! A Bread Mix contains one kilo. If you would like to supplement with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, you should only put in a handful here, otherwise the kernels will complain too much. Grated carrots, on the other hand, also taste good – but give off extra moisture for which the mixture was not put together. Storage should be dark, dry and cool. Do not leave open packages standing around and use them quickly!

Organic – anyway!

Organic baking mixes have long since subsided – and often past conventional bread mixes. Not only are they more hypoallergenic as they do not use non-natural supplements as much as possible. Many organic shops favor the regional economy and strengthen it. And the best thing about it: the taste and variety of its organic content mean that organic is just as fit as conventional bread mixes.

Finally, a few examples of the extraordinary variety of offers.

Simple + good:
Company Bielmeier: Küchenmeister Brotbackmischungen
Contains 15 different bread mixes, including vital bread, potato bread, pumpkin seed bread. Extensive introductory set of conventional varieties.

Seitenbacher Odenwälder Bauernbrot
Regional product from the Odenwald. Natural, without chemical additives. With sourdough and dry yeast. Vegan. Simple country bread. Contains gluten.

Organic Workout Paleo Bread Mix
Gluten-free, 100% organic, except salt and soda – that’s not certified organic. Not quite cheap. For without additives, yeast or flavor enhancers. And cooked quickly – no need to let go, no baking pan or bread maker. Just mix together and put in the oven!

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