10 Best Bento box of 2019

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    • A COMPLETE MEAL IN ONE BOX + PORTION CONTROL: This 21-Pack set of Bento Boxes features 3 different compartments so you can freeze or take with you a complete meal just in one container. Use them for your main course, salad and dessert and enjoy your meal everywhere, hassle free. Each meal prep container can store a total of 24oz (12-6-6 oz) which are the perfectly controlled portions to stay full, yet fit and healthy!
    • MICROWAVEABLE, DISHWASHER, FREEZER SAFE & LEAK-RESISTANT DESIGN: Made of the highest quality food safe materials, these bento boxes and lids withstand temperatures from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making them completely microwave or freezer safe! And the best part? For easy as a breeze cleaning you can even pop them in the dishwasher. Note also that thanks to their stackable, space-saving design, these bento boxes fit into one another for easy and convenient storage!
    • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: Made exclusively from FDA Approved and BPA Free materials, these lunch bento boxes are the best choice for you and your children. Unlike most poorly-made lunch boxes that give a strange taste and smell to your food, with Freshware meal prep containers make sure that your meal will stay fresh, delicious and healthy.
    • ENJOY A HEALTHY MEAL EVERYWHERE: With these reusable, super practical lunch boxes you can always enjoy healthy, homemade meals everywhere. Pack a fresh salad, fruits, carrots, or any dry snacks in this ultimate bento box / disposable food container for adults or kids; perfect for work or school, just put it in your lunch bag, backpack, gym bag or handbag.
    • VERSATILE FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS: The convenient dimensions (9 x 6.8 x 1.5 inch") and the thoughtful division of this set makes these reusable plastic food prep containers great for a variety uses, including restaurant & deli takeout, bento box for work, foodsavers, and are recommended by fitness experts for meal prep, portion control, and 21 day fix. Trust a 5-Star Product and the LIFETIME Replacement or Refund policy of Freshware. Order Yours Today!
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    • FROM FREEZER TO MICROWAVE: Your Lucentee Bento Lunch Box Set offers total convenience with freezer and microwave safe containers up to a temperature of 120degrees or 248F, so you can plan ahead and enjoy a hot lunch on the go.
    • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Stop throwing away single-use bags and containers. These BPA-free, reusable lunch box trays include individual compartments, are food safe & made to last.
    • EASY AND FAST CLEAN UP: No more hand washing of delicate food storage containers. Just toss your Lucentee Bento Boxes in the dishwasher (top rack only) and they'll be ready for your next meal.
    • ENJOY A HEARTY MEAL: Unlike other Bento boxes, this Lucentee meal prep set is made for hungry kids and grownups, too. The large capacity easily holds enough food to keep off hunger on even your busiest days, with a capacity of 1150ml or 39oz.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our money-back guarantee means you can count on your Lucentee Bento Lunch Box Set. We'll happily refund your purchase price if you're unsatisfied.
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    • BENTO BOX FOR ADULTS & KIDS: This lunch box is perfect for food prep, storage, organizer and carrying out. Three compartments help to plan a well-balanced diet not only for men and women to keep fit, but also for girls and boys to have a comprehensive nutrition. Flatware is included and fits easily inside so that you will never forget to take it.
    • GREAT MATERIAL: Our bento box is made from FDA approved materials.It is no smell,stain resistant and will not get moldy.
    • LEAK PROOF AND DURABLE DESIGN: The elastic sealing ring and snap lid work together well to form an airtight and leakproof seal. No worrying about food spillage on the go. The high-density wheat fiber material makes it sturdy and shock-proof. No need to worry about accident drop to the floor.
    • MICROWAVE, FREEZER, DISHWASHER SAFE: Microwave Safe(without lids, 2-4 mins under 248℉); Freezer Safe(≧-4℉); Dishwasher Safe(top rack only, hand washing is recommended for the lid to avoid any deformation caused by high temperature and pressure washing). This bento box is perfect for school, office, factory, home and outdoors. Put your pasta, chicken, salad, sandwich, fruit, snacks or sushi in it and enjoy it when and where you like.
    • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO CARRY: The dimension of 8.6 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches makes it portable and easy to carry. The perfect design of 1150 ml vs 10 OZ makes it both large capacity and light weight.
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    • 5 practical compartments portioned for a child's appetite (Recommended for ages 3-7)
    • Tray cover is customized to fit each compartment of the Bentgo Kids tray for fresher food storage and convenient meal prep the night before
    • Transparent view allows you to see what is packed inside the tray
    • Kid-friendly latches open and close easily
    • FDA-approved | dishwasher and freezer-safe
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  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: Made exclusively from FDA Approved and...
  • Enther
  • BENTO BOX FOR ADULTS & KIDS: This lunch box is perfect for...
  • GREAT MATERIAL: Our bento box is made from FDA approved...
  • LEAK PROOF AND DURABLE DESIGN: The elastic sealing ring and...
  • 5 practical compartments portioned for a child's appetite...
  • Tray cover is customized to fit each compartment of the...
  • Transparent view allows you to see what is packed inside the...
  • Freshware
  • Kitchen

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Bento box guide

Bento box – for eating outside

How important it is to eat healthy and varied, the youngest learn today already in kindergarten. But if you look at what some children have gotten from their mothers or fathers as a snack on the way, you might think that some parents would do a little tuition in terms of school breakfast well. That it is much better, prove Japanese mothers and parents. It is said that many Japanese women would wake up early to prepare the meals their children should take to school. Boring snack bread has no chance in the secret competition of Japanese pattern mothers! Almost everyone wants to conjure their favorite the most beautiful snack on which all classmates are a little jealous. Some even see the results of their laborious work as a kind of love letters to their sons and daughters. The little ones should know that their mother loves her and is waiting for her at home.

It goes without saying that these treats are not simply wrapped in a piece of paper. The many small snacks are all in one Bento box stowed. Bento is a special, very artful way to serve food that has a long tradition in Japan. Bento is a solid box divided into small compartments. There is space for a food in each compartment. This can be raw, cooked or pickled vegetables and appetizing meat or fish snacks are also welcome in Bento.

A box with a long history

Bento has a long tradition that goes back centuries. Presumably, fishermen and farm workers came up with the idea of ​​packing the break meal so practically for the long working days. As separation sections of Baumbusröhrchen were used at that time. They made sure that the individual dishes did not mix with each other. In addition, the bamboo wood made sure that the food stayed fresh longer and did not spoil.

The tradition has been continued, but today also have the Bento box the plastics moved in. Many Japanese have a stable, high quality Bento box They take them to the factory or office every day. Usually it is the wives or men who are responsible for filling the boxes. If it lacks the time to prepare, that’s no problem in Japan. Many stores offer stuffed bento boxes. A special role plays the Bento box on Japanese train stations. There is almost always a wide choice and many cities have their own specialties. The offer is gladly accepted by the travelers, because the food is healthy, varied and tasty.

Boxing, which also find enthusiastic lovers in Germany

In recent years, the Bento box also arrived in Europe. The Japanese food culture is gaining more and more lovers and luckily you can refer to the pretty and practical boxes either directly from Japan or a German dealer. Original Japanese is the bento box „Fuku Usagi“. Although at first glance it looks small and dainty, there is surprisingly a lot of tasty space in the small compartments. The box is available in different versions. Many pretty colors and patterns are available. Practical for safe transport is the matching bag, which is firmly closed with a color-coordinated cord.

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