10 Best silver shampoo of 2019

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Silver Shampoo Guide

Especially fake blondes know how valuable a silver shampoo can be. The purple-grayish shampoo combats a yellowish tinge in the hair, which annoys many women after dyeing. For trendsetters, that is silver shampoo but also announced. The following explains how it works and how it is applied.

The popular silver shampoo

The silver shampoo is often used after dyeing painters if the hair has a yellow or orange tone. With the shampoo, this undesirable effect can be corrected, because the product, in addition to other substances and violet color pigments added. How intense that silver shampoo is dependent on the pigment concentration contained. The higher the proportion of violet pigments, the more effective the effect. But even women with successfully bleached hair like to use it, because it can give the blonde a cooler shade. This often works as if a gray haze was dyed into the platinum blonde. The natural blond color of the hair can be spiced up in this way. Again, that can shampoocause a silver tone and a shimmering glow on gray hair. The applications of silver shampoo are many.

How does the silver shampoo work?

The shampoo has neither a decolorizing nor a whitening effect. Only unwanted yellows are removed from the hair. This is done by neutralizing with the color purple. This achieves a brighter color image. Violet is the complementary color to yellow. When these two pigments mix, they neutralize each other. This means that the violet pigments of the shampoo remove their luminosity from the yellow pigments in the hair. They appear brighter overall and less yellowish. This makes them appear cooler and silvery. The yellow cast in the bleached hair decreases, making it much less visible. The blonde shines after the application also in a great shine. Even after a few weeks has the Hair coloranother intensity, as if the hair had just been dyed fresh. The violet pigments cover the hair shaft like a mantle and are washed out again after a while. The silver shampoo also has a particularly gentle effect. It prevents the hair from breaking off or drying out.

The following product is recommended: Swiss-o-Par silver silver shampoo, pack of 3

The silver shampoo Swiss-o-Par Silver was specially developed for gray or bleached hair. Thanks to the intense violet active ingredient, an undesirable yellowish tinge in the hair is eliminated. White or white-blonde hair gets a discreet silvery shine and a lively beauty. The hair is foamed with the silver shampoo. The application is the same as with a conventional shampoo. The care product is massaged into the damp hair. The exposure time is one minute. Afterwards, the shampoo is rinsed thoroughly. Staining of the skin is excluded. After drying, the hair appears less yellowish. To intensify the result, the hair wash can be repeated if necessary, since the effect increases with the repeated use. The shampoo contains no silicones. For perfect care, a rinse should be performed after each wash of the hair, which is tailored to the hair type.


The silver shampoo is a blessing especially for all women whose bleaching is unsuccessful due to a yellowish tinge. The shampoo eliminates this by allowing excess, artificial yellow pigments to fade. In smokers, whose hair is already yellowed by cigarette smoke, the shampoo also works wonders. Even if you want a cool Platinum or Eisblond, it is well advised. The same applies to women who want to gray their hair. A big change does not become noticeable immediately after the first application, but after a while a clear difference becomes apparent.

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