10 Best Blenders of 2019

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  • Ninja
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN - The ergonomic grip offers a non-slip...
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - The full copper motor withstands...
  • VERSATILITY - The removable blending arm with fixed blade...
  • Kitchen
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Kitchen
  • One step to a fresh life: It is easy and fast to get...
  • Easily carried double duty cup: Made of the material tritan...
  • Stronger and Smoother: the powerful motor together with four...
  • Ninja
  • 2 appliances in 1
  • Revolutionary Wave-Action system continuously pulls...
  • 3 cup chopping bowl
  • Kitchen
  • Ninja

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Blender Advice

Diet certainly plays an essential role in daily life. Increasingly, a balanced and, above all, healthy diet is being considered. On Blenders It is becoming more and more popular because it is versatile and ensures a gentle preparation of various foods, such as soups, smoothies or shakes. In addition, he can as juicersand as shredderbe used and makes it in a household almost indispensable.

The characteristics of a blender

On Blenders makes it possible for liquid or semi-solid ingredients to be mixed or pureed. The individual ingredients are filled into the container of the blender and operated by pressing the power button or by a rotary motion. The knife star in the middle of the container is easy to remove and clean. It rotates during operation and thus ensures a comminution or mixing of the individual ingredients. The device works in contrast to one hand mixeror a blender full automatic and therefore finds more and more often a place in the home kitchen or in the restaurant. In the gastronomic area is a Blenders Usually used for mixing cocktails, as the preparation is so easy and uncomplicated.

The history of the blender

The success story of Blenders started as early as 1922. It was developed by Stephen Poplawski and used for mixing soda drinks. Only for many years was the development deepened and optimized by Fred Osius, so that ultimately a Blenders which is indicative of its high functionality. It usually consists of a base that contains a strong electric motor and a container that can be made of plastic, stainless steel or glass.


In the field of use, the blender has almost all possibilities open. The classic preparation in a blender are certainly popular milkshakes or smoothies. The removable lid is hereby more practical splash guardused. But even in the field of baby food, the blender is becoming increasingly popular. In this way, the way to the supermarket is no longer necessary, because the purchase of expensive Babygläschen can be almost completely dispensed with. Fruit and vegetables can be optimally minced in a blender and combined with milk powder or milk. It creates a porridge that is not only free of additives or preservatives, but also tastes delicious. Depending on the manufacturer and equipment, the blender can be used individually, for example as a kneading machine, Flour mill. Ice Crusheror milkshake mixer and smoothie-maker.


The power of the blender should be chosen to meet the desired requirements. For the production of a smoothie, a milkshake or a porridge, a power of 350 to 500 watts is quite sufficient. Many manufacturers also offer devices that convince with a capacity of 1,000 to 1,800 watts, which is clearly noticeable when crushing fruits or vegetables. The rotational speed should be adjustable in several stages, so that it can be easily adapted to the content.


– it does not spurt anything out
– Container can be used as a jug
– easy to use
– various uses
– Suitable for hot and cold dishes depending on the model
– powerful and robust


– capacity of the container often too small
– often too big for a small kitchen
– difficult to clean depending on the model


A blender ensures a gentle preparation of food and is easy and practical to use. It is flexible in its application and can therefore be used individually. The Blender is a popular accessory in any kitchen, because he can quickly and easily and above all always tasty and tasty drinks prepare.

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