10 Best Beko dishwasher of 2019

  • Time Delay Feature: 1-24 hours
  • 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and...
  • Adjustable upper rack to accomodate larger plates/pots
  • Replacement plastic rear rail end caps made by first4spares...
  • Fits models: de2431fs, de2431fw, de2541fs, de2541fw,...
  • Brand new, high quality compatible rear rail caps.
  • Replacement plastic rear rail end caps made by beko to fit...
  • To fit:- d3421fs,d3421fw,d3422fs,(new...
  • Brand new, high quality genuine beko rear rail caps.
  • Replacement plastic rear rail end caps made by beko to fit...
  • To fit:- d3421fs,d3421fw,d3422fs,(new...
  • Brand new, high quality genuine beko rear rail caps.
  • General Electric (GENF0)
  • This is a genuine replacement part
  • Dishwasher-replacement-parts
  • Whirlpool (WHIRA)
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • Replacement-dishwasher-baskets
  • #1 Recommended by leading Dishwasher Manufacturer,
  • Softens the water used in the dishwasher for a more thorough...
  • Only to be used in dishwashers that have a water softener...
  • Compact space saving countertop dishwasher with a quick...
  • 6 place setting capacity with silverware basket
  • Energy star compliant and low water consumption up to 3.1...
  • Time Delay Feature: 1-24 hours
  • 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and...
  • Adjustable upper rack to accomodate larger plates/pots
  • Genuine OEM Whirlpool Kitchen Aid Dishwasher Silverware...
  • Whirlpool
  • Replaces the following part numbers:

Beko dishwasher guide

Great inventions that make our everyday life easier: one dishwasherfrom Beko

There are many ideas of creative minds put into reality that make our lives easier and save both time and effort. So also dishwasher! No matter if you organize a small celebration, cook your loved ones or just conjure up a delicious meal after your work is done. The end is always the same. There is a lot left dishesleft, which wants to be stored clean again in the closets. But who always wants to rinse by hand? This is exactly where one of the most ingenious household appliances comes into play: the dishwasher, also called a dishwasher. As there are countless machines on the market, we will introduce you to models from Beko.

But first a little background knowledge:

Who invented the dishwasher?

The first patent for a hand-operated dishwasher was already granted in 1850. The next took place in 1865, unfortunately without future, because both models worked more bad than right. The breakthrough came in 1886 by the American Josephine Cochrane with her water-pressure-operated dishwasher. With their knowledge and know-how, the first functional dishwasher was presented at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893. Incidentally, the first electrical appliances were built by Miele in 1929.

Who or what is Beko?

Founded in 1954 by the Turkish entrepreneur Vehbi Koc, the company quickly became a global player in the field of large electrical appliances such as refrigerators, Washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. After the purchase of Grundig and the merger with the Arcelik company, Beko has become a fixture in the electronics industry. The proven technology of Beko dishwashers is also in the devices of Sharp, Toshiba and LG. Incidentally, Beko has long been a fan of sports fans as a sponsor of the German Basketball Bundesliga.

What types of dishwashers are there?

Here one fundamentally differentiates the ways in which dishwashers can be made. For example, installation partially integrated, installation fully integrated, substructure or freestanding. From each type, we now present you the best rated device from Beko.

Semi-integrated installation: Beko DSN 6634 FX

As the comparison winner of the Stiftung Warentest, this dishwasher not only has the excellent energy efficiency class A ++, but also scores in addition to particularly low power and water consumption (about 10 liters per wash cycle) in its low price. In addition, the device is quiet and very comfortable to use. According to test result ideal for price and quality conscious consumers. The dishwasher is equipped with a Watersafe + function, eight rinsing and additional programs, an easy-to-use display and a flexible basket design. Noteworthy is also the short program, which requires only 30 minutes for cleaning dishes.

Substructure: Beko DUN 6634 FX

Price-conscious consumers appreciate this device for its quality and durability. In addition to its appealing optics made of stainless steel, this dishwasher also scores with the energy efficiency class A ++ and the highest drying class A. The dishwasher has six washing programs and five cleaning temperatures. The integrated turbo-drying ensures a fast program end, which is always displayed on the operating display. An integrated water protection system prevents flooding.

Fully integrated installation: Beko DIN 6831 FX

This dishwasher is ideal for installation in the kitchen front and convinces in appearance by stainless steel look. Also equipped with energy efficiency class A ++ and drying class A, this dishwasher with 44 db is very quiet. Especially in households with children brings the feature Fingerprint-Free special security. Again, a water stop protects against leaking water and associated damage. Nine automatic programs can be pre-set with the integrated display with up to nine hours. The display also shows the current salt and rinse aid level. In addition to all these practical features, users especially praise the price of the dishwasher.

Free-standing, substructure: Beko DFN 6632

Awarded the energy efficiency class A +, this dishwasher is suitable for large families due to its capacity. Here you can choose from six rinse programs and five different cleaning temperatures. Depending on the washing program, it consumes an average of 10 liters. In addition to the large display, additional features include the practical child safety lock and the water protection via Waterstop, which ensures protection against mechanical damage through a metal filter. The device can be placed under the worktop, but is not a built-in device. The upper basket with four folding cup trays, which is also height-adjustable when loaded, and the foldable rows of plates in the upper and lower basket ensure comfort.

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